Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Not dead ... but dreaming...

I know that it's been a while since I've sat down and blogged. Mostly just been reading OTHER people's blogs ... and dinking around on Facebook. And *GASP!* actually reading out of a book! (And some graphic novels, too.)

But lately, I've been having strange dreams. One was genuinely frightening. Two were not so much.

  • Dream one: I'm at my mom's house with Bucket and Bubbles. Bucket is watching Bubbles in the living room. I notice that it's getting late, and figure that I should cook my mom dinner for when she gets home from work (She's retired now. And I have NO CLUE where Bruise, Michael, or my stepdad are in this dream.)

    Suddenly, there's this crazy-strong windstorm. I can see the trees outside (IRL, mostly tall firs and pines) WHIPPING around in the wind. And there's a crack of lightning. I catch a bit of light/color while I look through the sliding glass door. There's a huge BALL of orange fire in the big shop. And a truck (must be mine, but it's not any vehicle that I've driven IRL), well, there's a bit of fire on the roof of the cab.

    I tell Bucket to stay in the house and watch Bubbles. And to call 911. I grab a HUGE fire extinguisher, which just happens to be standing on the kitchen counter and race outside.

    And then I wake up. And I get up, panting. I go to the bathroom and I drink about a half-liter of water. And I go back to sleep. Where I have ...
  • Dream two: This one, I'm SURE is inspired by the episode of TNG that Michael was watching (in it, kids were vectors for some strange disease. I'm not thinking that I'm spoiling anything, since this episode is over a decade old.)

    But, for some reason, the Weasley family (yes, from Harry Potter) need blood transfusions. LOTS of them. They have some kind of blood-borne disease where they HAVE to get certain types of blood. And they're kidnapping people.

    And, well, of course, I get kidnapped. But I'm a much younger, unmarried version of myself.

    Well, I don't recall EXACTLY what went on (but, be assured it was only PG-rated. There was NO nudity or disturbing images or anything).
    BUT!! I have it on good dram-authority that GEORGE is a better kisser than Fred.

    (Seriously, my subconscious is OBSESSED with Gred and Forge. What is UP with that?!???)
  • Dream three: This one happened during the NEXT night. And it followed another dream that I can't really recall ... besides that it had some elements of suspense in it.

    In this dream, I was with Michael. But it wasn't quite Michael. It was like Michael mixed with Thor (the Chris Hemsworth version). Very protective. Very gentlemanly ... You get the gist.
    I was me-but-not-as-I-currently-am ... You know, ... about a decade younger and about 70 pounds lighter.

    There was this REALLY ANNOYING guy (Not Loki. I'd have remembered that) who had to be with us as we were shut up in a house(? shelter?) where we had to stay to be safe. ... It was a nice house-y place. Lots of natural light. Kinda airy.

    I had to change my jeans ... and the annoying guy kept trying to watch. But Michael-but-not wouldn't let him. Took his guardian-type role very seriously. And he held up some material (not a blanket, but something) so that the annoying guy couldn't watch.

    Later, in the dream, after the guy left, Michael-but-not asked if there was anything else I needed. And I said that there was. And I lifted my lips to his ... and, yeah ... making out seems to be quite a theme in this last weekend's dream fare.
Michael was a little disappointed that he didn't get the godlike, long hair in the dream. Poor guy.

I don't recall dreaming much the last few nights. Probably because I have been taking a Unisom so I don't wake up a ton.

Since Bubbles has started sleeping through the night, I should take advantage of that fact and follow suit, no?

But, yeah, if anyone wondered, out of the Weasley twins, George appears to be the choice my subconscious favors.
Not that my waking self would've ever have really THOUGHT that I'd need to know that.

And, yeah, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Thor.
And Cap(tain America).

I'll admit, shallowly, that they are quite easy on the eyes ... but, really?
They are SUCH gentlemen.
I adore a guy who knows how to treat a lady.
Because ladies need respect ... and to feel special.

Tony Stark? He just doesn't quite do that. Poor tortured soul.

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