Friday, June 29, 2012

It's been one week ... and a day ...

.... Since I last posted ANYTHING.

Yeah, life's keeping me a little busy.

That and lately (last few days), I haven't been sleeping well. And things are going on. It's stupid. I should blog anyways.

But, hey, at least I read some scriptures and things on my phone. So I've made THAT effort to improve my life.
Since, let's face it, right now? I don't feel very spiritual at all. And it's my own fault. I haven't made it my highest priority, which it should be.

So ... what else has happened?
  • The kids have about 1/3 of their city scavenger hunt done. Maybe after Michael gets home today, we'll try to get some more done.
  • We've gone grocery shopping (and I cleaned out the kitchen fridge. Wow, there was a TON of food that ended being thrown out. So depressing).
  • I went to a Relief Society activity. I now have some idea of how to make myself a fleece shawl. And i learned about quilting (I had missed the first quilting class ... but people were impressed with my mad pressing skillz. Yowzah, y'all).
  • We went to T's son's birthday party. Got to go swimming. Bruise and Bucket NEED to get back into swim lessons again. They've forgotten most of what they learned last year. *sigh* Bubbles was in the pool most of the time. Michael or I (or T) held her ... when I wasn't nursing her.
  • We got a new singer in the church choir. So, we're up to, what ... *counts* nine. Not counting Dianne (the ward choir director) and the pianist. ... But that's only if everyone shows up. *sigh*
  • The kids had "Biddy Ball" (i.e., basketball for littles) in their Summer Sports Academy this week. After Michael worked with them a little after the first day, they started to really show improvement.
    No matter what, they still are better than I am. ... Well, except for dribbling.
    And Bubbles beats us all that THAT. Har har har.
  • Mom came up and we bought some supplies at Staples. I'm having the kids work on telling time and doing flashcards for Addition and Subtraction. (Once they master THAT, I'll start with multiplication ... have them memorize those times tables.) We also need to work on writing ... Mostly Bruise, but Bucket won't suffer for practicing. We also are doing Summer Reading Programs.
  • We've used the grill a couple times this week. Yesterday (Thursday), we had burgers and sausages. Monday, we had sausages and steak. As Michael pointed out, we've yet to use the grill on a NICE-WEATHERED day. Good thing it's on the porch and not in a yard or something. :P
  • Yesterday, as Michael was driving to a site inspection, this happened:
    No, that wheel SHOULDN'T be sticking out like that. EVER.
    Yeah ... So, apparently there's a pin that holds the axle together? It's totally sheared.
    Our insurance covered the tow ... but Michael's using the van until it's fixed.
    Should be fixed in a couple days ... just going to be expensive. Oh well. 
  • On Tuesday, I was rushing about and, like an IDIOT, I smacked my foot into a (convex) corner of the wall in our room. Jammed my toe something fierce. Hurt like a son-of-a-beesting, but I'm sure it's not broken. I finally got it to pop (a LITTLE) the other day. It's still a bit swollen, but no bruising or anything. Just (still) sore.
I've been having problems sleeping, like I mentioned.
One was Tuesday night. I'd wake up and then couldn't fall asleep. I kept smelling pee. Not cat pee, necessarily, just PEE. And I couldn't fall back asleep. Not for a while. And it kept happening.
In the morning? The room smelled NORMAL. WITHER THE FRIES?!?

Last night? I had strange dreams. And I'd wake up.
First, (in my dream), there was this antebellum-type graveyard. And in this tomb, were TWO skeletons, when there should only have been one. They suspected mob ties. VOODOO MOB ties. ... Yeah.
(I'm chalking up this one to a strange, subconscious mixing of some YA novel I read pre-Bubbles (involving a voodoo curse, can't recall the name!!) and the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
AND, when I got up to go to the bathroom (well, what ELSE do you do when you can't sleep??), I kept getting close to freaking myself out ... we have a baby monitor (speaker) in there, for when Bubbles is sleeping in the swing. I kept getting flashes of "What would happen IF I suddenly HEARD A VOICE through this? Michael's asleep. The kids are asleep. Freyja-cat's in here ... WHAT IF a DARK MAN-SHAPED SHADOW passed over the lights on it??!???"
Yes. I have issues. I've OBVIOUSLY watched Signs and White Noise too many times.

Second dream? ... I've now forgotten. Maybe it'll come back to me. But it was unsettling.
Third dream? Was a CRAP musical. I mean, it was terrible!

Of course, I also was stressing a bit because I had a software reset on my cellphone. And THEN my phone kept rebooting randomly. And it'd restart and be all BRIGHT and it'd VIBRATE! (I have it on the bed next to me so that (1) it can charge during the night and (2) I can still track if Bubbles wakes up to nurse during the night. ... And I track how much [or not] I sleep.) ... So THAT was distracting.
Finally, around 5:30, I opened it up AGAIN and took out the battery AGAIN (I did it earlier, like around 9:30 yesterday night). It seems to be working fine now. Phew.)
But, since I was up so much and couldn't sleep, I read through Elder Uchtdorf's talk/book about the Forget-Me-Not. And I read the last chapter in the RS book "Daughters in My Kingdom." (It was during that chapter that I had to do the battery-removal magic ... My phone's clock/weather widget still isn't getting the weather info. Ugh.)

Michael's cell phone is acting wonky, too. So, he's going to try and use my old phone and see if he can get some more use out of it. ... So, I was a good wife now. I just got up, found it, and am charging it. All he'll have to do is put his SD card in it ... and have it transferred to his number. ... It SHOULD keep all his numbers, then. Just in case, though, I'll have him print out his saved numbers. (Mine? I have my numbers linked to my Google account, since mine's a smartphone. Keeps it easier.)

Besides all that, I need to get caught up with laundry... and the dishes ... and clean off my desk AGAIN.
I need to get the kids to write and read and do some flashcards. We should do some science.
I'm determined that they'll have their phone number and address memorized. They'll know how to use the dictionary and look up a number in the phone book (even though THAT'S going to be an outdated skill soon). I also want them to be able to answer the phone and dial a phone number.
Once BUCKET'S Molluscum (Bruise's is GONE!!) is healed up, we can get them into swim lessons ... and I think that, during the school year, we'll try and have them take lessons at least once ... just to keep it current.

Oh, I ordered (and it already arrived) a mesh wrap to wear Bubbles in.
It's not as stretchy as the Moby, but it's LIGHTER and it'll dry very quickly. Now, I will have my HANDS free when we're in a pool together. Phew!
(Now, I'm starting to look into a woven wrap, so I can learn to wear her on my back ... and it'll let me wear her for longer. I might try to make one, since woven wraps are EXPENSIVE.)

In other news, Bubbles is "talking" more and more. She's found her feet and loves grabbing onto them. She likes to roll onto her side, especially to sleep. She's a thumbsucker (or a HAND/FIST sucker). She did roll from her stomach to her back ... to the right and to the left.
She did best, having tummy time, when I put her on a Boppy pillow during the kids' bedtime story last night.
She also LOVES to stand. She WANTS to walk. And she's not quite four months old. But she WANTS to walk.
She also loves to pay peek-a-boo. It's the best way to get her to smile.

Freyja's done well on her kitty-Prozac. It's almost time to get a new bottle ... OR, since there's been NO incidents of peeing where she shouldn't, maybe it's time to go off of it. We'll see. She's back to sleeping with me. She is even letting the kids pet her (ON OCCASION, which is still RARE, but more than she had before).

Wednesday night, I put the kids to bed (Bubbles had screamed all through bedtime story, so I had put her in the swing ... then she was INCONSOLABLE!!) and gave Bubbles a bath (which calmed her down). I got her all dried off, rubbed some oil into her skin, got a diaper and a sleeper on her (a NEW one! I think it's adorable!) ... and, as I finished nursing her, while watching SYTYCD, she peed. And ... somehow ... all the pee went out the TOP SIDE of her diaper. So, I had to change, SHE had to change, had to wash THAT Boppy ... but her diaper was pretty dry.
THIS is yet another reason why I prefer Pampers (that and they have this mesh liner-thing ... it lets the poop go into the diaper, instead of keeping it all RIGHT AGAINST the poor kiddo's skin. ... No, I didn't get paid or any benefit for saying this. .... I sure WISH I did. Diapers are expensive. Not gonna lie).

So ... Michael has the van this morning. And probably Monday, too. Then Bruise has a dental appointment on Tuesday. And we're feeding the missionaries. Then it's a holiday. Then Bubbles has her check-up. And we have one family reunion that weekend. ... Mom won't be up, since it's a busy week.

We need to find a time to take the older kiddos to see Brave, since they've been wanting to see it since the teaser trailers came out MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO. ... Which means that (1) I should pump some more milk, just in case, and (2) I should try and make sure that Bubbles will take expressed milk in a bottle ... or maybe a cup would be better? I might try that. (Or, really, have Michael try it.) We'll see.

Well, I think you should be all caught up NOW. And it's time to feed Bubbles.

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