Friday, August 05, 2011

It's the small things ...

Today, I feel like a total rebel.

I had TWO glasses of juice today.

Do I NEED two glasses of juice?
Not according to my doctor, who -- during my first pregnancy -- told me, "You only need ONE glass of juice per day."

But, you know what? I drank that second one ANYWAY.

*cue evil laughter*


The Strasser Family said...

Well I just found out your pregnant. Hope the pregnancy is going good. When do you found out what your having?

Hilary said...

Okie dokie...I have to admit that I have *A LOT* of blogs to catch up on and so I found out earlier today that you are pregnant! WOOT! So since I missed some, was it planned or OH MY GOSH! WE'RE PREGNANT?! And twins?! Due date?! And I totally want to send you something after the baby is born...maybe a gift card even so you can pick out *THE* perfect thing?! Anyway, congrats!! I am very happy for you!! :-)

Allanna said...

Heather - October. Probably the second half of October.

Hilary - You are TOO SWEET!!
(Don't worry, I'm crazy-behind on all my blog reading, too!) Just ONE baby this time, which is a little crazy for me. I'm due February 24.
... We weren't NOT trying to get pregnant ... kinda the whole "It's in the Lord's hands"-kinda thing. I only really put it all together when I was SICK. AS. A. DOG. ... since I'm normally somewhat strong-stomached. Such a different pregnancy.:P

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