Sunday, June 23, 2013

About Bruise ...

I notice that it's easier for me to remember funny things that Bucket says ... and I felt the need to highlight our son's sense of humor.

Today, in Sacrament Meeting (Sacrament is pretty much Communion, in LDS-speak. If you have questions, just let me know), Bruise was (as usual) sitting on my lap ... He ends up in my lap for at least part of the meeting.
(Bucket was ENGROSSED in a NOT-AT-ALL spiritual-type book. But, well, she was behaving herself. So I'll let it slide this time. ... If she hadn't been so enthralled by her novel, she'd have been clamoring to get on my lap, too. YES, BOTH my seven-year-olds want to be ON MY LAP at church. ... I don't really get it, but I am flattered.)

So, Bruise is on my lap. And I've already fixed his collar ... and one sock that was on inside-out (He was really wanting to watch Jackie Chan Adventures, rather than pay attention to getting dressed). Then I notice that his pants are on backwards (He has REALLY slim hips, so he just pulls on his pants 99% of the time.)

He moves his face THISCLOSE so our noses are touching, after I've told him, "Buddy, your pants are on backwards"

"IT'S NOT FUNNY." He whispers ... Then he immediately whispers, "IT IS FUNNY."

Then he goes into whispering the "no capes" bit from The Incredibles. Then changes it into "No capes for YOU."
To which, I counter with "Are you complaining? NO SOUP FOR YOU."

Yes, we FAIL at being spiritual during church. I'm completely out of practice.

(Although, one of the gals complimented me on how well-behaved my kids were. I thanked her and begged to differ. She just caught them at a good moment ... and we could do a HECK of a lot better at being reverent. But, hey, at least we look good in our irreverence.)

Also, on the drive to church (Michael had meetings, so went earlier in the truck), Bruise declared that Jackie Chan was his favorite guy.

"More than Indiana Jones??"
(Don't get me wrong. I ADORE Jackie Chan. But, well, I was a little taken aback at this change.)

"Well ..." Bruise considered, "I like them the same percent."

I don't know that Bruise totally understands percentages, but I love that he is working at it.
Cracks me up.

But, really, he's a (mostly) amiable young man. He does get frustrated easily ... and distracted (by LEGO or TV shows or toys) easily ... But he's a pretty strong reader (which he worked SO hard to be) and his writing has improved. He is getting more into sports ... though he LOVES video games.
He is kind ... and enjoys some shows because his sister loves them (e.g., My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic *BRONY HOOF!!*).

He has a good ear for a melody ... which is proven by how he'll hum/sing theme music as he plays (Mostly John Williams soundtracks ... Yup, we've raised a geek. It's lovely).

He hasn't seen a lot of Doctor Who, but he is VERY interested in the Daleks.

He loves to win ... doesn't care what it is, as long as he wins.

He hates to nap ... but he is a sound sleeper when he DOES fall asleep. Out of all our kids, he's the one that, if we have to have a child in bed, I handle best. Because he doesn't move around, like his sisters (who take after ME when I was that age.)

He has to work at his pronunciation ... which he finds frustrating.

I can tell that he's listening, since he picks up on certain speech mannerisms ... like how I (apparently) am prone to state, "As I was saying ..."
I have to say that it's rather hilarious to hear that come out of a five-year-old's mouth.
And it's still funny years later.

He does also have some good aptitude into math/engineering ... I still am boggled that he corrected his grandpa on how to set up the tire swing ... and that, sure enough, it was a better solution.

He also enjoys chess ... with his LEGO chess set.

He loves to snuggle. And, if I'm laying on the floor while reading story-story (bedtime story, as opposed to a scripture story, which is also part of our bedtime routine with the kids), he'll walk on my back.

I mean, really ... when I learned that I'd be mother to a son (as well as a daughter, since they ARE kind of a package deal), I was a little nervous.  I mean, I don't really enjoy watching football. I barely know how to grill. I prefer chicken to most red meat (besides bacon, I suppose. Bacon-wrapped chicken, though? Yummm.). I'm not really all that into cars and engines and stuff ...

I've grown more into LEGO, as my collection of the Harry Potter sets and my ever-increasing MiniFig collection proves. I try to figure out books that will catch and keep his attention (as much as I would LOVE to read Anne of Green Gables for story-story, I won't ... YET. But, when I do, I'll temper it with books like Kidnapped or Hatchet or On My Honor ... and maybe a reread of Skinnybones. ;P) ...

But, yes, he is a sweet, rather smart, funny boy.

And I love when he says things like:

  • "Freyja, come here! I want to give you the loves!"
  • "[Bubbles] is so cute. I love her."
  • "[Bucket] is my best twin sister."
  • "Daddy's favorite food is protein ... like in vegetables.
  • "Down Cuckoo" instead of Count Dooku
And how he loved wearing his Indiana Jones hat and satchel all over Disneyland and California Adventures ... and how Disney Park employees would remark things like "Indiana Jones! You seem taller in the movies!" or "Wow! Hi, Indy!" and Bruise would just smile to himself, so proud.

And he's great at fart jokes. ... So we have that in common. :P
Bruise looked over my shoulder and said I had to take that out.

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