Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping Current

(no, no clever pun in the title. Maybe next time.)

So far, so good. No more lice or eggs. And I'm STARTING to see the laundry getting caught up. Just two more loads ... No, three, since I should wash the bathroom rugs (UGH.).
Then there's just whatever we get dirty from now on. (And, of course, the clothes that we're currently wearing. Since we're not just sitting around in our nudiepants. That'd be strange. And not totally hygienic.)

(Yes, I DO have issues. Thanks for noticing. :P)

Bubbles-girl did NOT have a good night's sleep last night. Ergo, Michael and I did NOT have a good night's sleep, either.

BUT, on the bright side, we did watch a couple more episodes of Castle. So there's that.

I got the kids to the bus (with lunches, even! ... These days-off-from-school-things? They mess up my schedule.) and got Bubbles back to the house. Changed her diaper, gave her some food ... and worked on a few things. Like picking up the disaster that is the laundry room.
After the hedgehog cages have been out (they took up a LOT of room, since they were two plastic storage tubs. There were holes for ventilation, don't worry. ... Besides, those were taken to the dump shortly after Sari's passing.), I meant to clean up the laundry room WAY earlier. But life gets in the way.
(So does lack of motivation.)

BUT!!! I picked up lots of things today. I still need to get a lot of clutter taken care of, true. And we need a new hamper/organizer. (We have/had an old one that's approaching 15 years old. Michael repaired the PVC frame. THEN the dividers in the three-part bag ripped. So it's pointless to sort the laundry in that.)
Still, it's a LOT easier to walk around in there.

Of course, the plumbing snake (the larger one. Yes, we have TWO plumbing snakes. You jealous? ... I hope not. Because if you ARE, then that implies that YOU have plumbing issues, too. And I wouldn't want that. Unless you're a pedophile puppy-kicker. Then I MIGHT hope that you have plumbing issues. MAYBE.) is still in the middle of the floor. BUT!!! You can actually WALK in there and it's not an obstacle course.

And I made the guest bed (Had to wash all the bedding due to LOUSEWATCH 2012. ... (Yes, I'm going to be doing all sorts of "_______WATCH 2012" this year. Apparently, it's my THING this year. And I'm going to overuse it. Because ... well ... I'm that boring of a person that it amuses me. LOTS.))
And I cleaned the window in the kids' room.
And I unloaded ONE laundry basket.
And I finished loading the dishwasher and ran that puppy. So I'll need to clean the laundry room sink again once the water there is fully drained. (Takes a few hours. No biggie.)

I also was totally popular this morning.
One friend came over to use my printer.
Another gal came to use my phone.
Seriously ... if I had KNOWN that I'd be entertaining folks, I'd have gotten the clean underwear put away or something.
(At least I had cleaned up the laundry room sink ONCE. And gotten the floor cleaner in there for the second gal and her grandson. Still ... yeah. My house is NEVER going to pass for a Better Home and Garden spread with my housekeeping skillz.

Freyja-cat has been banished to the laundry room at night. But, on the bright side, she's been on SUPER-BEST-EVER behavior ... to make up for the peeing on things AND the bite she inflicted on me while I gave her a bath Saturday night.
Guess I wasn't the only MADDER-THAN-HECK gal in the room, huh?

I'm WORKING at getting through some library books. And then I put a few more on hold. *sigh*
I need a maid. And a nanny. And a cook. And a clone. Then I can get the house all clean, kids taken care of, meals made, books read ... and maybe even have some energy left to crank out a few sit-ups. (Yeah, I'm getting tired of rocking the new-mom-muffin-top. Especially since I had that muffin top BEFORE this pregnancy. ... O! for my prepregnancy body ... let alone my high-school body. ... I really wasn't THAT big in high school. Of course, I had very skinny friends. And I was in Theater, so I was on the bigger side. Especially in the breasticle-department. Oy.)
(But, yes, I have a VERY SKEWED self-image.
Don't be like me, m'kay?)

I need to wash the blender so I can continue making myself some great smoothies.
Yes, I'm on the bandwagon of putting spinach into smoothies.
No, you really can't taste it.
Sure, the smoothie does turn green.
And that makes me feel EXTRA-VIRTUOUS.
Now ... could I be awesome and manage to stomach putting carrot juice into my smoothies?
The ground flaxseed and spinach were pretty painless. (Can I find Brewer's yeast anywhere around here?)
(I also have found that I can take my smoothies less sweet than my mom. Which makes me laugh a little. She'll try mine and then I can pour my glass ... and add honey and blend that in to pour hers and Bruise's. ... Bucket's not as wild about smoothies. :P)

I need to clean the kitchen.
And the living room.
And finish putting away a shload of clothes.
And make those back-ups of the kids' baby pictures onto DVDs.
And put those DVDs into the fireproof safe. JUST IN CASE.

And I need to make dinner. I have no idea what to make today.
We had enchilasagna last night. Bruise actually ate his (so he could earn his glass of chocolate milk).
Now, what to do? ... There are corndogs, if I don't come up with anything else awesome ...

I think we might need to replace the telephones.
Some of them don't seem to be holding a charge. Hmmm. Oops.
Would it be worthwhile to just invest in new batteries?
I need to sew a button back onto my good coat.
And sew a seam in one of the kids' coats.
But I did sew a button back onto Bucket's newest cardigan. ... So that's something.

Gosh, I am a BORING blogger today.

And I need to do the dishes ... IT NEVER ENDS. :P

Okay. While Bubbles is still napping, I'm going to clean off at least ONE counter. If not more.
And change the foil on the bottom of the oven.
And sweet the floor.
And soak the pans so I can handwash those.
And put away the basket of clothes in our bedroom.
If she naps that long.

Wish me luck!

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