Saturday, April 04, 2009

My Children ...

I'm going to be totally honest -- Going into this whole motherhood-gig, I totally knew that (with me as a mother), they'd definitely need some therapy.

Exhibit 1 - At the aquarium yesterday, Bucket is happily going through the gift shop. She has a killer whale toy in one hand and a wind-up diver in the other. She happily turns to me as she plays and chirps, "Look! It eatin' him!" 

Um ... yes, obviously my children are aware of the circle of life. And, obviously-er, they've inherited my sense of humor ... since I really, really wanted to laugh until I needed a clean set of underdrawers.


Exhibit 2 - As Bruise comes out of the bathroom from taking a bath, he's crouched over and shuffling, hands over his crotch.
"Wook, Mom! Mah pen!s is gone!"

I really have no comment on that one, though it does remind me of a conversation with Bucket from the other day:

I was warning her of what would happen if she got gum in her hair (namely, that we'd have to get it out)
ME: And then we'd have to cut your hair short ...
Bucket: And I'd be a BOY!
Michael and I exchange a look
Michael: Bucket, you would still be a girl.
Me: Your hair length has little to do with your gender, baby. You'd still be a girl. You're never going to be a boy, okay?

I mean, really ... from how much my kids tell me that they're male/female based on the fact that they have an anatomically-correctly-named parts, you'd think that they'd GET things like that. Silly children.

At the Strengthening the Family seminar (about effective communication with your teen/pre-teen), Bucket didn't want to play with the other kids ... so, as Bruise happily interacted socially, Bucket sat with Michael and me for a lecture. Overall, she was okay. Michael did have to take her out to talk to her about the importance of being quiet so everyone else can listen ... and the fact that if Mommy can't listen to a lecture and take notes, she starts to go completely apoplectic. 
(Well, I wasn't privy to the whole conversations ... so I can only guess at how he put it.)
(And that part about me? Totally true. It stresses me out. I WANT to be able to listen. I don't think I've been able to focus on a talk in Sacrament meeting since the kids were born. And now I'm TERRIBLY out of practice of being able to pay any attention at all to a talk/lecture. It's like child-induced ADD. *sigh*)

By the by, Bucket is BEYOND excited to go to school. Poor girl.  She's going to be nearly six before she gets to attend, since she's got a winter birthday. I think she'll be beyond thrilled when T and her son and Bruise, Bucket and I do the little preschool-y thing that T proposed doing.

Today, we cleaned the ward building (well, we did our part) then hurried home to listen to General Conference. We set up the kids with a show in the living room and took Michael's laptop to the bedroom  (thanks be for wireless internet! I pink, puffy heart DSL!) and listened to conference while we worked at cleaning our bedroom ... and sneezed about a bazillion times. 
We dusted and put up the curtains that Dianne so nicely passed onto me ... they look so pretty! ... and I went through at least 40 lbs. of magazines. We hung upt clothes, sorted through things, and I rearranged the piles of books on my shelves. It's nice to be able to walk in there now. I have a sinking feeling that we'll be tackling the bathroom (with even MORE piles of magazines that I really WANT to read through ... but never seem to have the time to do!) tomorrow.

But, I'll have to say, it was really nice having the kids occupied in another room. I actually had the chance to try and LISTEN to talks. Sweet!

Also, I got a pair of pants for Michael -- slacks, brand new, flat-front -- $10 on clearance. Go me. So he had pants to wear to priesthood session, since I had thrown his other slacks (two pairs) into the washer. Oops.

My children need a nap. Thank goodness that it's nearly badtime. I think that after we tuck the kids in, we'll watch a couple episodes of Pushing Daisies. (I checked out Season One from the library) So far, the pilot was really cute. It's funny to recognize some characters from other shows. The male lead was Michael in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (which, if you haven't seen it, is quickly becoming a new favorite movie of mine). And one of the aunts ... I KNEW that I recognized her ... and that she had different colored hair in whatever I knew her from ... It's AUDREY from Little Shop of Horrors! So funny! It's good to see that she's still doing things. ^_^

So, yeah ... that's most of what's going on. That and I am AMAZING. I have my friend's bridal shower invites printed off and folded ... Just need to address the envelopes, seal, stamp and send them off. Woot!!

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