Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten

I don't have Kindergartners anymore.
I now have two FIRST-GRADERS (and an itsy-bitsy).

And I'm going to have them ALL DAY LONG again.

I mean, we do have lots of plans of things to do this summer ... but, gosh.
I'm a little scared. It's been, what, NINE months of having them gone for four hours every weekday ...

I mean, if Michael were home early everyday (like he is on Fridays), this would be a piece of CAKE.

But, hey, we'll manage.
We can do Science experiments, practice reading and maths, learn some Social Studies and Geography.
We totally need to work on money skills.
Bruise needs to work on drawing and handwriting ... Bucket will enjoy practicing those, too.

We can get in the habit of cleaning up the house. EVERY DAY.
(Since they've been home from school, we've cleaned up the living room. The dining room is a little cleaner.
I still need to clean off the table, unload/reload the dishwasher, clean off my desk and the counters ... *sigh*)
And I'll be able to make them healthier foods ... and make sure that they EAT these healthier foods.

(By the by, Bruise's Molluscum is looking WAAAAY better. Mostly just scabs now. ... So, once those are healed up, we can get them signed up for swimming lessons. Phew!!)

Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at school ... I think we did well:

Bruise asked for red hair ... and allowed me to do spikes with it.
Bucket wanted rainbow hair ... but she had to settle for THREE colors.
She has blue, green, and (it's hard to tell, but that's really) pink.

It took three washes for Bruise's hair to come (almost) completely clean. (His poor, dry, dry scalp is still pink-tinged around the edges of those dry flakes). That's because the red hairspray was ALL OVER (to hold the spikes.
If I were a wiser person who thought about things, I'd have spiked FIRST with regular hairspray, THEN sprayed the colored stuff on it.
But, well, I'm not.
Lesson learned. :P

Bucket only took two washes, since I styled first, THEN sprayed the color on.

And I made sure to put lots of conditioner in their hair afterwards.

Of course, with all that fun in the morning, I ended up coloring my hair. It's now this dark cherry red. Like, it looks almost brown ... but it's RED in the light. (Of course, since I live in a cave -- darkness-wise --, I think it looks mostly brown. But, well, I can't see my hair very well until I look in a mirror ... well, I can see some of the strands that frame my face ... but that's not the same thing. ... and when I see THOSE, with the light shining through them, they look almost maroon.)
Now, this is one of the colors that I hadn't tried before ... I was a little nervous. But I think that I like it.
I've seen a couple friends in person ... and they said it looks cute. So, ... well, I hope they're not lying to save my feelings. Ha ha ha.

Now, let's see ... what else has been going on?

  • Got together with Bri to take family pictures. Here's the gem of the trip when Bri was trying to get some pictures of Bubbles and me ... and Bubbles started fussing.
    I TRIED to calm her down ... you know, cooing at her and all.
    Finally, I resorted to mimicry/mockery.

      Because I am full of poise and maturosity. Yes. Yes indeed.
  • We went to a local historical house/museum for a Living History.
    Bruise and Bucket enjoyed eating molasses cookies and seeing what games kids would play during 1849 (or so).
  • We went to the birthday party for a niece and nephew (not twins. But their birthdays are close. Just different years).
  • We got milkshakes at a local place. Yum.
    Bruise and Bucket opted for Root Beer flavored shakes.
    Michael got banana and marshmallow. I chose raspberry and marshmallow. Yummmm.
  • I made REALLY good stuff (which Michael grilled) for dinner on Monday.
    I got a chicken marinade recipe off the internet ... and a recipe for grilled Sweet Potato fries.
    (Olive oil and lime juice were big players). SO GOOD.
Besides that, there are strange dreams that I keep having ... They're all different. They don't make such sense. And they're weird.

And my kids say funny things:

Bruise: (as he's taking Bubbles to watch him play his Lego Wii videogames)
Come on, [Bubbles]. Don't worry about the fighting. It's just a game!

Bucket: (as they are making sandwiches) [BRUUUUUUUISE!!!!] You SPREAD Nutella. You don't lick it off the knife!!

And, yesterday, Michael and I were making fun of the fact that he was tired and said that he couldn't find his legs (bottoms/underpants).
And so we started joking and making satirical statements about putting our legs somewhere and not being able to find them and having multiple pairs of legs ... You know, typing it out, it's nowhere near as funny.
Probably because we were very tired.

Also, I got new nail polish last week. Two magnetic ones (one silver, one dark pink) and just about the perfect neutral ... well, if I apply it well. I think it needs three coats, not two, for even coverage. We'll see.

I think that's about all that I can really think to write.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now I realize how boring I really am. Oy.
Oh well.

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