Thursday, June 06, 2013

A tad bit busy ...

Okay, so yesterday, after I blogged ... what all went on?

  • Mom got here.
  • Michael and I went to Amanda F's funeral ... we were a little late, since Michael's coworkers decided to give him his card RIGHT before he left, since his boss is on vacation starting today.
    It was a very nice service. There were SO many people there ... which isn't surprising.
    Amanda is a very lovely, sweet person ... of course everyone who knew her couldn't help but love her.
  • We took Michael out for dinner. We went out for Mexican food. Yum.
  • I got up and got showered ... kinda skipped the Volunteer Breakfast that the kids' school put on. Turned out that it was a buffet. And that barely anyone had taken advantage of it. So, when I showed up to volunteer, I had a bite to eat.
  • Ran to the store to (1) meet a gal to get a USB stick full of pictures to upload to a website accessable to ALL people involved with SOTW ... Thank you Shutterfly for free accounts with unlimited storage! and (2) pick up some medicine for me. Because I can NOT handle a yeast infection. I also bought a big ol' thing of drinkable yogurt. Hello, healthy bacteria!
  • While I was at the store, my aunt called me with a computer question. I'm so glad that she uses Chrome (like I do), so that I was able to easily give her a walk-through ... as I walked through the store.
    I also got a call from my mom. SHE, at our house, watching Bubbles, got an automated call from the school that BUCKET was NOT in class. Which I couldn't fathom her NOT being. (I was in Bruise's class today ... and HE'D have mentioned if his sister wasn't on the bus or went somewhere.)
    Turns out that she WAS there, all along. Her teacher accidentally marked HER as absent, instead of the absentee (on the line below Bucket's name).
    I had run into Michael's uncle while I was fielding the call from the school ... so, after I got home (after picking up my friend's daughter), I made sure to track down his current number and let him know that all was well ... because I'd want someone to do that for me, if I were in that position.
  • And, like I mentioned, I got my friend's daughter from school and delivered her home. ... And I also took my friend (and said daughter) out to get a prescription. 
  • I feel like I've made a million phone calls -- Called the other gal picking up my friend's other daughter. Called the gal who was going to be watching the girls, in case my friend got to have surgery today (no) -- Twice!. Called my friend. Called Uncle L (after I called Mom C, to get his updated number! ... since I called a wrong number. Whoops!). ...
    And I called Michael to wish him a happy birthday.
  • I defrosted some steaks and threw together a marinade (with some of the truffle honey, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder.). We'll roast some potatoes and the kids can have some hot dogs.
    I need to get a dessert wrangled up.
  • I sent out a slew of emails ... some making sure that we have meals for my friend and her family for the next couple days.
And I need to hit up facebook and wish my Uncle B and Aunt T a happy anniversary. And I think I have a couple other friends with birthdays today. So I should get on that.

But ... I'd really like a nap. That'd be nice.

Well, let's hope that my friend can get things fixed (soon) so she won't be in pain.
And that next week will be a LOT quieter. I'm ready for a relaxing week.
(At least, starting Thursday, I don't have to get the kids out to the bus anymore. That's nice.)

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