Sunday, August 07, 2011

ClotWatch 2011 (with gratuitous amounts of TMI)

So, I had a bit of a scare today.

Before we left for church, I went to the bathroom ... and upon wiping my ... um ... delicate bits ... (Yeah, TMI, I KNOW. Sorry.) ... well, there was blood. Like BRIGHT RED blood.

So I continue wiping (with clean paper, natch) to locate where it's coming from. I was thinking that maybe I just strained a little too hard (TMI), but I normally don't have THAT much blood when that happens. But, no ... it was coming from the front. EEK.

So, I call the off-hours/weekend number for the OB's office. And the doctor on call called me back. Judging by how far along I am, that I'm not having cramps, ... he told me not to worry about it. Not unless I start cramping or if I start passing clots.

And, at the end of Sacrament (first hour) at church, I went to the bathroom again ... and there were some clots. Not big ones, not like a period-type-clot (TMI again.) ... but something. So I work VERY HARD to keep my composure and get through Sacrament.
After Sacrament, Michael and I walk out to the car (to put the kids' church bags away and to talk without witnesses). He offered to get another Priesthood holder so I can have a blessing ... but I demurred. Since I didn't want to make a huge deal out of something that might JUST be nothing.

So, Michael skips Sunday School with me and I do some Google-fu about miscarriage symptoms ... which I wasn't having. (I do get nervous, but any cramps I have are just (TMI ALERT, joy) gas pains and constipation, not anything that'd make me double over in pain.

Of course, I'm worked up enough that I can't really stay composed ... so Michael agrees to get the kids after church so I can go home and lie down (on my left side. Because that's what the Google says to do).

I went home and looked up images of miscarriage clots. JUST IN CASE. And, really, my itsy clots were NOTHING in comparison. Especially since those were from earlier in a pregnancy than mine has progressed to. PHEW.

Still, I was on ClotWatch 2011.
And I'm pleased to report that the bright red bleeding stopped quickly. There's been some brown spotting last night and just a smidge this afternoon. And there have been no more clots at all.

Still ... if this is ALL due to my stupid nabothian cyst (I think it's gross ... it's a cyst that looks like a nasty zit, on my cervix. And, when it's angered, it bleeds. Stupid thing. Harmless for the most part. But, really, who wants a nasty-zit-cyst on her cervix?? NOT. ME.), I'm SO. STINKING. READY. to have it burned or frozen away. But, overall, it's "normal" and doesn't cause problems ... except for when I'm preggers and it gets all angered and bleeds and then I FREAK THE CHICKEN OUT.
I do recall having to call my OB a few times during the kiddos' incubation, due to that stupid cyst getting all stupid. Ugh.

On the other hand, the Google says that of all the reported pregnancies with bleeding between 7-11 weeks, 96% end in a successful, viable pregnancy.  And I was reading on a forum that it really isn't unheard of to have some bright red bleeding after going poo. And they're fine; their babies are fine.

So, I've relaxed today, a friend (what a sweet friend) is bringing dinner tomorrow. ... I'm not going to stress about this.

In other news, we FINALLY came up with a girl's name that we like, that feels RIGHT.
We've had a boy's name since the kiddos were still in utero, since we didn't know if we'd have two boys, two girls, or one of each (Thankfully, it was one of each. So I COULDN'T get them mixed up in the bath. PHEW). So we had two boys' names that we REALLY liked ... and we could only get ONE girl's name that we liked.
But now, thankfully, we're prepared (as of Friday evening). We still have a boy's name and now a girl's name, too. ... Now to figure out where The Bean will sleep when we bring him/her home. And get a stroller ... since we only have double strollers. Ha ha ha.

But, yeah, that was my OVERLY EXCITING DOINGS of the day.
Yeah, this is one of the things I hate about being pregnant at this stage (besides my amazing nausea this pregnancy), until you start feeling the kiddo moving around, you DON'T KNOW if things are wrong or if they're still okay.

If only Infant Dopplers weren't $399-$499 ON SALE. Because I'm about ready to get one ... if money were no object. Just for some added peace of mind.

Stupid damn friggin damn freaking damn cyst ... how I hate thee.

But, yeah ... still on ClotWatch, but it's dropped from level orange.

And the whole adrenaline rush? Leaves me REALLY tired.
Just sayin'.


Robin said...

OH my goodness, that is terrifying. Please update us asap, you are going to the doctor tomorrow, right? Love you! Keep that baby safe!

Allanna said...

I'm pretty sure it's just my cyst.
But I'll call in tomorrow and let my regular doctor know. Just in case.

But there aren't any other suspicious symptoms. No cramping, no real clots.
Just keeping me on my toes.
Crazy fetus, et al.

Bex said...

Dopplers are expensive, but stethoscopes are not :) Baby-monitoring fun for the whole family!

Allanna said...

I saw a stethoscope for less than $20 on Amazon. Now to get one. Heh heh heh. ^_^
I love that my friends are amazing. ^_^

Kate the Great said...

Aww, I can totally relate. When we were in Seattle, I had to pee alot so I ran to the bathroom before getting on the monorail, and I was bleeding. Like a lot more than just implantation bleeding or what not. So I tried not to freak out and told Benjamin and we both basically spent the whole day walking around Seattle with the kids trying not to freak out b/c we didn't want to ruin their fun. In the end the Dr. think it had to do with the fact that we all ended up having raging fevers and Pneumonia that trip, but it was aweful.

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