Friday, June 29, 2012

And ...

I also got to clean out our food storage cupboard, since there were weevils.

I hate weevils.

Miraculously, we didn't lose a whole lot of food. Mostly just containers of quick-oats and white flour. It could have been much worse.

The cupboard has now been scrubbed out with hot soapy water, rubbed down with eucalyptus oil, and is scattered with bay leaves.

And the kids need to learn to tie their shoes. And to do it themselves. That's what else.

I still can't remember that second dream ... Something about a ... !!!! Oh! That's what it was!!

I was going to volunteer at an old folk's home. And it was in a building INCREDIBLY LIKE the old Methodist church in my hometown. And I was dragging the kids along.
And it was haunted.

There's this guy, a doctor?? And a nurse had a crush on him ... but he ended up calming down this malevolent spirit and marrying her.

Parts of it were kinda intense ... But, yeah. That was it, in a nutshell.

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