Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Equilibrium, maybe?

So, I'm working at pushing myself to eat. Even when I have no appetite.
I finally (yeah, it's almost noon, I KNOW.) had a cup of soup.

I haven't thrown up today. Which is good.

And I've done some housework today and yesterday. A definite improvement.

In other news, this may be a television-addicted pregnancy.
Well, a Netflix-addicted one.

So far, since yesterday, I've watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse (yes, I watched it when it was on TV. BUT that was a while ago.) and an episode of Downton Abbey.
And Michael and I watched the pilot of Sliders last night.

Yes, I'm sure that's cemented my geek cred.
Especially, since I made sure to look up and add Quantum Leap to our queue.
We both loved that show.

Hmm. I wonder if Netflix has Unsolved Mysteries for the queue?
Because I still love watching reruns of that series.

A couple more weeks, and I'll be in the second trimester. ... Which, I hope, will mean that my appetite evens back out. ... As in, that I'll HAVE an appetite.
I wouldn't even mind cravings ... because that means that I'd WANT to eat something. *sigh*

Oh well.

But, yeah, if nothing else, I'll just watch more Dollhouse and Downton Abbey.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Netflix... the sweet, siren song of the Instant Queue... :-)

ENJOY IT! And yay for not puking! Also, I found some YUMMY candies at the Co-Op they even have ginger ones! I snagged a bag and thought of you. I'll drop you off a mixed handful soon. You can tell me if they help with nausea. :-)

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