Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Progress ... and regress

So, we went grocery shopping last night.

If nothing else, the kids have enough stuff for school lunches for the rest of the school year (we're getting close! Eeeps!).

I made a casserole (Tortilla Bake) for a surprise potluck for their school's Principal.

I picked up my friend's daughter ... and went to talk with my friend, since she'll need childcare on the day of her surgery.
Turns out that the appointment the doctors FINALLY got set up ... is a CONSULT, not a surgery appointment.


So, on the good side, it looks like I won't have to scramble for childcare on the same day as Michael's birthday and one of the local high school's graduation ceremony.

The bad side ... my friend is in PAIN. And can't drive due to the medicine to control said pain.
And the receptionist seems to treat her like a halfwit.
And I'm just getting frustrated and worried trying to figure out what all to do.

And I KNOW that there are pregnant gals in the ward. But I don't know when they're due ... but I want to make sure that we get meals for them ...


But ... yeah.

And the gorram, stupidhead cat peed on our bed yesterday. So we had to change the sheets when we were getting ready for bed.

I still love her. But I gave her a kitty Prozac. And I tossed her out of the bedroom this morning as soon as I got up, since Michael leaves the bedroom door open in the morning.

Not. Not yay at all.

And the funeral is today. I should get dressed for it soon ... like in a couple hours.

I just don't really know what to do.

Seriously, I know that I griped about all the meetings as YW Secretary ... and it's infuriating trying to get 3-8/9 people all to give you information ... but DAMN my calendars/newsletters looked AWESOME. And I had fun making birthday cards for the girls (I AM a MS Publisher fangirl. I know.).

But ... yeah. I just want people to be healthy and happy and self-sufficient.
And, for now, part of my job is getting them what they need to get there.

But, goodness, this is a pretty big situation ... since my friend has been in pain for a LONG time.
And, well, another gal that I know got in THE NEXT DAY for the same kind of surgery.
So this is blowing my mind ... and not in a good way.

I offered to junk-punch someone, even though I'm too pretty for prison.
But I'm so dang frustrated for my friend.
This is NOT COOL.

I just ... I want to know what to do, when I need to assign people to do stuff.
(I got an email back from a gal I emailed last night, asking if she could provide a dinner "tomorrow" ... Sent it LAST NIGHT, so tomorrow = today. She didn't look at the date stamp on the email. So ... Yeah. Whatever. I'll just do it myself. Because I love my friend. And I can grab a pizza and take it over.)

I know, I know ... I should have put "Tomorrow, June 5" or "Wednesday" ... but, well, after TWO other people couldn't do it, I ... yeah. I just was TRYING to get SOMETHING set up.

The Church is still true. Don't get me wrong.
But ... sometimes dealing with people on a general basis ... it's not the easiest.
Even if I love them.

But ... yeah.

So, um ... could you all just pray that my friend gets in for surgery soon? Because, well, it needs to get done so she can feel better. Because pain = NOT FREAKING FUN OR GOOD.

... which is why I don't exercise as much as I should.
True story.
That and I don't like being all sweaty. And it's difficult and expensive to find sports bras in my size.

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