Thursday, June 03, 2010

Another sorrily belated post

Let's see, what all has been going on?
  • Bruise is doing better on his word box (sight words).
  • Bucket is actually reading (Dick and Jane and theBob books. Pretty cool.
  • We had a great weekend visiting family.
  • Michael and I are both sporting (peeling) sunburns.
    His forehead totally peeled in the shower. And, during my shower yesterday, my chest totally peeled. My arms (TOTAL FARMER'S TAN) feel fine and look nicely tanned. My forehead and nose were peeling ... and made my makeup look so strange. But the burn there has faded. It's just my chest that still looks a bit lobster-y.
  • My latest niece is probably born by now. (My SIL, A's C-section [placenta previa] was planned for 7:30 this morning.)
  • I still haven't caught up in folding laundry.
  • My mom and I are eagerly awaiting packages. Books and trains (for Bruise) from Amazon. Shoes from Crocs. I've never had real Crocs. And I'll have some that'll be great for EVERYTHING (like church and my volunteer stint at the library). Yeah, I didn't order the clog-gy type shoes. I got the Malindi in Silver and the Olivia in black. Mom got the Farrahin Espresso. Aren't they CUTE? ... I DID look long and hard at the Sately in Mushroom/Espresso and the McCall Coral in Oyster/Blue. Aren't they CUTE??) We had a coupon for free ground shipping ($4.99 elsewise) and then, by signing up for their newsletter, I got a coupon for 20% off the whole order. ^_^ Pretty awesome, huh?
  • Bruise had a BLAST on the Jetboat ride. As you can see from the picture above. ^_^
    I think of all the kids on the boat (in our family group. There were seven kids total), Bruise had the best time. He did get a little wet, but he didn't mind it near as much as the other kids. Princess Bucket, included. (She, actually, FELL ASLEEP on the boat. Not all that surprising, since the kids were all staying up until around midnight and naps were just NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. ... That's what goes on during these sleepovers with their cousins.) ... Now I really, really would like a boat. Sometime. Sooner.
  • Using the Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit last night really DID help with the peeling on my face. I mean, my nose is still a little peel-y ... but it's SO much better.
  • While down visiting family, some of us went to Target. And I smacked my J-head (the brother-in-law that I consistently get along with. And I do adore him. He always makes me laugh. And he gets to work on VIDEO GAMES! ... Not that I don't adore my other brothers-in-law. Because I do.) with pillows that Cousin K was buying.
    It's a good thing that J-head and I get along so well. Because most people would probably get annoyed with me. But J and I can just laugh about it. This is one reason why he's so awesome.
  • Tomorrow, I get to see my Pie (her nickname) for the first time in YEARS! (Like, in over FIVE years!) ... She and I will get together for a playdate, since she and her daughter are in town (well, a nearby town) for her sister's graduation. ^_^ I'm looking forward to seeing her. Can you tell?
  • I have a couple pregnant friends. Who have both miscarried before. One's pregnancy is official. The other is getting closer to announcing hers. But, when I checked with her yesterday, everything is going well. I'm SO, SO, SO glad for prayer. (I actually have quite a few friends who've miscarried in the past. So this is really sufficiently vague. Trust me. It's enough that I do feel rather guilty for not having experienced a miscarriage myself. Not that I want to. Nor do I wish that anyone would experience one. But I know that they're really common. And I feel sad that my friends have gone through this. Well, that ANYONE'S had to go through it.)
  • Still, I'm SO GLAD for my friends.
  • Another of my friends miscarried this last month. :(
  • My Nana's brother (well, her surviving brother -- as opposed to the one who died in a car crash before she got married) passed away last week. He'd been sick, so it wasn't a huge surprise. Still, it feels like everyone around me is dying. ... Mom said, when I told her that, I must be hanging around with my stepdad too much. Since, being in his seventies, he feels that way a lot.
  • I read Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games. Now I just have to wait for MockingJay to come out.
  • At the library, I found the fifth book in a series that I like just sitting on the shelf. Brand new. And I didn't even know it was coming out. That was fun. So was finding a CD of Glee songs on the shelf.
  • At Costco the other day, we were shopping. I mentioned to another shopper that her perfume smelled amazing. She gave me what was left of the perfume sample (since she had a full-size of it at home). A complete stranger! Wasn't that lovely of her? (For the record, it's Daisy by Estee Lauder Marc Jacobs ...
    I haven't tried it on me yet. But it does smell wonderous. ^_^)
Okay, if I'm going to get to story time, we have to get dressed and leave.

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