Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As the World Falls Down

... Is the song stuck in my head the most.

Because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Labyrinth. Finally got the Bowie songs from it on my computer. Yay!

I also replaced the shower caddy in our bathroom. (The old one's in the kids' bathroom. Makes the place a little cleaner. ^_^) I'm ALMOST caught up on laundry. I had almost caught up on the dishes ... then I made dinner last night.

Friday, Michael and I went to the temple. AGAIN, I am told (by two gals) that my taste in music is ... surprising. What should I make of this?
Yes, I have AC/DC on my iPod. I also have a couple Ozzy Osbourne songs. What of it? I try not to have too many songs with profanity. I'm eclectic, though. I like lots of stuff.

Saturday, I had my sister-in-law's baby shower. It was good. There were meatballs. (YUM!!) I didn't win any of the games. Not that I usually do. Oh well. But I did get to write down the list of who all gave what. ^_^ It's nice to be useful. And I got to talk books with Jenny. Not that she and I don't have each other as friends on Goodreads.com already. ^_^

Mother's Day was nice. I got to sleep in a little (ALWAYS a plus). And the kiddos weren't too badly behaved. I think they really tried. Which was awesome. We got to church pretty much on time. (It's the last time that I won't have to drive myself and the kids to church. But, hey! Next week we'll be in the new building. That should be cool.)
I got a chocolate-covered strawberry at church. And Dianne game me a CD (for a birthday/Mother's Day present). (I feel bad because I need to take it out of my purse and listen to it. I'm sure it's excellent, since she's got great taste. ^_^)
Michael and the kids gave me my own copy of Brain Age (now I can return Jenny and Joseph's!) AND Brain Age 2 (I really like the little piano-game in there. All my years of lessons, which i repeatedly quit, finally pay off! Yay for getting the "jet speed" score!).

I also got an ice cream cake. Yay! The kidlets picked out which flavor. they chose chocolate peanut butter. And, dang, it's good!! (I knew I liked those kiddos. ^_^ Score for me shaping their taste buds! -- If only they ate the REST of their okra last night. They said the one piece they each ate was good, though.)

And, my dear friends, happy belated Mothers' Day to you (or your wives and your moms and friends). You can be wished a happy Mothers' Day even if you're not a mom. It's like the Fourth of July. I'm neither a fourth nor a July. :P

(I think I need more sleep.)
(No, I KNOW I need more sleep. I haven't been able to fall asleep easily the last few nights. *sigh* Wish me luck at getting better at that, okay? ^_^)

I made the kidlets watch Labyrinth with me yesterday. Bucket liked it fine. she thought it was HILARIOUS when Toby (the baby) gets taken by the goblins. Bruise? He was more interested with playing with his cars. But that's okay.
And, hey! I'm expanding their horizons. Maybe we'll watch The Dark Crystal sometime this week. And maybe Legend.
And it wouldn't be bad for us to watch Star Wars ... I know Michael'd approve of that. And this way, the kidlets would be totally ready for Star Wars Trivial Pursuit when they can read. ^_^ (I need a regular edition of Trivial Pursuit. We have SW and the Book Lover's edition. And the Book Lover's is HARD. I mean, you all probably have an inkling of how much I read ... and I really suck at it. I do okay in only two categories: Classics and Potpourri. *sigh* How galling is THAT?!?)

I finished the ninth in the Ladies' Detective Agency series (by Alexander McCall-Smith). It was just as good as I expected. If you haven't read the series, you should. They're mysteries ... but, as Michael says, they're not that mysterious. I think they're a bit more cultural-heavy than mystery ... but I like them. And now I want to go to Botswana. (At least, I want to hear how one should pronounce names and stuff in the language.)

Okay, I'm closing up. Bruise is sitting on my lap, playing with his car and saying, "Beep beep!/Mee(p) mee(p)!!" ... So my back's getting tired from balancing him (as he nearly pokes. me. in. my . EYE.) and trying to type decently. (Yeah, let's see Bill Gates program and stuff with a wiggling toddler on his lap, trying to play with three toy cars and draw and grabbing stuff off the desk ... with a running, lisping commentary. ... But it's cute. Still, let's see Bill Gates bring it.)

So, later gators!

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