Monday, July 22, 2013

I should be cleaning ...

The goal is to have the house clean before the Orkin man comes for a check-up on the house this week.

We'll see how that goes.

Now, what all has gone on since I posted last?

  • I visit taught a friend over at the park Wednesday morning. Good times.
  • My mom came up to visit.
  • Michael had a meeting with the Bishop.
  • Thursday, mom went home.
  • We went to the park for Art at the park. The kids played and made some crafts.
  • We went around Downtown and got some stamps for their "passports."
  • We tie-dyed scarves.
  • I went to a Relief Society activity in the evening.
  • Friday, we went to the Fair -- rode rides, bought some dip mixes, looked at everything.
  • The kids stayed with a sitter while Michael and I went back to the fair and went to the Collective Soul concert. (They sound just like they do in the recording ... except that the lead singer left a few years back. The new lead singer is very good, though.)
  • Saturday, we went to the farmers' market, got a couple more stamps in the kids' passports, walked around a park, cleaned the house a little ...
  • While I was coloring my hair (nothing exciting -- just back to my root color), Michael went to cook up the steaks we had marinating.
    And, well, the grill caught on fire.
    And, since it was next to a window, the glass got hot.
    And cracked as it cooled.
    So we need to replace that window.
    Good thing -- It's a double-paned window, so the kids aren't cutting themselves or anything.
    Bad thing -- The window (ALL THE WINDOWS, apparently) are an irregular size.
    So we have to custom order a new window. *sigh*
    And we missed the Stake Activity. Oh well.
  • Sunday, we went to Sacrament
    Before we left (right after Sacrament meeting), we got to see some friends.
    Looks like some are going to be moving back! That's awesome!
    Then we went home, changed, and headed over to my family reunion.
    I had to have people point out everyone (out of, what, 25 people??) that were there, since I never remember names. Ugh.
    Then we went home, Michael got a nap, and we cleaned up the house a bit.
    I ended up going to a friend's house after putting the kids to bed. Got back late. Michael waited up for me. Sweet man.
Wednesday, Bruise got really frustrated in trying to memorize the Fourth Article of Faith.
I tried to get him to laugh (instead of cry).
I ended up with him cradled across my lap.
Bubbles, obviously, was VERY CONCERNED with her big brother crying.
She crawled into HIS lap and alternated between patting his shoulder and poking at his tears.
And I told Bruise that I loved him -- even when he got frustrated; even when he cried; and that I'd always love him.
"Because we're family," he sniffled.
And Bucket wrapped HER arms around the three of us and proclaimed, "I LOVE MY FAMILY ... But I HATE my FARTS!!"

And we all dissolved into laughing.

And she choked out, "BECAUSE THEY'RE SO STINKY!!!"

Then she had to go out to my mom and tell HER what she'd said.

That girl.

But, yeah.

Also, yesterday, Michael and I were looking at house plans ... for the future, when we have money. Because, everyone can figure this out -- a family of five doesn't really fit so well in a two-bedroom house.

The kids were looking with us.

As we're looking, I liked some houses. I really would like at least four bedrooms. And if the guest bedroom had an attached bathroom, so much the better!!

But the kids and Michael really liked a three-bedroom one. And one of those bedrooms would probably be an office (hence why I'd like FOUR bedrooms).

Me: Well, it only has three bedrooms. And if we have that room be the office, where will Mom sleep when she comes to visit?
Michael: We'll have Bruise bunk in with his sisters.
Bruise: OR, if we had an attic, I could sleep up there.
(Note: NONE of the houses we've looked at have an attic. Or a second floor at all.)
Me: *sarcastically* Or we could just shove you into the cupboard under the stairs!
Bruise and Bucket: JUST LIKE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!
Michael: Nerd family.

Yup, that's how we roll.

And now I should go finish dishes or cleaning the bathroom or the bedroom or vacuuming or the laundry. *sigh*

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