Friday, May 23, 2008

In which I confess my laziness ... and I might bore you with regalings of my children's exploits. Again.

So, first, to get it out of the way -- I'm kinda lazy.

I mean, SURE, I did fold a metric crapload of laundry and put most of it away yesterday. And I vacuumed the day before that. And I keep getting THISCLOSE to being caught up with the dishes.

Still, I'm about 11 days behind my daily scripture reading via And that's AFTER listening to, like, three chapters (since I do a chapter a day) this morning.

I'm still unshowered, have not done my daily brain training (Praise the Heavens above for Brain Age and Brain Age 2 ... How else might I be aware of hoe my poor brain has atrophied since I graduated college ... Though, it probably went through the wringer with that last term of student teaching. *Grr.* <-- Oh, look! I'm still uncharitable! Shun me. SHUUUUUUUUN MEEEEEEEEEEE!), still need to unload, reload the dishwasher, fold some more laundry ... I might need to wash it first, though. I'm a little behind.

BUT!! I DID finally hang up the pictures/collages that the kidlets made in Nursery at church for Mothers' Day. (CUTE: Hand print, poem, floral stickers, "Happy Mother's Day 2008, and a picture of my soulful looking children -- What, have they forgotten how to smile?? But they're still darling. I mean, at least, Bucket has that Mona Lisa-type smile-thing going on. Bruise, though? He looks like he's ready to impersonate Oliver Twist's "Please, Suh, may I have some mo'?")

Bruise has been on FIRE with the whole potty-training. I finally got tired of rinsing out his potty and used the option to use it as a potty seat on the toilet.
His bucket is getting covered with stickers. And he's recognizing when he needs to go. And he may have gone more-than-potty (If you know what I mean. And I think you do.) once. Woot for him!!

Bucket makes me laugh. When you ask her how her belly or lip feels (and if you've been following this blog, you'll know why it's common to ask her -- sweet projectile-vomiting, mouth-busting girl), she'll tell you, "No, it all better. It no hurt."
She was doing really well with praying last night. I am still coaching her, but she filled in some things to thank the Lord for ... and some things that she was praying for. She was a bit concerned to hear about Grandma L's (my pretty-much-stepmom) earache. (If it doesn't get better, L's going to be going on for a CAT scan. Kinda scary. And expensive. Eeps!) But it's adorable to hear my girl's little voice say "We. Say. Things. In. Jesus. Name. AMEN!!!!!"

Also, yesterday, as I was putting in a show for them to watch, I asked her if she wanted to watch Toy Story with JUST Buzz and Woody ("I LOVE Wooody-Bus!") or if she wanted to watch the one with the girl.

"Her name JESSIE, Mommy." (<-- this in the almost insulted tones one uses when dealing with someone incredibly dim. From my daughter! It makes me laugh. I, obviously, have no pride. :P)
"Oh, yes. You're right!. Her name IS Jessie. Very good. ... Do you want to watch Jessie?"
"Okay then!"

Next thing you know, she'll be quoting Proust or something. (Though where she'd find his works ... well, I do leave the internet up just about 24/7. Hey! You never know when you're going to wake up at 2 A.M. and NEED to know the latitude of Samoa. Not that this has happened. BUT there have been nights that I can't fall asleep and it's nice to check up on my village on Travian ... go through some emails ... play a game, maybe ... until my eyelids are not able to stay open of their own accord. Then I can blearily navigate amid myriad, painful-to-step-on toys scattered about on the floor) and gently collapse in bed, so as not to awaken my hard-working man who needs his sleep.)

Yet another facet of my life. Fun!

and, maybe TMI, there are places that one should NOT get a heat rash.
My heat rash is almost gone. Praise the Lord and all His holy angels for that. Ugh!
(And, yes, Latter-Day Saints DO believe in angels. Come on, Gabriel? The archangel Michael? Yeah, we're not all that different. Just so you know. And so I CAN use the phrase I did above. Yup. Check out my theology. Word. ... Oh, gosh, you can tell I'm tired. I need a shower to wake up. ... Some people drink caffeine, some go for a run, some do a crossword. Me? I shower.)

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American Samoa
Latitude: 14.24° South
Longitude: 170.57° West
Elevation: 42.00 masl
Time Zone: Local Time + 11 hour(s) = UTC

Just so you know.

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