Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picture time!!

My handsome little man:

Lately Bruise is ALL ABOUT cars and trains and trucks. He also has figured out ways to open their bedroom door. And he can scale the gate into our bedroom. He prefers to have Ernie on his diaper. He likes to snack and doesn't care so much for eating meals.
He's talking more and more. We're still working on his pronunciation of certain consonant blends, if you know what I mean (since he really shouldn't go around apparently dropping enthusiastic f-bombs as he's really pointing out vehicles).

And what about my Bucket?

Mostly (I say mostly, because she IS two-years old), she is a sunny and sweet-tempered little miss. She also loves to watch "Cars." She adores Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, and Thomas the Train.
She's our good eater. She actually eats just about everything. One of her favorite things is broccoli. And chicken. (She doesn't care for those small tomatoes. She thinks they're grapes every time. And is sorely disappointed again and again when they are not.)
(Also, she's our resident drama queen. Not that Bruise is far behind her.)

Here's the dynamic duo "helping" Grandma L water her plants

But, overall, they can be a ton of fun. (When they're not whining and fighting ... as is happening RIGHT NOW. I mean, really? Do they just WAIT for me to write something nice so they can IMMEDIATELY refute it? ... Sometimes I wonder. I really do.)

Fun things:
Bruise BUSTS UP when I tell him "No." It's like a game we play.
They DEMAND to be tickled.
They sometimes play until they drop. (Not so often with Bruise. He's like the flippin' Energizer Bunny, I tell you!)
Bucket wants to pray at night. So I feed her some lines ... which she tries to anticipate.
Me: We thank You for ...
Bucket: We. Thank. For. ...
Me: Grandma and Grandpa.
Bucket: GrammaGrampaBruiseBukkitCousinCousinMuttiPoppiMommyDaddy LOVE ME!!!!!
Me: ... Good job. ... "Help us have a good"
Bucket: Help. Good. BED!"
Me: ... Well, I was going to say "day," but I guess that works.

Life certainly isn't dull.

(As I have Bucket on my right asking for me to read her "Mousey Book" (Baby Mickey's shapes) and Bruise hopping on my left, begging for snacks. *sigh*

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