Monday, April 30, 2012

On an upswing

So, after getting all of THAT off my chest, I started getting productive.

I got the kids off to school and packed up Bubbles to run some errands after a couple phone calls.

I called my OB's office to ask about the IUD issue (and if I should do anything about it before my scheduled appointment in a couple weeks).
I also talked with the billing department ... And they reported that, no, the external version shouldn't have been denied (even though Bubbles turned back to breech right away). They've already been looking into it and talking with the insurance about it. If I receive a bill, let them know. But they're working on it and it might be a things where they need to change the billing code and resubmit.

That makes me feel better.

I took Bubbles with me to the DMV and got the van's registration (It's on the plates NOW, too. Well, after I came home, before running the last errand).
The DMV gal remarked on how cute Bubbles is.

Then we went to Fred Meyer and got some groceries (last day to use this month's WIC. Better get on it!).
And so many gals there remarked on how pretty/sweet/precious/sleepy Bubbles is. And how Bubbles was in that zoning-before-a-nap (as opposed to the SCREAMING-before-a-nap) state and how she was STARING at me so much.
(Also, GOLLY ... I had the hardest time finding the cheese aisle at Freddy's. We found it. It took part of a lap, though. Humbling for me, since I used to work at a grocery store when I was in high school. Every store is organized a little differently, though. :P)

Then, Bubbles fell asleep. I loaded the groceries and her into the van and we went home for a second.
I gave Freyja some skritches, since she is a good kitty ... except for this peeing-on-the-furniture-and-the-old-couch thing ... in between putting away the groceries, putting the stickers on the license plates, and grabbing the bag to take to the library.

And I carted us off to the library, turned in our ballots (why waste TWO stamps?), turned in the two books I was done with, and tried to renew a couple others (one ended up having a hold on it ... which I was NOT at all surprised to hear).

I also found out that only certain internet providers are having issues with the city's websites (Like the LIBRARY'S PAGE ... people [LIKE ME] can't access the card catalog. Or renew books or place holds via the website. ... Or look at any of the other city webpages, either. But the LIBRARY'S page I use at LEAST once a week. Usually more.)
So I'm going to have to call up my phone company and put some pressure on them to FIX IT, dang it!!

On the plus side, my hair looks GREAT with bed-head. It's all flippy and cute.
And I didn't wash it this morning or anything (I had a rinse-off-from-Bubbles-spitting-up-on-me shower last night).
Well, I DID comb it. But that was it.

So, I've been a little productive today.

Now, it's time to change another diaper.
And wait for a phone call, so I can THEN call about the website.
And I should read some library books. At least make SOME progress in them, right?

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