Monday, May 19, 2008

It's been nearly a week!!

Dude, seriously ... what kind of crappy blogger am I?

(Answer: One that's a crappy blogger at present. But also one that's an AMAZING procrastinator.)

I've been SO, so, so busy lately. Playing Brain Age and Brain Age 2, mostly. (Yes. I know how that sounds. But, in real life? It's exactly how it sounds. Pitiful, huh?)
(BUT I have gotten the rocket speed on a couple things. Woot for me!)

I also have been trying to read books. Because, you know, I like books. And I have some that are coming due at the library. Books that *gasp* OTHER people want to read. Crazy, huh? I mean, who do they think they are?!? (Answer: People who want to read books that CERTAIN PEOPLE *shifty and pointed looks in my general direction* have checked out and should be reading.)

Also, Friday was the Father-Son campout for the Stake (group of wards [congregations] in a geographical area). So Bruise and Michael went. And they had a good time. It's amazing that Bruise, as he's trekking all over the campground, didn't manage to come back with poison oak. Thank goodness, though. Since *I* don't want to be all itchy. And Michael has scars on his legs from the last time we gallivanted around in poison oak. And that was when we were fresh-faced little newlyweds, too!! (As opposed to the jaded and cantankerous couple that we are now. Waldorf and Statler? You've got nothing on us! ... Well, we're not quite that bad. :P We have fun. And we rather look forward to being more and more like that duo. Except my hair will be better and I will still have my breastables. I'm just sayin'.)

But, yeah, with my menfolk out of the house, it was just Bucket and me ... hanging around. By our lonesome. So we made dinner for the missionaries ... and the poor elders had to take it home to eat it. Then Bucket and I watched The Princess Bride. Then she refused to take a bath even though it was hella-hot. I mean, it's 90-flippin' degrees!!! And she's got this mass of sweat-curls going on ... so I just nurse her and get her to bed. And she slept wonderfully.
Leaving me all by my lonesome.
So, what do I do? I alternately read, throw a load of dishes in the dishwasher, fold and put away laundry, play Brain Age, and read some more ... finally falling asleep about 1 A.M. ... and waking up around 7 to play more Brain Age, get Bucket up, and do some weeding in the yard (which is a veritable jungle. No, really.)
Then, after that, she and I are watching me prepare dinner (crock-pot, since it's hella-hot. Did I mention that it's hella-hot??) ... and I'm peeling sweet potatoes. And I peel a chunk off my knuckle on my thumb. Now that didn't feel pleasant. And, oh, it was bleeding a bit. So she follows me as I (CALMLY) jet to the bathroom, apply some ointment, a band-aid, and some tape on top of that to help apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

Oh, and also, after Michael and Bruise returned home safely (and EARLY. they were home around 9 in the morning. I was thinking that they'd be getting home around 11 -11:30), the kiddos played with the cats. And Ginger got all mad ... so we had them leave her alone.
BUT, when Michael and I had put the kids down to take a nap (which they did NOT do. *sigh*), I discovered that right next to my pillow was a HUGE puddle of cat urine.
SO, we had to strip the bed, throw pillowcases and sheets and some blankets into the washer. (At least she missed my pillows and some of the blankets. But STILL.
And Ginger had a few hours' timeout in the shower. Where she did get hosed down a couple times. I think that she got the point, though.
Especially since, when I talked to her last night ... well, here's what went down after we had turned out the lights last night:

Me: Ginger, no peeing on the bed. You know that I love you. Because if I didn't love you, I would strangle you.
Michael: Did Ginger just jump off the bed?
Me: Yup. She's not trying her luck, now, is she?

Oh! At Target we found a set of sheets (KING-SIZED, even!) for $20. They're jersey and are nice and cool. Sweet!! Especially since we only have two other sets of sheets. One cotton and one flannel. And with it being warm, we are SO not putting flannel sheets on the bed. Nope, not gonna happen.

In OTHER news, here are some things I've meant to share before now. Hey, at least I've gotten around to it now!! ^_^

The next new movie based on a game or book?
(Warning: a f-bomb is dropped. But just the one.)

(Sorry about that f-bomb. You okay?? I did warn you!)

THIS is a great article by Steve Almond (author of Candyfreak, which was a most excellent book. Don't read it unless you've got some sugar around. I was seriously jonesing for some BottleCaps and stuff as I read it a couple years ago.)
Seriously, though, this is a great article for parents. I think he's gotten the idea ... He's going to be a good daddy. ^_^

And THIS could encourage people to go to the Symphony a little more often, right?

And let's not forget that this blog IS all about me, right?
Here's my latest quiz results (stolen from my friend Brooke):

You Are A Pine Tree

You love agreeable company, peace, and harmony.

Compassionate and friendly, you love to help others.

A natural poet, you have a very active imagination.

You are very soft on the inside - needing affection and reassurance.

You can fall in love deeply, but you will leave if you feel betrayed.

So, yeah. That's most of what's going on in my crazy life. ^_^

And Bruise is starting to use some sentences. Mostly stuff like, "Mommy. Crackers please." But that TOTALLY counts. ^_^ AND, AND!!! He's said "Thank you" a few times.

Wow ... one of my kids is RIPE. I've got to do some Detective Llanna work and apprehend and change that little punk. Woosh! That was PUNGENT!!

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So hilarious! I love reading your blog.

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