Saturday, July 14, 2012

One thing less to worry about ...

So, with the HUGE wave of nostalgia hitting me, I ... really didn't do anything.
Except fret about how crazy-hormonal I was getting.

Yeah, being a lady with lady-parts is CRAZY FUN Y'ALL.
(Not always. Especially with hormones running all amok.)

And then I started getting worried ... that I WASN'T getting my cycle started. Because it had been a little over a month. I should NOT be pregnant. I SHOULD be experiencing "shark week." But it wasn't happening.

So, I take a test. Within about five seconds (as opposed to the three minutes recommended), there's absolute proof that NO, I am not incubating.


And, of course, Murphy's law kicks in and I start shark week the next day.
Of course.

Because my body has a crap sense of humor like that.

But, hey! At least I totally get to have just ONE kiddo in diapers at a time for a while. That's a GOOD (WAY LESS EXPENSIVE) thing!!

Besides that, what else has been going on?

  • Been pinning things to Pinterest. I'm not totally addicted ... but I can see how some folks would be.
  • Had the C Family Reunion last weekend. Good food, good visiting with the cousins. 
  • The kiddos had their last week of Sports Camp. They enjoyed Soccer.
  • We got our free Slurpee on 7/11 (or 11 July for the rest of the world). Almost got hit by a car while getting to the 7-11 Parking lot ... but we made it. PHEW!
  • Ate at a local burger joint, which brags the best burgers in the Valley. It was good ... but I don't know if they're the best ever. The toppings are GREAT (Mom and I opted for the buger with avocado, bacon, and chipotle sauce. YUM. Michael had a [to-go] burger with guacamole and bacon. He liked it. The kiddos were boring and ate chicken strips. Bubbles, of course, had to nurse in the middle of the shop. I utilized my Moby as a nursing cover. Hope I was discreet enough. Ugh.)
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Got caught up with dishes and laundry (which I'm slipping on. Again. But not in the literal sense).
  • Watching Doctor Who. Got through the first season. Yes, I do like Tennant best (thus far).
  • Actually made it to Relief Society at church (after filling in for Primary peeps for a few weeks ... and I'm back to two weeks of filling in for Primary again. Which isn't awful ... but I do miss my time spend with the grown-ups).
  • Totally missed (again) the Summer Reading Program activity this week that I REALLY MEANT to get to. *sigh*
Bubbles woke up about 4:45 this morning. I can't get back to sleep ... so .... here I am. Catching you up on my EXCITING! GLAMOROUS! LIFE! (Ha ha ha.)

Bubbles can stand ... if she's holding on to something ... someone's hands, the edge of a bathtub, the couch ... Yeah, she's not acting like she wants to crawl anytime soon ... but between this and rolling over, homeskillet's going to be walking before I know it.

Popped the last (as far as I can tell) of Bubbles and Bruise's Molluscum. Let's hope and pray that THAT'S the last of it. EVER.

I need to call a company and order a lid for my awesome water bottle. Walking the kids to Sports Camp, my tumbler took a tumble out of the stroller's cup holder as we hit a bump in the sidewalk. Took a chunk out of the side of the lid. It still seals, but it looks like hell. And it's a little sharp. So I need to order a new one. And they don't sell them in stores. *sigh*

I think that's most everything that's going on right now.
Today, we'll go to Farmers' Market and a historical house ... Could maybe make the paddle boats ... Never done paddle boats before.
Once I know that the kiddos are wart-free, I can get them signed up for swim lessons. Won't that be nice.
I also need to get a wading pool set up for them. ... And it'd be nice to get them a basketball hoop or something. We'll see.

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