Friday, April 27, 2012

El Dia de los ninos/libros + This morning's excitement

Yesterday evening, the kids' school held a get-together with books, crafts, food ... Good stuff.

There were tables that you could go to. Each table taught about a different country/culture.
There were tables for China, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Hawaii ... I think that's it.
Bruise didn't want to do many of the things. But Bucket was interested in checking things out.

There was also a book exchange. I traded in a couple of the books that the kiddos never read for some new books. (Well, new to us, anyways.)

The kiddos did both make a pinata. Not a REAL one. But a lunch sack crammed with newspaper.
They got to paint them. Bucket pasted some streamers on hers.
And THAT'S why I NOW know how to get Tempera paint out of clothing. (Their new Beavers shirts. Oy. But the stains are GONE.)

[IF you EVER need to get Tempera paint out of clothes, HERE'S how to do it:

  • If the paint's still wet - BLOT and RINSE out as much as you can.
    If it's dry - RINSE and SCRUB out as much as you can.
  • Put LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT straight onto the stain(s).
    Let sit for an hour.
  • Then soak the clothes in OXI-CLEAN and COLOR-SAFE BLEACH.
Then you SHOULD be okay. Oy.]

Bubbles was fine the whole evening. I wore her in the Moby wrap and she slept the whole time. No problems.

Michael and I watched "Cowboys vs Aliens" after the kids were in bed (and we were getting Bubbles to sleep). Meh. It's not my kind of movie. And I don't think we'd watch it again.
We do both agree that Daniel Craig should have kept his regular accent. Hearing him speak with an American accent ... was a little strange.

Bubbles slept well for the first part of the night.
Then, around 5 AM, she woke up and was kicking me in the back. I fed her, moved her so her legs weren't in my back, and flipped myself over so I could sleep.

Now, I was REALLY tired (Allergies = I don't sleep as well. Ugh.), so Michael heard me throwing a bit of a fit, and took her out to the front room to sit in the swing as he headed out to do security for Seminary.
(LAST TIME for a while! HUZZAH!! Now we can actually BOTH sleep in on Fridays!)

I finally fell back asleep. Woke up for a quick shower, got Bucket's hair done (since I AM NOT taking chances for her to wear her hair loose and get lice again for a LONG while), got dressed, got the kids' lunches thrown together, fed Bubbles, changed her diaper and got her dressed AS THE ALARM went off that tells us to get to the bus.

We walked almost all the way to the bus stop.

"[Bucket], your backpack needs to be zipped up. *I go to zip it* Hey, where's your lunch?"
"I FORGOT IT!!!!!"

So she, Bubbles (in the stroller) and I RACE back to the house and get her lunchpail. Bruise waits at the bus stop with the other kids.
We get there as the bus is coming down the street.

YES, that was CLOSE.
But we made it.

I THINK that the kiddos MIGHT just understand WHY I ask them to make sure that they have all their crap BEFORE we leave the house.
But I could be delusional.

I think I'm going to work on making a chore chart for the family.
And I have just shy of a million other things to do (like read ALL my library books) ... *sigh*

And I have a cat on my lap who needs cuddles.
But it is pretty cute that she'll lick the inside of my elbow as I'm typing. ... Just so that I'm reminded that, "Hey. This is me, Freyja. You love me. You want to give me cuddles and skritches. NOW. Stop blogging. You NEED to give me some snuggles. NOW. ... NOW!"

I better get on that. STAT.

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