Monday, August 08, 2011

Again with the crazy dreams ...

First things first: I'm doing fine. Obviously, my resting and drinking a little more water than usual was what my body needed.
(I still need to scrub out/deodorize the BIG fridge ... and do dishes. I'll be popping a Zofran before I tackle those. AND putting some lavender oil on my wrists.)

But, yeah ... I've been having some nutso dreams.
A couple days ago, I dreamt that I had my baby. And s/he had DARK hair. Like straight and black-ish.
Not what I expected.

Then, last night, I dreamt that I had a teacher's meeting. And it had a costume theme. And Michael and I (where were any of the kids??) lived in my hometown. I parked at CBA (the private school in town, which is NOW CCA. No longer a "Bible Academy" but a "Christian Academy.") and walked down the street to some new costume store (that's not there IRL). The teacher's meeting was further down the street with a Minnie Mouse theme. Yeah. ... I mean, I've been to quite a few teachers' meetings (with my mom AND as a student teacher). They don't have costume themes. Not usually, anyways.
But, at the shop, I ended up buying some Mickey and Minnie Mouse sticker sheets to put on my face. (Um ... srsly? That's a crap costume.) And went back to the van. Which had a $40 parking ticket. For a first-time offense. I was SO ticked off. I wasn't in the shop very long! (It was a small shop, anyways.)
And so I decided to just skip the meeting and go home. Since I didn't want to find another place to park and the meeting was starting, I could see costumed gals going into the building.

It wasn't until I woke up that I realized that I couldn't even park there in real life. Because, IRL, where I parked was a courtyard, with a (now defunct) fountain. ... And they've even gated it in now.

But, yeah. My dreams are weird.

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