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Avenger-theme meme

So ... as I'm wasting too much time spending some time over at this new tumblr site my Roxy got me addicted to, I come across this meme:

Tony Stark: Something I'm vain about
Steve Rogers: A cause I would fight for
Bruce Banner: Something that makes me really angry
Thor: A time I felt strong
Natasha Romanoff: Something I wish I could change about my past
Clint Barton: A time I felt used
Loki: Something I thought was true, that actually wasn't true / A time someone lied to me
Phil Coulson: Someone I secretly "fangirl" over
Nick Fury: My last physical injury

And I was tempted.
So you're now subjected to my doing it. Mwha ha ha.

Okay ... here we go:

  1. Tony Stark: Something I'm vain about
    What am I most cocky about? ... It's probably a toss up between my internet-connectedness-essense
    (I like knowing things and posting things) or the fact that my kids are freaking adorable and entertaining/intelligent. (When other people talk about how they have the cutest kids? I secretly am rather all, "Meh. Mine are better." ... of course, there are some REALLY cute kids out there. I'm not saying that they're cuter than MY kids, necessarily ... but that they do give my kiddos some competition. And that's a good thing. ^_^)
    But, yeah. I'm cocky about having cute kids and being on the interweb ... And I like to be thought of as "entertaining." ... I have issues. Mondo, mondo issues. *hangs head*
  2. Steve Rogers: A cause that I would fight for
    Well, I really think that being all "-ist" (e.g., racist, sexist, whatever-ist) isn't cool.
    I think that we should just learn to love everybody and get over it.
    People make mistakes. And, you know, what, EVERYBODY makes mistakes. So just DEAL with the fact that your idea of perfection isn't always the same as everyone else's. LOVE THEM ANYWAY.
    My other pet cause? I'm a lactivist. I support babies being nursed. I do believe that breastmilk is the best food for our young. I believe that boobs are made for feeding babies, not for selling cars.
    However, I also know that not everyone CAN feed babies breastmilk. Situations occur that prevent that. Or that make it impossible.
    And that's when I revert to my rule above: LOVE EVERYONE ANYWAY.
    If there's a bottle, do I glare? No. A baby is being fed. THAT'S the important thing.
    As long as the baby is happy, healthy, and loved? I am satisfied.
    Still, I think it's ridiculous to the extreme when people liken NIP (nursing in public) to stripping or peeing/pooping/sex in public. If that's the case, then bottlefeeding in public is like using a vibrator in public or throwing adult diapers on the floor in public.
    Because feeding is feeding is feeding.
    If you don't want to take your lunch and eat it in a public bathroom, don't be sending a BABY with a still-forming immune system to be eating in other people's-poop-particulate-filled air, capisce??
    *curt nod* *steps off soapbox*
  3. Bruce Banner: Something that makes me really angry
    Well ... from my tirade about people not loving each other (NOTICE that I don't say that you have to love what they choose to DO ... That's a whole 'NOTHER kettle of fish.) and about my strong stance of feeding babies (Seriously, if it'd be fine for a bottle, it's fine for a nurseling.), I think THOSE are my top ones.
    Things that also make me angry ... I get FRUSTRATED when my kids leave messes or are wasteful because they're not thinking.
    I just want people to think. DON'T BE THOUGHTLESS, okay??
    (And I'm just as guilty of it, too ... I get frustrated with myself.)
    But, really, if you love people?? You'll listen and make conscious decisions ... sooooo, just FREAKING love people, okay??
  4. Thor: A time I felt strong
    Um ... I guess after having my kids. I mean, my body goes through the wringer and I end up with an excellent souvenir!
    I also feel strong when I see my happy kiddos ... and I know that I did that. I incubated them, donated some DNA, and gave them all their food for months (inside the womb and out).
    This time around, I keep being boggled that all of Bubble's food has been from me (Besides a few sips of water). That's CRAZY. My body can DO that! WHAT??

    I also feel like a complete rock star on the RARE OCCASIONS when I make an awesome, HEALTHY meal that everyone eats. Not totally strong ... but, nevertheless, awesome.
  5. Natasha Romanoff: Something I wish I could change about my past
    I've made bad decisions. I've said hurtful things. I would change those.
    I would be aware that JUST because a guy says he loves you? You don't have to date him.
    He is NOT the only guy who will ever like you.
    And, sometimes, there will be guys that you PINE FOR. And they're NEVER going to be into you.
    That is THEIR fault. There's nothing wrong with YOU.
    I'd also make better habits. I'd have established daily personal prayer and scripture study. I'd learn to enjoy exercising ... or at least have it be part of my daily routine. I'd snack less, but enjoy my food more.
    I'd be more thoughtful. I'd pick a major that I enjoyed more, not just one that I knew I could do.
    I'd use better stain-treater. I would not have been in any car accidents.
    I would NOT have opted for the extended-car warranty that put us into debt because it was an ULTI-MARE (because a car warranty company that's going under due to careless stupidity? DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU).
    I'd also be aware that just because a guy's a good kisser and shows some interest in you? Doesn't mean that you should be a doormat and go running off for NCMOs. Show a little self-respect. Yup.
  6. Clint Barton: A time I felt used
    Well, going about the NCMO-story? That was rather a bit of a time.
    When you tell a guy once that you're not driving to give him a back-rub and make out ... because you need to clean your room ... and he never calls back? Ever?
    Yeah. That was ... special.
    Especially when, on the occasions that you ran into his friends, he'd never introduce you to any of them. Awkward. And VERY humbling.
    ... but it made the next guy SO much more amazing (and he's still a great guy and a great friend), when HE did introduce you to his pals. Yeah. MAJOR comparison.
  7. Loki: Something that I thought was true that wasn't actually true/A time someone lied to me
    When I was a little girl, my dad told me that if I ever saw a beaver, it'd bite my leg off.
    Now, you must understand that I was one of those kids that always went up to animals. I love animals (some more than others. Possums? NO. They are evil. And, really, I love the IDEA of dogs more than I love actual dogs. I love cats because they're independent and clean. They don't slobber all over me. Nor do they eat their own vomit).
    So, really, my dad was joking and trying to protect me (since he couldn't see very well).
    STILL, the first time that I saw a beaver in the wild, I screamed and ran back in the house.
    And, at that time, I was .... um ... TWELVE.
    It doesn't help that I live in the Beaver State. Where the mascot for Oregon State is a BEAVER.
    So ... yeah. Yet another reason I have issues ... because, deep down, I just can't trust beavers.
    Thanks, Dad.
  8. Phil Coulson: Something I secretly "fangirl" over
    Um ... I don't know that I'm all that quiet in fandom.
    I am confident enough to let my geek-flag fly. Even though, in comparison to my friends, I'm not always as fangirl as others.
    But I'm in love with Firefly. I am comfortable in liking superheroes. I adore certain actors (Stanley Tucci is a current favorite. Along with Nathan Fillon, NPH, Alan Cumming, Stephen Fry ...). I adore Joss Whedon (even though he sometimes makes movies that are rated-R, so I can't see those. ugh).
    I LOVE mental_floss magazine. I adore reading. I'm a fangirl for Shanna Swendson's Enchanted, Inc series (volume 5 will be the first e-book I purchase!!). Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) is another author I adore. I work my way through authors' entire lists of works: Garth Nix, Shannon Hale, Tamora Pierce, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs ... some I'm more caught up on than others. Alexander McCall-Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series is another that I love. ...
    So, yeah. Books. I geek out on books. Totally. 
  9. Nick Fury: My last physical injury
    Besides some stitches from Bubble's birth and a few scratches, cuts, or bruises ... the last injury that really counts is from July 4th (Independence Day) last year ... which, incidentally, is the day I learned that I was with child (and partly to blame, really). I wanted to help Mom C in preparing food for the family gathering; so I started cutting up a bell pepper. And, well, between my excitement and Mom C actually having awesomely sharp knives, I sliced off a bit of the tip of my left index finger.
    OH MY, did it bleed. And, of course, I didn't go to the ER ... since I didn't have any medical insurance at the time. We just bandaged it and got the bleeding under control. I ended up taking an Aleeve for the pain, since no one had any Tylenol ... and I couldn't make a fuss, since we weren't telling anyone that I was pregnant until I got it confirmed at the clinic.
    Probably the worst part was how badly it hurt to change dressings on the wound ... since we didn't have any non-stick bandages at Mom and Dad's. I am told that I have a rather high tolerance to pain ... and, well, I almost passed out. As in, I got very light-headed, clammy, and had to sit down. Not very fun.
    I still have a scar ... and it's a little more sensitive to pressure than the rest of that fingertip. Odd ... I mean, wouldn't you think that scar tissue would have LESS nerves?
    But, yeah. I seem to get one accident that leaves a scar each pregnancy (I wouldn't know about where my stitches are. I can't see down there. Nor do I really care.:P).
And that, my dears, is that! It took a whole lot longer than I thought it would!

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Robin said...

"I think it's ridiculous to the extreme when people liken NIP (nursing in public) to stripping or peeing/pooping/sex in public. If that's the case, then bottlefeeding in public is like using a vibrator in public or throwing adult diapers on the floor in public."

This has to be the best description EVER. I love this!

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