Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots of happenings ... Since it's been about 14 days ...

Where to start?

Let's start where I left off ... Saturday, July 17.

  • Mom and Dad C came and picked up the kids for their cousin's birthday party (which we totally missed, since ...)
  • Michael and I went to the temple. We were the only people representing our ward for the EQ temple trip. Oops. 
  • Michael bought me a Slurpee. I got the Pina Colada flavor. Yummmm....
  • We missed seeing his J (my brother-in-law), T1 (my sister-in-law), and her husband, K, skydiving. Since we were driving home from the temple.
  • It was really, really good to be at the temple. I needed that.
  • The kids went down to their grandparents SATURDAY, instead of Sunday afternoon like I had expected. It was a good thing that I had them packed up. Still, I'd appreciate if, when there's a change of plan, I get something more than NO NOTICE. Oh well. I handled it. ...
  • Even though Mom C did get a look at my face when they were packing up the kids and gasped out, "Don't cry!!"
  • So, yes, even though my children have the ability to annoy the ever-loving whatevers out of me, I did miss them. 
  • But they had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa and their two oldest cousins.
Sunday, July 18 - 
  • People missed Bruise and Bucket at church. LOTS OF PEOPLE.
  • I found out that I no longer know how to pay attention to the speakers in church.
    But I did read the Ensign, so it could be much worse!
  • Michael and I barely knew what to do with ourselves, not having the kiddos around.
  • We didn't eat Macaroni and Cheese for lunch, though. That's the kids' thing.
    (Not that I mind Mac 'n' Cheese ... But it's not Michael's cup of tea. ... Not that he likes tea. Even herbal tea. ... Oh well, more iced Raspberry Zinger for me! ... Though, when the kids are around, they steal nips of mine. *sigh*)
  • I completed the last-minute packing for Girls' Camp.
  • We watched HOURS of Daria. Which was nice.
    And it kinda made up for the fact that our kids went to see Despicable Me without us. :P
Monday, July 19 - 
  • I got up and dressed, since one of our girls was going to be dropped off at my house early. Like around 7:30 ... and we weren't leaving until 10:30.
  • She and I had fun with each other, showing each other awesome videos on YouTube. Some of these videos were our little inside jokes for the drive to and at camp.
  • I was in the front, leading our little caravan of YW to camp. That was ... a bit of responsibility. At least I DID know where I was going. Out of the current YW leaders, I had been to our camp the most. And the most recently ... so ... Yay me, right? I didn't get us lost, though. YAY!!!
  • I had fun with our YW president, the Mia Maid Advisor (teacher for the 14 to 16 year-old girls)/Ward  Camp Director (We were setting up the camp, putting on plastic tablecloths. She loves "The Office," so I asked if she had an applicable Office quote for that. Which started a string of "That's what SHE said" jokes. I love my people.), and the past Primary president (She came because it was her daughter's first year at camp. And she'd been involved with Cub Scout camp for YEARS ... but never Girls' Camp. I think she had fun. ^_^), who used to SERIOUSLY INTIMIDATE me (Not hard -- But really! She's so professional and completely talented! But I got to know her ... and she is wonderfully fun and hilarious. Good times).
  • We had a great fireside that night. Sister Carlile talked about "Our Mission to be Happy" and her husband, our Stake President, talked about our potential and how dangerous virtual realities can be/inappropriate use of technology (Like sexting, but not in so many words). ... And that made me feel a bit better for giving up GaiaOnline ... though, thankfully, I do try to do the "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" ... Even my avatars look very much like myself (but thinner ... Since I am that vain. :P).
  • Earlier, one of the brothers from the stake ... He's a police officer ... Can't recall his name ... BUT he gave a very good talk/discussion about personal safety. Most of it was about using common sense and avoiding dangerous situations. And about places to hit someone so that you can escape ... and to NOT use these in a fight at school. Because that will get you arrested. 
  • After everything, a group of us went around to the YC's (Youth Counselor - the 17 and 18 year-olds who REALLY run the camp while we're there ^_^) camp and sang to them. Then we sang again outside the Stake Leaders' campers. One of the sisters came out and thanked us, telling us that we were an answer to prayer. That the leaders had just finished praying ... and then they heard us singing. That was very sweet of her to say. ^_^ And that started our habit of singing around camp every night. Very fun.
Tuesday, July 20 - 
  • I was the only leader from our camp who didn't go on a hike this year. I stayed and ended up helping Shana and a couple girls who couldn't do the hikes to tear up rags to use for flag football that evening. It was fun to chat with Shana. I really had enjoyed working with her last year, when I was an Assistant Stake Girls' Camp Leader (so far, it's the only Stake calling that I've had. And I was rather shocked when I got it).
  • I was calling to talk to the kids and to Michael every day. Mom C would give me a report and have the kiddos tell me about their day. I'd call Michael, usually while he was at work, and chat when I had a chance. For the rest of the time, except when K (my YW Prez.) needed to use it, I had my phone actually turned OFF. It did really help save my battery on it.
  • Unlike the batteries to my cute little Disney Princess flashlight. Which ran out TWO SETS of batteries by Wednesday. Oops. So I had to rely on the kindness of strangers my ward sisters. Who were awesome enough to happily shed light when I needed it. ^_^
  • H, our MM Advisor/Ward Camp Director, had some crafty things for us to do in camp. The official craft activities were very fun. But they took NO TIME AT ALL ... which was great in a way (that you could DEFINITELY do the crafts and still have time to swim, shower, do some archery, nap, visit with friends, etc ...) but ... well, it'd have been nice to have more things to do, too.
    I had finished my little magnet board (and glass magnets) and my cute little flower hairclips in maybe ten minutes. And I'm glad that we did those crafts, since I know now how to make those in the future. ^_^
    However, H also had lots of embroidery floss for making friendship bracelets. And, well, after I racked my brain (since the last time I had done friendship bracelets was ... eeps ... in SEVENTH GRADE ... back in 1992 ... Well, thankfully, it came back to me pretty well. I made four while I was there. I gave two away and I kept a couple.
  • We also did the ward skits Tuesday night. Ours went well. Since the theme of camp was "Campus Courage" ... like a University, using the sections from "For the Strength of Youth," and we were the College of Modest Dress and Appearance (complete with ADORABLE sweatshirts with Greek Lettering [Mu Delta Alpha] like a sorority), the girls' skit was like an episode of What Not to Wear ... except the immodest/extreme clothing were all parodies. One of the girls had a "bare midriff" -- a teddy bear strapped to her waist. Fishnet stockings were blue socks with toy fish on them. The mini skirt was a skirt with Hershey's Minis wrappers sewn to it, etc, etc, etc. Our girls are so clever. ^_^
Wednesday, July 21 - 
  • Bruise and Bucket were picked up by my mom to go up to her place. Where they were sufficiently spoiled by Mom, my Stepdad, and my Aunt J.
  • Wednesday was Bishop's Night. We worked so hard to get our dutch oven dinner and dessert done on time ... and it was still late. But I thought that it was good. We (meaning the girls, under K's supervision) made chicken noodle soup ... and we also had peach cobbler with ice cream that Bishop and his wife brought.
  • After/during dinner, Bishop gave a fireside ... sadly, I didn't write anything down, since I WAS listening ... and I don't recall what was discussed ... Wait ... PRIORITIES!!!! That's what he was talking about. And how our priorities should reflect our values (I gave that answer. Go me!) ... It was really good. And it made me want to reinvest in a new Franklin-Covey planner, since they are nice. ^_^
  • That evening we did Singing Trees. There's a grove of trees by one of the outbuildings. We arrange the girls by years and the YCs and the Leaders  ... and we all are are different sections of the grove. Each of the groups is assigned a hymn to sing. The groups sing one by one ... and then we all sing together. It sounds pretty cool.
  • As K and I were walking Bishop and his wife back to camp, he asked if he could talk to me a sec.
    "What did I do THIS TIME??" I asked (I was joking. And I'm so glad that Bishop GETS my sense of humor). And he replied, "Well, there are a couple stories going around ..." "Then it's probably the worse one. It's the most consistent." I rejoined. ... Yes, I adore our leadership. I'll be a little sad when Bishop P ever gets released. But it'll be SO NICE for him and his wife to get a little more time together again. (His wife? Is Bruise and Bucket's Primary teacher. And she's AMAZING. I love her to bits.)

    But, yeah, it was just a discussion about YW. Nothing huge. And nothing that I can talk about in detail ... for a little while. But it was flattering that he told me I was doing a good job in my calling as YW Secretary. I love my calling ... so it's great that I'm doing well in it. Makes me feel good. All special and everything. Especially since K tells me that I'm awesome at it, too. *preens* Hey, my slight OCD tendencies have to pay off somehow! (Since, you know, my house doesn't show it. :P)
  • We sang to all the camps, except one. All their lights were out and we didn't want to wake them. Turns out that they WERE awake ... and were sorry that we hadn't sang to them. Oops!
    We would have sang to the YCs again ... except they weren't in their camp. We did sit in their chairs around their campfire for a while, waiting for them ... but they didn't show. We practiced a few songs, though.
Thursday, July 22 - Last Full Day of Camp
  • Our big event this day was The Amazing Race. This is where (after the first year it was started, anyways) the girls are arranged into groups compiled of a pretty-equal number of all the years of campers (since each year learns new things in the Certification - survival skills, etc.). Each group has to race the others and pass off the requirement at each station (scattered around camp ... and found out through a clue they receive after passing off that requirement at the station) to be the first team to return to the amphitheater.
    This year, there was really a tie. H was in charge of one of the teams. She REALLY, REALLY wanted to win. Unfortunately, there were some issues ... So, even though H's team didn't get the cool prizes, they were still able to sign the winner's flag along with the other team. 
  • The girls also participated in a service project -- camp beautification. Some opted to clean the dining hall. Others cleared brush along some of the trails and areas. Others cleaned and painted at the other building in camp. The last group repainted the signs marking the campgrounds. ... And these girls came back with hands COVERED in bright yellow oil-based paint. Thankfully, there was some turpentine and paint thinner ... though most of the girls didn't know about it at first. Oops!
  • After dinner, we had our last fireside. It was about this year's Youth Theme:
    Joshua 1:9 - "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be though dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." 
  • Our little group, after all the camps were settled, went to the one camp we had missed the night before and sang to them. 
Friday, July 23 - 
  • Before breakfast, we met in the other grove of trees for a testimony meeting. It was very nice. No, I didn't get up and bear my testimony. But I enjoyed hearing those that were shared.
  • Then we ate brunch and were dismissed to dismantle our camps. After we were done, we had to get checked by Shana and the caretaker. Then we drove home. I dropped a few girls off and headed home, where Michael was waiting for me.

  • I got a shower and collapsed into a THREE HOUR-LONG NAP. (I had been taking a nap nearly every day at camp. It was nice. And I had missed taking a nap Thursday. Obviously, missing that nap and all the late nights had caught up with me. Oops!
  • Then we called up the kid and checked up on them ... And we got packed for driving down to pick them up.
Saturday, July 24 - 
  • We drove down to my mom's. We went out to dinner with the family (and my Aunt J). Yummy Chinese food. The Lo Mein was really good. J didn't like her Hot and Sour Soup ... so after I had eaten my Egg Drop Soup ... and Bruise had given Bucket and me HIS Egg Drop Soup, I ate the rest of hers. ... What? I LIKE soup!
  • C, my stepdad, had given Bruise and Bucket some money. And Bucket was DESPERATE to do some shopping. So, Michael and C drove home in Mom's car while Mom, J, Bruise, Bucket and I went to the grocery store where I worked in high school in my van.
  • J was teasing Bucket, asking her "What are you going to buy me? Are you going to buy me a candy bar?" And Bucket said that she would. I asked her if she'd also get something for Mutti (my mom). After Bucket answered in the affirmative, Mom and J told her they had been kidding. And Bucket (SUCH a funny girl) declared, "I'm going to do what I WANT to do!"
  • She picked out a toy white tiger (immediately named "Batgirl") for herself. Bruise picked out a yellow stuffed dinosaur. He tells me that it's named for him. Well, that's one less name for me to have to know!
  • We discovered that Bucket had left her sunglasses somewhere ... that she didn't have them when she and Bruise came up to Mom's. I was pretty sad. Because I LOVE her Hello Kitty sunglasses. (If you have access to my Facebook, those are the sunglasses she's wearing in the pictures of them playing in the fountains.)
Sunday, July 25 -
  • We didn't make it to church. So the kids haven't been to church in two weeks. Oops!
  • We were going to go to my Family Reunion (for my Dad's side of the family) along the coast. But we were very tired and Michael's back was hurting really badly ... so we just headed straight home.
Monday, July 26 - 
  • What DID I do? ... I think I just made sure that the house was ready for my mom to come up ... 
  • And we determined our plans for this weekend. It's going to be legen -- wait for it -- DARY.
Tuesday, July 27 - 
  • Took the kids to storytime at the Carnegie Library (it'd been a while since we made one of Doris' storytimes).
  • Mom, Bucket and I worked to put pink streaks in our hair in support of Cami (one of the girls I grew up with at church). She has cancer. Again. If you want to do pink streaks, do!! Then send me picture and I'll send them to Cami.
    (Bucket's pink streaks didn't show up ... except in JUUUUUUUUST the right light, at the right angle, you can ALMOST see some pink.  My mom's hair turned out really cute! She has a pink streak in the front, along her forehead, and one in the back. When her hair's pulled back, it looks SO AMAZING. And I'm loving my streaks. mine are under the top layer, so they're not completely obvious ... well, except for the fact that I had to bleach my hair to get it done. And bleaching my hair was so easy. So I have a few chunks on the side and one big one in the back. And I feel wonderfully adorable. ^_^
    What do you think? ... It looks a bit more vibrant than that ... As nice as it is, taking pictures with my webcam, it's not always true-to-life color. *shrugs* ... And if you look carefully, in front of that pink streak, you can see some of the bleached strands. ... Again, if you check out my Facebook, I have LOTS of pictures on there. Including pictures of my cute, gorgeous momma!
Wednesday, July 28 - 
  • We went to storytime, then to McDonald's in the next town. The kids love going to that McDonald's, since they get to play on a HUGE indoor play structure.
  • I volunteered at the library. After a two-week absence. It was good to be back. 
  • While I volunteered, Mom took the kids across the street to the park to play. They were out there for nearly 1.75 hours. They drank lots of water. Thank goodness there was a good breeze going through the park, since it was a warm day.
  • We attended one of the Summer Reading Programs -- Mad Science. It was all about water facts. And he showed the kids cool stuff about dry ice. They loved it. And I got to sit by one of my friends from college (Also, she and I had attended a few years of Girls' Camp together. One year, we were in the same cabin. How funny!), which was nice.
  • We went to the grocery store for ice cream and non-iodized salt.
    The salt is for my neti pot. Yes, I got one for free ... and I've started using it. It's not nearly as bad/scary as I was worried it would be. I don't even make such weird faces when I use it as I do when I swish my mouth with peroxide (Srsly? That stuff FOAMS up! And tastes SO WEIRD! ... But I'd like whiter teeth. And I'm cheap.).
  • Then we picked up dinner at Baja Fresh, since we were running late.
  • Then we watched SYTYCD after the kids went to bed.
Thursday, July 29 - 
  • Had to say goodbye to my mom. C misses her lots when she comes up. *sigh*
  • Went to storytime.
  • I established my "GOOD MOM" rep by taking the kids to play in the water feature on the riverfront in the next town (since we were there for storytime).
  • Cleaned off my desk
  • Made dinner - Chicken and rice doesn't sound so exciting ... Until I tell you that it was Chicken Tikka and Coconut Rice (Use coconut milk for 1/2 the liquid. And I used my new rice cooker. It turned out SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!).
And here's where I warn the menfolk that they might want to avert their reading eyes ... or to take notes ...

A package arrived in the mail. From a company that I'm aware of and even a little familiar with. But I knew that I hadn't ordered anything. And it had Michael's name on it ... So I just waited until he got home.
Since, who knows? Maybe I ordered some freebie but with his name ... I love freebies.

Well, when he got home, I mentioned it. And he was all, "Already?? ... You didn't call me to ask me about it?" 

And he had me open it.

My husband bought me lingerie! A very pretty bra and panty set from Bravissimo. And the bra's the right size (the panties are a little snug ... More incentive to work out, right?), since he looked through my drawer while I was at camp.

Seriously, he ordered them the day before I got back from camp. They arrived in a week!! 

Did I mention that they're so pretty? And, well, I've never had a bra that lifts and separates like this! The underwire actually rests against my breastbone! ... It kinda feels weird, since I'm not used to my bra actually being where it's supposed to be. (And the fact that my other really good bras aren't underwires. Though I do really like underwires. Good support. ^_^)

And it's sooooo pretty! He's got excellent taste.

(If you're wild to know the style, it's the Broderie. In pale violet. ... And I really don't look like the model. Not that I'd mind getting into shape again. ^_^)

But, yeah, if you're ... rather well-endowed. I'd totally recommend Bravissimo. The package was small enough to fit into our mailbox. Upon opening the box, the garments were wrapped in tissue, fastened with a Bravissimo logo sticker. Very nice.
And they have quite a few styles. They also sell sleepwear and shirts, dresses, and jackets.

It's just too bad that they don't have any stores on this side of the pond. All their stores are in the British Isles. *sigh* So I've just ordered their catalog for ... about two years now and dream about going to London or thereabouts and shopping in one of their brick and mortar stores.

No, I'm not receiving anything for singing Bravissimo's praises. Although, if they want to send me some swag, I'd be glad to review it! (I'd give my honest opinion, of course ... but if it's anything like what I've gotten, I'm sure that I'll love it. ^_^)

But, yeah ... I've got the bestest husband. I'm totally spoiled.
And I feel so pretty and special in my new pretty, pretty underbits.
If I'd have known what a confidence booster cute underoos really are, I think that ... well, I'd have more debt, really. ^_^

Okay, gotta close up. Need to read to mah baybees instead of waxing poetic about how excellent my man is and what good taste he has in knickers and such. ^_^

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