Friday, June 08, 2012

List for for today

  • Bruise's arms and chest look amazingly better. Yay for prayer, vitamins, and vegetables/juices!
    Now ... just to get his THIGHS to be all better. They have tons of those darn warts on them.
  • Bucket only have the, what, five warts still. No real change. But they're easily covered by clothes or band-aids.
  • I went to a Zumba class last night (a friend invited me). I wasn't able to do the hand weights for the second toning song. But I pushed through and didn't sit any out.
    I channeled my inner SYTYCD. I had to make Nigel and sweet Adam Shankman proud of me.
    So, I was sweaty and my face was SO bright red by the end. And I downed my liter of water.
    My feet and neck were SO SORE (Not my thighs or abs, surprisingly).
    I did take some Ibruprofen ... so I'm feeling pretty good this morning. My feet are a little sore. (I usually don't BOUNCE so much.)
    After class, she and I chatted for a while. Like almost two hours. About church, college experiences, and The Hunger Games. Good times. It's nice to have chats. In person. With another adult. ^_^
  • I now have more of a collection of minifigs (Legos). A couple weeks back, Michael got me the bagpiper (which I have a soft spot for. What?? One of my ancestors was born near Loch Lomond!). Last night, while out with the kids (even Vesper ... since I couldn't wear her and do Zumba.), he got the Viking girl/opera singer and the rock star.
    Bruise got my other favorite of this collection: The computer nerd (complete with bow tie, book, and mug.)
    I call the Viking "Brunhilda." ... I haven't named the others.
  • I need to run back to Target and then Bath and Body Works for completing teacher gifts (for the two teachers of Kindergarten and the student teacher). I know what we're doing this weekend.
    Well, along with about a BAZILLION OTHER THINGS.
  • I bought some magnetic nail polish while I was at Claire's yesterday. I got pink and silver. And the lids each have a different pattern on them. Pretty fun.
  • I need to cut Bruise's and Michael's hair today. And redo Bucket's and Bubbles' nail polish.
    Good thing I'm running over to Target, since I need to get some new nail polish remover.
    (I'm almost out of the acetone remover. I have about 1/3 of a bottle of non-acetone ... but I kind of hate it. You have to take FOREVER. ... And for Bubbles, it's not worthwhile. I just use acetone remover while she's taking a bath and immediately wash her hands and feet off once the polish is gone. ... See? I have a SYSTEM.)
  • I keep having really weird dreams. Last night featured Mom and I making dinner ... but then Bri came and I was scrambling to make something gluten-free, since I don't want her to be sick.
    I was also going to pop popcorn on the stove. I don't know why.
    Probably because I watched a video on how best to do it, yesterday, on the YouTube channel for America's Test Kitchen.
    The night before, I dreamt that I had a TINY hedgehog in a plastic-type shoebox. And I kept it in the bathroom. And it had a baby. ... Also, somehow, there was this small African wild cat that was it's natural predator in the box, too. ... Yeah. I don't know what to make of it.
  • I need to cook up our vegetables and get those into the kids' gullets. I have broccoli, cauliflower (which I can steam and mash with garlic), and sweet potatoes. Those should help the kiddos' immune systems. If not, I'll head to the natural foods section at Fred Meyer. I'm sure that I can find something there. If not, I'll head to the vitamin/homeopathic store in the next town.
    Still, I'm really amazed at HOW much better Bruise is looking. (Except for his poor thighs. ... Really, where COULD he have caught this virus?? It's insane.)
  • I still need to work at cleaning up the house some more. It never ends. :P
And, really, I think those are all the important bullet points of the day.
So far.

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Jennifer said...

It was fun having you in Zumba - you should join us every Thursday - we have lots of fun getting our shakey on :) I was impressed at how WELL you did for your first time! Good Job.

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