Wednesday, July 03, 2013

That boy of mine ...

You know how I was recently complaining that I usually never remember the hilarious things that Bruise spouts?

Well, he gave me a doozy today, bless him.

As Mom, the kids, and I are all headed home from swim lessons, Bucket announces that she has to go to the bathroom. About halfway home (not very far), she asks me, "Mom!! What can I do to help me not have to go pee right now??" (Since, around a week ago, I had her pinch the webbing near her thumb as a distraction in nearly the same situation.)

I tell her to pinch at the webbing. And she says that it's too soft (since her skin is a little waterlogged). So I tell her that maybe she can pinch the skin on the side of one of her fingers, or maybe an eardrum.

And Bruise pipes up, "Since I'm not a girl, sometimes I could pinch my weenie so the pee doesn't come out!"


I don't know where this "weenie" business came from. I'm a proponent of calling one's body parts by the real name ... although, I do refer to private bits with epithets, mostly out of boredom.

But, yeah, we all had a good laugh about that.

That's my boy.
Who I now can tease by calling him  Mr. Weenie ... I'll make sure to tell this story when he starts bringing girls home in another ten years or so. Mwhahaha.

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