Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Ramblings

Freyja-cat seems much happier now that she's back in our good graces.

(By "she's back in our good graces," I mean "we don't make her sleep in the laundry room. Or, at least, last night we didn't. And we awoke to find that she hadn't revenge-peed on anything." Good kitty.)

Michael and I had a date night last night.
We went out for Thai food. We had the same entrees as last time. And they were just as good.
(I had the Pad Thai. Michael had the Drunken Noodles.) We also split an appetizer of Chicken Sate.
And we had dessert. I don't remember PRECISELY what it's called, but we shared a plate that boasted eight fried wontons filled with shredded coconut and banana surrounding a scoop of coconut ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry.

Even though I couldn't appreciate it as fully as normal since my stupid seasonal allergies are in full force.
Oh well.

Then, since we're wild and crazy (and there weren't any movies that we wanted to see playing locally. We already saw The Hunger Games and, sadly, there's still another week until The Avengers comes out.), we went searching for a new laundry room hamper.
There was a nice one at Costco. But we also looked at Wal-Mart ... and there was a decent one for about $20 cheaper. ... AND I found Piggy Paint polish there.
I'm rather excited about it ... since I can try it out by painting Bubbles's toes! ... And Bucket's, too.

Then we came home in time to feed Bubbles.
And she actually slept really well last night. Nearly five whole hours.
I slept better, too. Since I made sure to take some Benadryl before going to sleep.
(Nothing like waking up and having to fumble in the dark for an antihistamine. FUN!... NOT. ... THAT was what went on the previous night. *SIGH*)

What else went on?

I still haven't seen ANY eggs or lice in Bucket's (or anyone else's) hair. PHEW.
Still have the last shampoo and comb-out to do tomorrow. But then it should be done.

Mom and I watched a few more episodes of Burn Notice (we got her started on it. She's almost done with Season Two. I think we're up to the end of Season Four). Then we got the kids and went to the bread store (a bread company outlet) and then to a kids' consignment shop.

In related news, Bruise and Bucket wore their new Beaver Gear (OSU wear) to school. They both have shorts. Bruise has a long-sleeved shirt. Bucket has a hoodie.
They're so excited about their Beaver gear, since one of their BESTEST FRIENDS at school is a Beaver fan (as is his whole family).
We did not get Bubbles any Beaver gear (though she got some CUTE new clothes) since she isn't old enough to vocalize which school she prefers.
(I have a cousin whose family LOVES the Ducks. ... But she's at OSU since U of O didn't offer the major that she wanted. It makes me laugh.)
Michael and I still maintain our stance as Platypi fans.
Michael has some loyalty to OSU.
Me? I have no loyalty to either. Mwhahaha ... I didn't attend either of those colleges.
And the college that I did attend (besides a summer term at the local community college)?
I never attended any sporting events.
I did see a concert, a play, and a musical ... but that's not at all the same thing.

... What else ...?

I completed my Visiting Teaching today. And it's not QUITE the end of the month (yet).

Bubbles's eyes are getting lighter. And she's showing off two dimples. One by her mouth, the other up on her cheekbone. Both on her right side.

I solved an issue with my phone (NO, not the weather/clock app. I assume that one's still messed up.) ... But the Amazon App Store wasn't downloading new apps. (Since I usually download the "Free App of the Day" ... And most of the last week's I haven't cared for. ... But I have a LOT of "bought" apps in the list.)
So, today, since I really wanted to try out today's offered-for-free app (an Audubon's bird guide), I needed to fix the issue.
So, I went into settings, and into Applications. I erased the history (or however you say it).
Then I opened the Amazon App Store, signed in, and BAM! I got my bird guide (normally $9.99, btw. So you see WHY I NEEDED to get it. ^_^).

Also, Bubbles is smiling more. LOTS more. It's adorable.

Yesterday, at the consignment store, I did find a book that I wanted. (In fact, it's on my wish list at Amazon ... well, a newer edition is. But that's no big deal.) That was a nice surprise. Especially seeing as how I picked it up for just a dollar. Yup! That made me happy.

I did some crunches today. ... Yeah. If only that gave me a bikini-ready body. NOW.
(I don't have to WEAR a bikini to appreciate the possession of a body that could rock one. Just sayin'.)

I think that's really all I have to report for today.
So far.

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Jennifer said...

I just started Burn notice too - I am half way through season 2 :) Have you tried White Collar? That's another one we recently discovered and like alot :) Which reminds me, we need to catch up with the current season of Psych on hulu!

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