Thursday, October 06, 2011

Little things ...

The kiddo is moving more. Been doing what appears to be alligator death rolls in utero.

Bucket has a loose tooth.

She and Bruise were playing. She told him, as playing, to ask his mom if he could go to the toy store by himself.

Bruise (as himself): Can I go to the toy store by myself?
Bruise (as his mother): Sure. Just be careful. There might be bad guys or something out there.
Bruise (as himself): Thanks!

Also, the bus driver told me that Bruise is very sweet. He had told her earlier today, "I like your hair!"
That's my boy.

Bucket told me about one of her friends at school. He threw up THREE TIMES.
Once on Mrs. J's carpet. Once into a car-sickness bag on the bus. Once in the back of the bus.

Ooooooookay ....

My uncle was going to call back today, so I didn't lay down for a nap, since I was waiting for his call.
Nope. Should have napped. Oh well.
Rehearsal tonight. Hopefully I'll stay awake. Good thing that I'm driving with friends in the car to keep me awake.

Think they'd care if I brought a blanket and pillow to rehearsal?
Yeah, I don't think they'd like it, either.

Crazy dreams ... Jack the Ripper copycat, making out with Michael by a bench in a mall, and a gal at church telling me that we're going to have another (a last) child ... very prophetically and wise-woman-ish ... those were all bits of last night's.
The night before, I remember having a dream where my dentist office was telling me I needed to have teeth pulled. Oy.

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