Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two days later ...

So, yesterday morning, I was cleaning the house in a mad frenzy, since my dad and L were coming up.

Michael was awesome and folded a shload of clothes, so we just had to get those out of the living room.
And I loaded the dishwasher, got the front room finished being picked up, the kids helped clean off the dining room table ... and I went to start the dishwasher ... and ... nothing. Like, the dishwasher wouldn't even start.

I've not been wild about this dishwasher ... ever.
So, I called Michael and checked the breaker (it was fine).
L, when they came (shortly after I was showered), tried to troubleshoot it a bit. Nothing.

So, since I helped sell their truck so quickly (via Craigslist) earlier this month, they had given me some money. She offered to, instead, get us a new dishwasher.
Which Michael picked up from the store (heck, it's practically across the street ... I was NOT going to pay $80 for delivery. I would grab the dolly and trek it across traffic to save $80 ... but, instead, Michael picked it up.) and started to install.

The outlet behind the dishwasher, apparently is corroded or something. Regardless, when it should be getting 120 volts (or whatever), it's only transmitting about 20. Yeah ... No wonder it's not running.

Michael replaced the outlet bit. No change. It's the wiring.
So we tried plugging it into the outlet with the garbage disposal. No dice, BOTH plugs are wired to the switch for the disposal. Grrr.
So, Michael grabbed a heavy-duty extension cord and we have it plugged into the outlet on the counter. BUT the main thing is that the dishwasher works again! And this one is WAY nicer: quieter, better racks (it can fit the water bottles on the top rack!!!!), there's a gauge that tells when we need to add more Jet-Dry to it ... and, wow, I know that I mentioned that it's quieter, but it's a LOT quieter. And it's more energy efficient, too.

I still will need to replace the fridge in the kitchen (the seals need to be replaced, at least ... But it'd be nice to get THAT more energy efficient, too) ... and, while I'm at it, we could replace the stove. Maybe get something that'd be even, right? :P

Also, the kids irked me by not paying as much attention to Dad and L as they could have. Bucket went out to play with friends ... for HOURS. L and I had gone out to buy the dishwasher. When we got back, Bubbles (down for a nap when we left) was up and was sporting a cut/deep scratch on her ear.
Bruise had no idea what had happened. A neighbor boy came over and asked to play. And Bruise let him in.
My dad, bless him, is blind, so he is an easy chaperone to have. ;P

One of Bucket's friends talked her into sneaking into their room (as Bubbles was sleeping, a big no-no) to get her friend a toy to play with.
AND this frenemy (since, dude, she does seem to be more into my kids' toys at times than my kids as friends) begged and begged and begged, saying, "Just sneak past [your grandpa], because he can't see anyways."

Also, both of these neighbor kids (NOT related at all) tried to get us (eating lunch or whatever) to give THEM (outside or after lunch) our food that Dad and L paid for.

I mustered a "polite spine" (via EtiquetteHell) and told them no.
(One reason: If we gave the neighbor girl food, we'd need to give her little cousin [also playing outside] some, too. And there's not enough for us to do that. ... And I didn't even mention that she had TONS of family out there who all had the ability, as they're packing for a trip, to make her lunch if she's that hungry that she's begging food from other families.
Two: If the neighbor boy is so thirsty for Dad and L's sodas [they brought them from home], he'd be thirsty for water. Which he wasn't. So THERE.)

I griped to Michael a bit that, golly, I have to parent the whole neighborhood.
And he's all, "YES, you do! Good job!"

And he did let me know that one family would appreciate my being an additional parent. They have a lot on their plates ... and VERY energetic kids, so yes, I should work to help out that way. And teaching manners is a good thing.

I really don't think that I'll ever be the "cool mom." I'm too much of an uptight, semi-introverted, control freak for that. But I can get it so that my kids' friends/neighbors know that they can come here ... and that is a good thing.

Although, I did tell Bucket that she does NOT need to take umpteen water bottles out to the neighbor kids (that I had JUST washed!) ... If they're thirsty, they can come and get a glass of water. That's totally okay.

And, yeah, that was most of yesterday ... except for the parts where I REALLY wanted to curse due to the stupid outlet.

Today, we went to the dentist. Even Bubbles got a check-up.
We need to brush her teeth more often (her gums bled a little, poor kid).
Bucket's teeth might be crowding a little. Bruise's spacer was replaced ... and they noticed that a small filling fell out (but, hey, he'll be losing that tooth soon, so no big, right?).
And, drumroll please!! NO ONE HAD ANY VISIBLE DECAY!
(Bruise does have a bit of a stain on one tooth, so they'll keep an eye on that.)
Still! Whoo Hoo!!! No cavities!! I'll take it!

And Bruise, Bubbles, and I cleaned out the little hall that runs between the house and the shop/storage shed. So Michael'll be happy about that. It looks a lot nicer. Just in time for our work party this weekend (taking out some trees/bushes and chipping a ton of old brush from when the neighbor put in her new fence a couple years ago. Yeah ... I KNOW).

I probably should take an allergy pill, since I swept up a bunch of old leaves/pollen. I'll get around to it.

Due to the dentist visit, we missed the first day of Summer Sports Camp (This week is T-ball). We'll be there the next couple days, though. Just an hour of it. Should still be fun.

Right now, Bubbles is still down for her "morning" nap ... usually it's around 9:30 that she goes down. She was up for the dentist appointment and we only got home about a quarter to one. Then she usually has another nap around 2:30 or so. Well, we'll see.

I should get dinner started ... especially since I can go LOAD MORE DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER when I do that. ;P
(No, really, I get a little excited. Especially since I'm caught up on dishes now. Very nice.
I should also clean out the fridges. *sigh* And go through the deep freeze in the shop.
(One thing I'm looking forward to when we DO get a new fridge for the kitchen? Having a shelf in there. I don't need an icemaker, since the laundry fridge has that ... but a SHELF would make organizing it SO much nicer. Just sayin'. ... Although, to fit in the space we have, we have to downsize the fridge. *sigh*)

I also would kinda like a nap, myself. Don't think it's going to happen, though.

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