Thursday, June 21, 2012

Okay, when I left off, it was, what? Crazy hair day?

So, since then, the kids had their last day of Kindergarten.
Honestly? They're bummed about it. I mean, sure, they're looking forward to first grade ... but they really loved Kindergarten: their teachers, seeing their friends every day ... all that stuff.

I am just trying not to be sad that spending all day with ME isn't as COOL as being at school ... Joking!
I'm glad that they enjoy school ... and, really, I've been wracking my brain to keep them entertained as much as I hope they'll be.

Last week, Mom came up the day after school got out. We went to McDonald's and the kids got to play there. We also went to Michael's (craft store). The kids now are doing those fusible bead-things. You know, you have a little pattern that you put the beads on and you iron them and -- VOILA!-- you have a coaster or something. (Apparently, they're called "perler beads." You can go ahead and google them.
Or, well, here: )

Friday, after we went to the mall, we headed over to the local Hungarian restaurant. Yum.
Then Mom had to head back home.

Saturday ... well, I was feeling really overwhelmed. So I ended up missing a baby shower that I was going to attend. And we skipped a wedding reception, too. But, within 24 hours, Michael assisted with three different moves (two individuals and one family) ... the life of an Elders' Quorum president!
(Seriously, on Mondays, his boss at work will ask, "So, Michael, how many people did you move THIS weekend?" ... And, well, often there's an answer! Crazy!!)

Sunday was Father's Day.
Michael had early morning meetings (due to being EQ President).
(My response to that? Verbatim: "What the HELL?!?" ... No, really, Church Choir was cancelled ... but not early morning meetings. *sigh* Yes, I know. I agreed to sustain my husband in his calling. And, really, I try. I am okay with being his secondary secretary -- he has an EQ Secretary ... but often folks will call here. Or he'll need me to shoot out an email for him. And I am DOWN with that. I just ... I rather hate meetings. Especially when I'm striving to get out of bed, dressed, and get three kiddos to church on time. ... I do have it a LOT easier, having ONLY three. And having TWO of them able to dress themselves for the most part. ... But, yeah. I LIKE to go to church as a FAMILY. Which we only get to do half of the time. I'll get over it.)
But, before he headed off to work church, I gave him his present -- a card signed by all of us ... and Season One of The Greatest American Hero (which just HAPPENS to be one of his favorite shows from when he was a kid. And that he hasn't seen in forever). Yup.
(Months ago, Mom and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond. And I SAW IT. So I snatched that puppy up STAT. I'm such an awesome wife. ... Well, in some regards. :P)

That evening, we went to Mom and Dad C's for a barbeque.
What sticks out in my mind most about the evening was when Mom C put on the classic "The Shaggy Dog" for the grandkids ... and none of the grandkids stayed in the room to watch it. Oops. It made J and me laugh.
(Oh, I need to remember to get a picture of Bubbles in the bath and of her feet to Mom C. Need to get on that.)

Monday, I had the kids START cleaning their room around, what ... 9 AM or so.
They FINISHED around 3:30 ... since they kept stopping to play.
Yeah, I'm hardcore like that. BUT, the fact remains, that MOST of their room is CLEAN.
They have a FLOOR in there! It's AMAZING.
(The rest of the house ... well ... yeah. Having to keep tending to an adorable, but DEMANDING, 15-week-old? Not so conducive to achieving or maintaining a clean house.)

Tuesday, the kiddos started their Summer Sports Academy. Three days of T-ball this week (just one hour). "Biddy-ball" (aka, basketball) next week. We skip the week of Independence Day. Then is soccer.

The kiddos are enjoying getting to learn about T-ball. Bruise loves to run the bases. Bucket is showing us that she has a decent arm at throwing (They did not get ANY of that from me).
Today (Thursday) is the last day of T-ball. They get to play a mini-game today.

Bruise is looking forward to basketball. Bucket was VERY nervous about T-ball (not that she needed to be at all), and has been looking forward to soccer.

Besides that, our town's visitor association has a little summertime activity for kids. You go to the locations on a map and perform a task at each one. Doing so gets you a stamp. Each stamp will count as an entry into a drawing for prizes.
Tuesday, we went downtown and got some stamps -- a toy store, a paint-your-own pottery shop, a pizzeria, a little museum (where we waited out a summer downpour). We tried dropping by a fire station, but ... well, I obviously don't know what I'm doing.  ... Especially since I'm in a larger town than the one I grew up in.
(In my hometown, we STILL don't have a stoplight in the whole town. Growing up, the fire station, City Hall, AND the branch library were all in the same building. Yeah. Kinda dinky. I mean, we have, like, SEVEN antique shops. And there WERE two bars (now there's a casino in town, so there's a couple more in there). ... We had our own grocery store. And FOUR gas stations, since it's right off the highway.)
But Bruise was VERY let down NOT to get to the fire station that day. :(

We did go by a bread outlet, though, on the way home to pick up doughnuts.

Tuesday AND yesterday, I spaced out going to the Summer Reading Program activity. It's a juggler/magician/comedian that we've seen before a couple times. And I really enjoy his routine. Oh well. Next time.

With how much the kids have been arguing, we're going to have naptime today.

And we did our "summer homework" for the week. Bucket read independently. Bruise read to me. Bubbles took a nap.

Michael got a call last night to help a family move into the ward ... but, then they called again to report that they did have enough people, after all ... so we got to have an evening together. And Michael and I watched SYTYCD.

I got a sunburn yesterday from being at the park (on a SUNNY day), watching Bruise and Bucket practice.
I did wear sunscreen ... but I obviously didn't put it on the back of my neck.
I did today. And I'm wearing a light cardigan that covers the back of my neck. Phew.

... Is it bad to confess that I'm about ready for the kids to go back to school?
Sometimes, I really am.
Other times, I'm able to just enjoy the moment and the fact that I GET to spend this time with my kids ... when they're not bickering or begging or getting on my last existing nerve.

But I should make sure that I have everything for their "game" today.

Oh, also, during their practice (sports camp) yesterday, my phone STOPPED taking pictures or video.
I was NOT looking forward to dragging my brood to the Verizon store ... but, thankfully, after prayer and rebooting/restarting my phone THREE TIMES, it's working again. PHEW.

Now, I have to get to work. Bubbles needs (another) diaper change.

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