Thursday, May 22, 2008

A million little links ...

Well, slightly less than a million ... but you get the idea.

And where to start??

Well, anywhere, I guess.

Well, to commemorate the pretegious even of a fourth Indiana Jones movie, let's start with those. (And, no I haven't seen it. But I'd like to. ^_^)

Mental Floss' 10 Awesome Indiana Jones Facts (plus some more in the comments. Bonus!)

And possibly the best reenactment of the classic IJ scene ... made possible by Legos. ^_^

Also humorous is Eric D. Snider's exclusive "interview" with Indiana Jones.
(Done in the same style as his Harry Potter "interview."

Random trivia about me: My dad's got a genetic disorder so he's hard of hearing and now blind. So I try and keep tabs on the news on how to treat things like that. (And also on the genetic disorder. No, I don't have it. No, my kids really don't have any chance of getting it. Nice and recessive. And the whole gene-mapping thing? Amazing.)

SO, as I was saying (well, I was GETTING to the point. Hold your horses!), I found this article referenced in Musicophilia.
It's about Michael Chorost's search for a cochlear implant that allowed him to enjoy music as he had before he lost his remaining hearing.

And with speaking of technological innovations, check out CAMiLEON Heels ... (Kari, you might like this, you shoe aficionado, you. ^_^) They're a little too righ for my blood at present, but I love the idea.

Another great retail idea: SnapTotes
-- bags with your photos on them. They have quite a variety of sizes and options available. If I were a little more flush, the moms in my life would have been getting some of these. ^_^

To shake things up, HERE's a mindless (for me. Maybe it has a purpose that you know of!) little computer game. It's called Spider ... and it's pretty cute.

If you're curious what people are doing with the economic stimulus check, go check out How I Spent My Stimulus -- We're going to save part of it (Hello college education for our children!!) ... but I haven't decided what little fun thing to do. I do want to do my part for the economy. Oh, yes, it's all about the economy ... and not at all about my materialism and the fact that Bruise and Bucket would love a trip to the zoo or the aquarium or to the Science and Industry museum (Hey, don't knock it. I LOVED the trips Mom and I took. And maybe soon, the kids'll be ready to sit through the planetarium bit. Or we can take them to the laser show ... if they still do that. It was pretty big when I was a kid. [Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.]) And someday soon, I'd like to take them to a movie. If I was sure that they were ready to sit through a feature-length film, I'd totally take them to see Wall-E. It looks super cute and they LOVE Pixar shows.

Speaking of "when I was a kid," You have to see Young Me/Now Me over at Colorwars. Seriously, it's such a great idea! You take a picture from your childhood/past and reenact the picture ... It's great to see grown siblings sitting on each other's laps ... or grown children sitting on their folks' knees ... It's just fun. I really should do it. ^_^ It also makes me want to take a family portrait and reenact that one every few years. Just for kicks and giggles.

Now for some bits of brilliance --

From mental_floss - They did a write-up on the LifeStraw. This product is, well, AMAZING. It makes me wish I had invented it, it's that awesome. It's a straw made for an individual with a water filter built right in. And the filter is pretty nifty -- removes particles and animalcules up to 5 microns (So right now, Giardia slips through, but you're avoiding some major germs like typhoid, dysentry, E. coli, etc.).
Seriously, this is a huge development. It's brilliant!

From Neatorama (2 things) -
-- The Golden Rule: Usually when people refer to the golden rule, they're just using the Christian motto of "Do unto others as you would have others do to you."
However, in seven other major world religions, there is a direct corollary.
I like that. It makes me happy. It's nice that truth is universal. And it helps me remember that as different as we can be, we're all very much the same.
And it's nice that everyone's encouraged to play nice.

Which brings us to the other article from Neatorama.
Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am SO not a sports person.
This, however, got me teary-eyed.
The Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship - Now, if this isn't applying the Golden Rule, I don't know what is. It's stories like these that give me just a little more hope that the world isn't such a terrible place (as opposed to how the news would have me see the world -- full of greed, rage, child abusers and puppy-kickers. And you wonder why I don't leave the house so much. *joking. kinda.*).
But stories like this ... they make me feel good. They make me know that, as Anne Frank said, that people really are good at heart.

Now, just in case you're getting all weepy-eyed at that, here are a couple things to help make you laugh.

From - The 5 most unintentionally hilarious comic strips --Seriously, this is a great article.

And, after that Discovery Channel commercial, I think this one is my new favorite.
Seriously, a car wash, people in skimpy clothing, water fights?
Sounds like a 14-year-old boy's fantasy ...
This is the way to make it Llanna-palatable.

Now, THEY're bring sexy back. Oh, yeah.

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