Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have a meme ...

Truly, two of them.

First -- From Melissa (who obviously lives a MUCH more exciting life than yours truly) has tagged me to write FIVE unusual things about myself.

1. I have "Goddess toes" ... where the second toe is longer than the "big toe."
This lead my Jessima, upon reading somewhere that people with these kinds of toes tend to be very smart, to exclaim "Then Allanna must be a GENIUS!" (There's a VERY visible difference in length).

2. I like okra. And I never had it before I got married ... I still haven't managed to work up my Yankee gumption to try boiled peanuts, though Ty-ty assures me that they are teh awesome.

3. I have a scar on my bum. This is because, in first grade, I was sitting my my friend who told me to stand up. I did. Then he told me to sit down. Which I did.
What I didn't know was that he was holding his NOT-safety scissors pointy-side up.
And there was blood and crying and I have a scar! And there was a HOLE in my pink corduroy Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls (Oh, the humanity!!!!!).
It was very traumatic.
Once I was back at my seat (after my mom rushed down the hall from her classroom in the other wing to patch up my bum), he told me never to follow anything he said ever again.

4. I also have a scar on my forehead ... it's kind of a crescent shape ... but tilted. Still, it kinda makes me feel like Sailor Moon. I got it when I was ... three? And I pulled my dad's bicycle down on myself (trying to climb on it to sit in the child seat on the back) and there was some glass bottle that I knocked down that hit my head. Got to go to the ER in town for that one. They had to secure my arms AND put me under.
From what I remember, I was very upset. I screamed for my mom. And when that didn't work (logical as I am under these circumstances), I screamed for my blankie.

5. At times, I may be a little TOO pragmatic -- Like when I was in my last (hopefully FINAL) car accident. My first thought was, "Oh no. This is going to be expensive." Closely followed by, "People are going to WORRY." and "I'm going to miss school!! Oh no!! What will my professors think?!? CRAPPIT!!!!"

If you read Melissa's (foldmylaundry), you will see that I'm really a very boring person.


The A-Z list: come up with an alphabetical list of favorite authors and books

Off the top of my head (and a few runs to my bookshelves)(And, finally, raiding my Goodreads list):

A- Lloyd Alexander, Douglas Adams, Louisa May Alcott
B- Charlotte Brontë, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, T.A. Barron, Patricia Briggs
C- Ellen Conford, Eoin Colfer, Lewis Carroll, Karen Cushman
D- Kate DiCamillo, Roald Dahl, Carole Nelson Douglas
E- Edward Eager
F- Susan Fletcher, Monica Furlong, Jasper Fforde
G- Neil Gaiman, Edward Gorey, John Green
H- Shannon Hale, Gordon B. Hinkley, Marjorie Pay Hinckley
I- Kim Izzo, Conn Iggulden
J- Maureen Johnson, Diana Wynne Jones, Joshilyn Jackson
K- Lynn Kurland, Stephen King (Mostly for his short stories), Annette Curtis Klause
L- Gail Carson Levine, C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle, Hugh Laurie (Is there ANYTHINg this talented boy can't do? Act, sing, write, have a delectable accent ...)
M- Alexander McCall-Smith, Robin McKinley, Juliette Marillier, Kristen Miller
N- Garth Nix
O- Scott O'Dell
P- Tamora Pierce, Richard Peck, Gary Paulsen, Nancy Pearl
R- Phillip Reeve, Louise Renninson, Bill Richardson, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling
S- L.J. Smith, Louis Sachar, Oliver Sacks, Kieran Scott, Shel Silverstein, Lemony Snicket, Shanna Swendson
T- Will Thomas, Lynn Truss
V- Vivian Vande Velde, Chris Van Allsburg
W- Patricia Wrede, Scott Westerfield, Frank Warren
X- Qui Xiaolong
Y- Jane Yolen, Richard Yancey
Z- Markus Zusak

Yeah, I've read a couple authors that would be U's ... but they weren't quite in my reread pile. I can't think of any Q's at all. Sorry!

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