Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nope, no interesting title. Sorry! (but not THAT sorry.)

So, we didn't make it to the historical house last weekend ... because it wasn't open! Oops!
However, we did make it to the Farmers' Market (bought broccoli, raspberries, and had a free sundae). Then we checked out a new trail/wetland/water-treatment-site.

Funnily enough, as we were there, we ran into Michael's uncle ... who was the ONLY other person there!
(Well, as we were leaving, another couple of cars came by). Uncle L let us look through his binoculars (got to see a spotted sandpiper) and we chatted.
We also got sunburned ... well, Michael and I did. The kids didn't look burned at all ... and Bubbles was in her sling, where I tried to shade her as much as possible.

Then we went to Costco ... sample time! Yum! ... And we bought milk. And a hooded towel for Bubbles, so she'll have her OWN beach towel.

After that, Michael set up a sprinkler and Bruise and Bucket ran through it.

Sunday was a little busy ... Michael had early-morning (before church. And we meet at 9 AM this year) meetings. And I needed to get ready, grab his phone (which was charging), and pick up a gal that I visit teach and her son ... And we made it to church. Even though I totally forgot the print-out that I was going to have copied for the RS binder. Ugh.
And I filled in for the Primary secretary. (I'll be doing that next week, too.) ... Then we went home, had a quick lunch, Michael headed back to the church to give a ride home to my VT sister and her son (they had a meeting after church ... and I was exhausted. And Bubbles needed to be fed. As usual). After he got back from that ... and went with the missionaries on a visit, I went and laid down ... Couldn't sleep, so I read a magazine ... and then I got ready for choir.
(It appears that I actually AM learning that alto line for one song ... Since our choir is so small, the men are singing melody of one song. And the ladies sing the alto line ...which is HAAAAAARD for me. When my choir teacher in 6th-10th grade said that sopranos are the dummies of the choir, he wasn't lying. When you sing the melody about 99% of the time [small exaggeration], you don't get in the habit of listening and learning harmony parts. Yeah. So I kinda SUCK at it.)

And, really, that's about all that I really recall about Sunday. Except that Dianne got me hooked on the SongPop app. (There are many genres that I'm not very good at. But, gosh, I'm not too shabby at "Animated Movies." ... Most of the time. ^_^)

Monday ... what happened Monday? ... um ... I was mostly exhausted. And I noticed that, even though I colored my hair to get rid of the blonde-ish skunk stripe that was going on, my roots were still kind of obvious. Ugh.
Oh! Bucket took over dinner (well, a bit of it). She wanted to have pasta and creamy pesto. So she started the sauce and I boiled the noodles. And took over the sauce when she got bored. And threw the last of the meatballs into the oven.
And I got caught up with some YouTube videos (Titli's Busy Kitchen and the BoredShorts Kid Snippets).

Yesterday (Tuesday) was more productive. I printed out the return label for a pair of Crocs that didn't fit. Got those mailed off. Went to Wal-Mart. Ran into one of my "babies" from high school (She played my youngest daughter in The Music Man. She was a freshman my senior year. SWEET girl). Went around town looking for thrift-store dress-up stuff for a present for our niece's birthday (couldn't find anything worthwhile. UGH). Dropped off some books at the library ...

I had a craving for chili, starting Monday ... so I had soaked the beans ... and, somehow, missed the part that tells you that the beans still have to cook for about TWO HOURS ... So I started the beans only about ONE hour before Michael was getting home (before he had to jet off for EQ visits). Yeah. THAT was annoying.
Also was the part where Bubbles was crying, crying, crying and wouldn't be soothed. So I ended up being a MEAN, BAD, HEARTLESS MOMMY and put her in the swing to rock her to sleep (which worked ... took a few minutes, but it worked), and I closed myself in my room and played a few rounds of SongPop.

The kids, while I was working on dinner, heard the ice cream truck come by, so we scurried out.
Bruise chose an ice cream sandwich. Bucket opted for a Creamsicle. I got Michael a chocolate Drumstik-thing. And I got a cotton-candy swirl.
Which was a nice thing to munch on as he ran back out to pick up a couple things ... like a new propane tank for the grill (This way, we can go take the other to be filled AND have one as backup. We'll never go hungry be without propane to grill with again!).

So, I colored my hair this morning. Hopefully, once it's dry, my roots won't be noticeable anymore.

I need to try and sew up one spot on Bruise's backpack. And make it to the Summer Reading Program activity today. And call one of the gals that I VT. ... And print out the NEW printout (that I've condensed and updated) for church next week.

Maybe tonight we'll eat the raspberry white chocolate ice cream I made Monday night.
(I also had soaked the beans AND made a double batch of "energy balls" for breakfasts ... Now that I have jars, I can make morning pudding and oatmeal smoothies to have in the fridge. ... Now, I need to stop typing and make some eggs.)

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