Friday, May 09, 2008

I am ashamed ...

Why am I ashamed?

It's been over a week since I've blogged! You probably were feeling like I didn't love you all anymore. Well, be assured that THAT is not the reason.

The real reasons?
1) Brain Age for the Nintendo DS - Curse 'Seph and Jenny, they're the ones that lent me their addicting little game cartridge. (On the plus side? I'm using my brain. AND I now know how to do a sudoku puzzle. Score!! I feel way cooler ... in a very geeky kind of way.)
2) I've been lazy -- reading blogs, cleaning house ... but not blogging myself. (If it makes you feel at ALL better, I FINALLY got caught up on reading my comics. It appears that May 2 was the last day I had done that.)
3) Getting over my plague. I LOVE antibiotics. Tuesday morning, I realized I had forgotten to take one dose. Oh, my dears, let me tell you ... I NOTICED IT. Ugh.

I might have blogged yesterday. But I was a little preoccupied.

Bucket came up to me and said, "Mommy. My tummy hurts." I gave her a snack and some water.
Later, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." "Oh, sweetie. What should we do about it? *lift Bucket onto my lap.* Are you hungry? *Bucket nods* Should we get you a snack? *Nods. I put her down.*"

Then ... Blaaaaaargh. Squish. Squish. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!! <-- Those are the sounds of a puke and a cry. I head over to to kitchen while talking to soothe my poor sicky. And, again, Blaaaaaaargh. Squish. Squish. Squish. On the carpet.

As I get a towel and try not to gag myself, I ask her, "Does your tummy feel better?"

(Now if I could say that her diapers were at all pleasant. You know that it's bad when you're nursing a child, you hear "Fluurp. Squish, squish." ... And you start to gag at the stench emanating from your dear, sweet princess' posterior. Oh ... it cannot be described. It is the stench of evil. And it should not be present in your daughter's waste products. (And let's not mention that her diaper was so full of this evil this morning that it had come out the FRONT of her diaper. Poor princess. The piteous tone she employed when saying, "Mommy, I POOPY!!" ... Ah, it cannot be borne.

Now, Bruise? How is he doing in all this, you ask. He's fine ... He's using more words. He even wanted to do his own prayer last night (Since his sister is now praying, he didn't want to be left out. However, between you and me? It's much easier to pray if you TALK. :P). He's getting into a little bit of trouble here and there ... ripping a book (capital offense to this mommy. But you shouldn't be surprised at that.), closing doors, climbing over the gate into Mommy and Daddy's room ... Throwing a few tantrums ... just the normal two-year-old-type stuff.

He's absolutely enthralled with all things cars and trucks and trains. Just don't make him SAY the word truck. It sounds remarkably like he's dropping f-bombs. Hopefully, this will change. SOON.

The kids are back to taking naps. Thank goodness! Since Friday-Sunday they didn't get much of any naptime at all. And, you know, I NEEEEEEEEEED them to take naps. When else can I fold laundry or play Brain Age?!?!??

Monday, T and her son came over to play. Her new haircut is wicked-cute.
We took the kiddos to a park to see the ducks and to play on the slides and whatnot there. Bruise was ALL OVER climbing up to the BIG slide, whereas Bucket was more than content with the smaller, wide slide. And T got a cute picture of Bucket and her son hugging. (I think there may be a half-planned betrothal going on here. We'll see. It makes me laugh, though ... Bucket will NOT let him kiss her. Ha!!)
(After T and her son left, it was naptime. The kidlets were still cranky as we went grocery shopping later. So Bucket went to the car with Michael and Bruise helped me shop. ... It's so strange shopping with one child. It's easier ... and just strange.)

Tuesday, my nieces came over so their mom could go on a lunch date ... Still no name picked out for our nephew. But she and my brother-in-law have time at least a month. (I wasn't feeling it, having a nephew named Nicodemus? Just ... yeah. My mom says that her prayers are answered. Funny, since that's MY mom, not one of the future boy's grandmas talking. ^_^) Bucket greeted her cousins with a hug and a kiss at the door. Bucket and Bruise were SO, SO, SO(!!!!) excited to have their cousins over to play. They had a good time. And were plenty tuckered out to get a good nap. Yessssss!

I don't remember Wednesday. Except that Michael and I finished watching season one of Veronica Mars. (Do you think I'd look good with that haircut?) We liked it a lot ... except for the glamorized, prevelant teen drinking. There were some plot points that are a little contrived ... but I enjoyed it enough that I am eagerly awaiting my hold at the library (for season 2). (Yes, Cynthia. You were right. It IS a very awesome show. I never doubted you. ... And bad news? Since we switched to our digital receiver? We no longer get the CW ... so that means we don't get to watch Supernatural. So we'll have to catch it online. *glower* Stupid digital receiver.)

Yesterday, we watched "The Dance" ... one of those Mormon-cinema-genre movies we've been meaning to watch for, oh, like a YEAR. It was cute. (Thanks again, Jenny!) Then I played more sudoku as we watched an episode of Firefly.
Oh, and I had made chicken in a peanut sauce for dinner. It was pretty tasty! Yay!! (Yet another reason to make coconut milk a staple in one's pantry. Yeah. I'm special like that. I find ONE recipe that I like with it in it ... so I try and pick up a few cans every so often. Because that's how I roll. :P)

Okay, I need to go so I can stop yelling at my kiddos. As Bruise asks for about the fourth snack today. And it's not even 10 A.M. *sigh* I should feed them, huh?


Jennifer Davis said...

I love VM! It is one of my favorite shows. Too bad it was canceled:( The biggest problem that I found with seasons 2 and 3 was all the sex - I wish they had left that out :P

Glad you are enjoying brain age :) It is addictive, but you can feel good about exercising your brain :)

Cynthia said...

See, I told you VM was a great show!
Too bad about the CW. You'll have to do like me, watch it on the net (only you'll get to do it straight from the CW website whereas I can't since I don't live in the US. And can I just say it's NOT FAIR :(

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