Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just plugging along ...

Bubble's eye is getting better. It's almost totally back to normal.
So that's nice.

She was measured today at our WIC appointment. She's grown! About a whole inch and a half since she popped out.
That puts her around the 25th percentile for weight and the 40th for height.
I can handle her being a tall, slim thing. ^_^

In other news, I was feeling MAJORLY CRAP about my weight.
I had weighed myself on T1's scale while we were at her house this weekend.
I was less than thrilled about the number that I saw.
HOWEVER, when I was weighed at my 6-week check-up yesterday, THAT scale said that I was about ten pounds lighter than I was on Saturday.
In fact, my doctor and her nurse even congratulated me on being only 3 pounds heavier than when I first came in this pregnancy. (And that means that I'm seven pounds lighter than I was when I first was weighed at the WIC office. ... Go me, right? ^_^)

Though, it's a little daunting to realize that, if I'd like to make my goal of (SOMEDAY) being at a "normal" BMI, I need to lose eighty pounds. Yeah. SAD.

BUT, if I manage to start exercising (and build muscles that will burn some calories even when I'm NOT doing sport-y type things) and eating better (like, smaller portions. *SIGH*), losing ten pounds a month wouldn't be a completely unobtainable goal. ... And that means that if I started next month, I could reach the overall BMI goal MAYBE by the end of the year.

How crazy would that be? ... I might even manage to lose a few cup sizes ... then I could actually buy cute bras without having to order them through the mail.
I'd be pretty close to my high school weight (which, to be honest, was also my Jr. High weight, if I recall correctly).
Which would be kinda cool.

Now, how can I motivate myself to exercise?
But I did eat healthier this morning -- I had a smoothie with 1.5 bananas, half a bag of frozen peaches, soy milk, ground flaxseed, some vanilla, and some flavored Greek yogurt. (And that blenderful was split between Bruise, Mom, and me). Then I had a glass of Spicy V-8 and a bowl of salad. I had a glass of milk and an energy bar-thing for a snack ... And then I ate some ice cream and sherbet.

Hey ... I'm going to think that if I'm nursing as much as Miss Bubbles demands, I deserve some decadence.

Mom and I took the kiddos to the book fair yesterday. They made out like bandits. Bruise came home with some Lego books (one's a 2-in-1 Ninjago story. The other is the one about all the Harry Potter Lego sets.)
Bucket opted for a Barbie book. And one about fairies that came with a necklace. And a book about weather ... A Junie B. Jones book about being a first grader.
We also got Ree Drummond's book about Charlie. And the latest Pigeon book (Now to buy the rest of the series! ... And the newest Skippyjon Jones when it comes out in paperback.) I also made sure to pick up a book that will help the big kiddos to learn how to tie their shoes. Since they can't use Velcro shoes for forever!

I SO need to just ignore everything and read my library books. I hate having to renew things (or, WORSE, turning things in and checking them out again. *sigh* My life is HARRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!).
So, well, I'd better get on it, right?

(Since I already killed time on Facebook and then updating the tickers at the bottom of the page. Since, in direct contradiction to what ONE ticker said, I'm NOT 47 weeks pregnant. Nor am I TURNING 31, since THAT boat has sailed. And Michael and my 11th anniversary has come and gone. So THOSE will now no longer sit on a throne of lies.)

But, yeah ... time to be productive. Eventually.
There's always laundry to be folded and put away, rooms to be cleaned and vacuumed, and dishes to be washed, meals to be made, diapers to be changed, garbage to be taken out ...

But, yeah, that's how things have gone. I'm healthy (though the earth finds me SO VERY, VERY attractive that it uses its gravitational pull exceptionally well on me, per se), Bubbles is healthy. Bruise and Bucket are healthy. Michael's healthy. Michael and I are sleep deprived. We still have issues with the kitchen plumbing ... but the hall toilet works GREAT! The house is a little messy, but I had 98% of the kids' laundry put away for once! We only have a cat a fish for pets ... and I'm starting to really think about working on curb appeal for our house (but that has to wait until we figure out if we can build onto this place or not). And we're thinking of replacing our older couch (as part of a plan to get more room in the kids' room). Yeah. There's enough on our plates ... but it's a good kind of enough.

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