Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been one week ... since I blogged ...

Okay, time to catch up ...

Mom didn't come up last week ... which made the whole week seem a little off.
She's coming tomorrow ... so I'll be working at trying to remember that tomorrow is TUESDAY, not Wednesday.

The kids and I have gone to nearly all the places for their "passports" ... we just have two more places.
1 - A summer festival, which we have to WAIT for.
2 - The visitors' association ... which would be best to do at the very end.

The Orkin man came by again last week ... and good thing, too. Ants were swarming in the kids' room. Now it's reduced to a trickle.
Michael also trimmed back trees and cleaned out the gutters ... so the ants should REALLY ease off on the attack.

I got some Visiting Teaching done ... mostly by email and phone. We got new routes ... So, since I have a master list of who all is assigned to whom (so that all the ladies in the ward SHOULD get visits and know who to focus on), I let the gals that I wouldn't have anymore know who their new Visiting Teachers are. And I got in contact with the new gals on my route ... and it turns out that the new routes start in August. Still, I'd rather make sure that everyone knows that they're being thought of. So it's all fine.

I took the kids to a historic grain mill. BY MYSELF.
I wore Bubbles in her Moby wrap. Bruise and Bucket were really well behaved. We were the only people there (except for staff and volunteers), which was pretty cool. Then we headed downtown and got most of the rest of the stamps for the aforementioned "passports."

I also took the kids on the paddleboats ... Last year, Michael took them while I watched Bubbles. This year, we switched. And, since Bucket had a shoe that fell off last year, they were VERY trepidatious. Instead of being out there for about a half-hour, it was MAYBE 15 minutes. But, goodness, I got a good workout, peddling that boat.

We also went to a baseball game. The kids really wanted to catch a foul ball ... but that didn't happen.
They did love running the bases after the game was over.
Our team won, which was nice. And we got new hats for our "collection," since we opt to go on the free cap night.

We went out for pizza the next night. After Michael and the kids got the front rooms cleaned up.

I haven't been sleeping very well. I should take melatonin or something.
But I've gotten through some of my library books. Which is good, since I have a lot of holds that have all come in.

I should get caught up on the dishes and the laundry.

And watch that last episode of Season Two of Upstairs Downstairs. And I should finish Season One of Gilmore Girls, since that's a library one. *sigh*
And I should just go watch the rest of ALL the seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix (Just finished "The Lazarus Experiment" the other night with the kids, my little Whovians).

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm getting pretty good at picking out who's playing different characters.
As Michael and I were watching the previews for the next few episodes, I focused on one voice...
"That's Mad-Eye!!"
Michael was impressed, since the actor was done up as a giant cat-person.
Even in the preview for "The Lazarus Effect," I was struck by one actor ... "Mycroft!"
(Michael WAS impressed at that one, since in that episode, the guy is so BLOND-HAIRED.)

And, I also totally called another actor. "It's the COOK!! From Upstairs Downstairs!!"

Michael, checking IMDB the other night as I was watching Upstairs Downstairs, "Hey, she's been on Doctor Who."
"Yeah, I TOLD you I recognized her!"
"Oh. That's what you were talking about. ... Nice."
"Thank you."

I am nothing if not insufferable.

Also, yesterday, I was calming down Bubbles by putting music videos on for her.
Bucket came up as we were watching Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

Bucket: Why is she sitting in a dirty house?

That, my dears, is a question for the ages. It's a question I often ask of myself, about myself, daily.

With that, I should go do more dishes, some laundry, and maybe organize some cupboards.
And grocery shopping or something.

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