Sunday, July 07, 2013

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Things are getting better.

The friend that I was worrying about has texted me a bit. So that's ... well, AWESOME.

And, since I am crazy, I did go and message one of my friends (that I haven't seen for YEARS, sadly, but he and I keep in touch) and begged him to tell me if I was a jerk or too demanding or anything.
And he told me that, nah, I shouldn't stress about it. If it's meant to work out, it'll work out.

And, well, I did hear from the friend that I was freaking about losing ... so, yeah. I'm freaking a lot less.

About eight more weeks until my munchkin gets to go to Nursery.
I'm kind of excited ... since it'll be nice to spend more than about 10 minutes in Relief Society ... since she hates to sit still (because she's fighting a nap).

I put Bubbles' hair up today ... two little pigtails in the front, the back was left in its usual curls. She looked cute, of course ... but, well, it's so different to see her hair up. It makes her look older (In fact, when she finally crashed for a nap, she looked a LOT like one of her cousins).

Bucket gave a talk in Primary today. She talked about how families are part of God's plan for us. She did a good job. Especially since she kind of, well, HATES public speaking.

Bruise is ... just himself. His hives have all cleared up ... and he's careful not to touch latex things. Good for him. I hate that (1) he has such a sensitivity to such a common thing and (2) that he had to learn this lesson ... still, DUDE, who sleeps with an athletic band wrapped around one's neck like a rubbery scarf??
(Apparently my son, that's who.)

He's really silly. And it's not really on purpose ...
He came back into the chapel from the bathroom ... and his suitcoat was tucked into his pants. ... What??
He's ... He's my little man. Crazy little man.

Now, let's see ... what else have I not told you yet? Um ...

Okay, Independence Day (or July 4th for you non-Americans), we went to Michael's folks for a taco feed and fireworks. I was assigned to bring desserts. So I bought a cheesecake from Costco and baked a double batch of the bestest brownies. I woke up the morning of the fourth wondering if I should also make lemon bars ... Mom C assured me that, no, what I'd already prepared should be fine (there were also cookies and an angel food cake).
So, we hung out with family and watched a lot of fireworks in the street.
Bubbles had fought a nap for a LONG time. She finally fell asleep around 7 (about an hour or so before her normal bedtime. I woke her up around 10:30 PM for fireworks. She was back asleep on the way home, though. So that was fine.

Michael took Friday off (he brought work home so that he COULD take the day off), which I enjoyed very much. He was able to watch the kids' swim lessons (for the first time). We also went and took the kids (even Bubbles) to Monsters U. Good show ... and Bubbles did okay in it. Phew!

Yesterday (Saturday), we worked on cleaning the house. Michael got the water cooler onto a board and in a better spot. The kids worked on their room (and have finished it today, I think). I cleared off the junk counter (mostly ... I have my purse and diaper bag on it, so it looks cluttered again). And I threw a load of laundry in the wash and started the dishwasher again.
We also did some little odd jobs around the house: replaced a (broken) shower head, Put some covers on light switches that need to stay on, put up new house numbers (so when I order take-out in winter, the drivers can find our house) in a better spot, installed the kids' LEGO nightlights by their beds, got the kids' DVDs organized (AGAIN), got a box for Bubbles' shoes, put one couch on cinder blocks so that it MIGHT be the right height for my mom when she comes to stay (we'll see), put Michael's grilling tools onto S-hooks so they can hang off the side of the grill ... I think that's most everything.

Today was church. Of course. Bubbles doesn't make it totally easy ... but we were there! And I stayed until the end, too. Made it back to Relief Society (after leaving RIGHT after the lesson started to go rock Bubbles to sleep in the Mothers' Lounge) JUST in time for the closing song. ... Yeah.
And I had been late to RS, since I went into the Young Women's class to make an announcement (starting a list of YW who want to babysit ... so that parents have an idea of who to call. Inspired, no? Yeah, it's nice to be inspired.)

But, yeah ... we're about to head to dinner at a friend's house.
I made dessert ... I'll have to let you know later how it turned out, since it's a new recipe.

The kids have swim lessons and soccer this week. It should be fun.
And Free Slurpee Day is on Thursday (7-11, get it? But, no, it's REAL). So that's always nice.

Yeah, I should get going ... but ... things are going better.

And I gave myself (fake) feather extensions.
Best use for needle-nosed pliers yet. (Unless I start doing some beading.)

So, yeah. Things are a lot better. Phew.

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