Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blergh ...

So, I woke up today to find out that I somehow really slept on my neck WRONG.

I took a hot shower. Not much help.
When Michael got back from cleaning the church, he rubbed Tiger Balm on it. Nope.
I went to my costume fitting ... which is not totally a fitting, since my measurements are going to change.
BUT, for the record, LET IT BE STATED, that I have "a nice waist."
Which will go into hibernation for a while ... but, really, it's nice to hear a costumer tell you that. ^_^

After I got back home, I grabbed my buckwheat (or something) microwave heat pad and used that.
Then I popped two Tylenol (the only painkiller I can take. *sigh*) and took a hot bath.

I can now MOSTLY look over both shoulders. But, gosh, it still hurts. Neck, shoulders, running down along my spine between my shoulder blades (and across my shoulder blades). Ugh.

Then I took the kiddos to a birthday party as Michael left to go to a meeting where Elder L. Tom Perry will be speaking. ... He should be on his way home now.
And I popped a frozen lasagna into the oven. Yum.

The kids had a BLAST at the birthday party. There was a huge inflatable swimming pool with a SLIDE and a TOWER set up. Way fun.
And a swimming (then a dress-up/costume) party was perfect, since it's been the hottest day of the year.
I rolled up the legs of my maternity jeans, so that I now have more like maternity capris.
And I ended up slurping down THREE glasses of ice water while I was there.

It was fun, since I also got to chat with one my friends who's moved outside out ward boundaries (our congregations are, for the most part -- there are a few exceptions, organized by geographical location. In case you wondered). Very nice. And I got to chat with her husband, too. He's a hoot. We miss having them in our ward. But they have a lovely (and larger) house that better fits their needs. And that's really what's important. ^_^ Besides, now I know where they live ... so it'll be easier to get together sometime, right?


In other news, I'm going to be crafting a tactful, yet displeased letter ...

We signed up to feed the missionaries ... even invited another family to eat with us ... more than two weeks in advance.
The missionaries called up the night before to cancel ... for plans that they knew about WEEKS ago.
Not very responsible. If they knew about a conflict, in advance, wouldn't it have been nice to have rectified that? Rescheduled?

Especially since, last month, we had signed up and they never called or showed up at all. :(

So, I'm going to bring it to THEIR attention and the Ward Mission Leader's attention that this is not good behavior. It hurts feelings and does NOT build trust or unity in the ward.

Now, how to say it ... since I should tell them, as I put it to Michael (and a few other people I kvetched to), "If you want GOOD FOOD, come to my DAMN HOUSE."

(Michael had offered for us to drop a meal off to them ... and I didn't feel like making a dinner EARLY for them. So I went to the dollar store and left a bag of food for them ... I was nice. I didn't just give them each a Cup O' Noodles, like I first thought of doing, I was nice. I put a pack of spaghetti noodles, a jar of meat pasta sauce, a box of scalloped potatoes, and a jar of pears. A healthy meal.

Blow me off once? Shame on YOU.
Blow me off twice? Shame on ME.

We're not signing up to feed them for a while.
Like until both these guys are transferred out.
Or until I act VERY CHRISTLIKE and forgive them for not showing consideration for anyone else's life. Just saying.

So, yeah, onto writing that letter.


It's better than punching them in the junk, though.
I think that you all should be VERY PROUD of my restraint.
And the fact that I didn't call them back to lambast them about PLANNING AHEAD and COMMON COURTESY, ETC., ETC., ETC.

I should get a frakkin' MEDAL.

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