Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm blogging a second time in a week?? Whaaaaaaaat???

This post will have bits of TMI. Just warning you.

So, like I mentioned, Thursday featured me getting out of the house, sans children. (If was after their bedtime, anyways). I had a great time with a few friends, including one who's moving. D: ... Still, a great time. It was small and not planned much in advance.

I had posted on Facebook that I had a great time at the Girls' Night Out, and gave credit to the two gals who had hands in the idea for it.
One mututal friend had posted that she was sad she wasn't cool enough to get invited. She was joking. Another friend (on vacation) also posted that she wished she could be there.
One of the friends who planned it commented that she was uncomfortable calling it a "Girls' Night Out," since there were people feeling excluded.

I, being on my period -- read: being a hormonal mess, really--, suddenly went through a cycle of self-doubt, self-pity, and general crapishnessessence.

So I deleted the original post about how much fun I had ... and posted one about how I felt stupid because I referred to a spur-of-the-moment gathering of gals outside our homes as a Girls' Night Out, but I'd been told that it wasn't. And that I seem to specialize in alienating and offending people. And that I don't have a social life. And I started crying. And Michael comforted me, telling me that I'm not offensive or alienating; that I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings; that I needed to concentrate on the fact that I did get out of the house and had a good time.

And my dear friends (including some of you) did comment and tell me that, no, what I had gone to did fit the definition of a Girls' Night Out. Which does help me feel a bit less socially-awkward and stupid.
(Though, I'm REALLY good at feeling dumb. And I'll confess that I did cry a little as I typed this whole stupid incident out. I should go take some Valerian. And my fake Zyrtec.)

But, yeah. So, that's that. Now I just need to overcome my tinge of Agrophobia a bit more and plan a Girls' Night Out and make sure to invite a few more people. Sometime after Girls' Camp.


In other news, we're battling fleas. Diana-cat had a bath, is back in her flea collar (removed for that bath), and we sprinkled the carpet with Natural Defense carpet powder, which does smell kinda nice/kinda funky. And has removed any lingering odor from when Diana decided that peeing on the dining room carpet was the BEST. IDEA. EVER. (It wasn't. At ALL. *glowers*)

Since that, we keep finding some baby fleas on Michael and the kids. I think there's been ONE on me. Two on Bucket, three on Bruise, and about a gazillion on poor Michael. (He is a sweet man. Even though he's rather heartless. Never cries at movies or anything. Seriously. I've been married to him for nearly a decade. He's cried ONCE. ... If he didn't laugh and have a great sense of humor and all, I'd worry that he might be a psychopath. :P [Love you, Honey!] ... But, yeah, the fleas swarming him is total proof that he's really a sweet man. ^_^) SO, I'm pretty sure that this is the new generation of fleas hatching. Grrr. I HATE fleas.


So, I've vacuumed almost all of the house. I'm getting caught back up on the dishes (and, once those are done, I'll clean up the rest of the kitchen) and the laundry. The bathrooms are nearly clean. I'm feeling rather productive. ... Oh, AND I'm getting books finished!! ^_^ (Some of them. There are others that are due and I haven't even cracked open. D: ... *sigh*)

Bruise did his cutting and pasting work that my mom brought up for him last week. And he wrote his own name. That was pretty awesome. And he's getting lots better with the scissors.


Found a teacher from high school on Facebook. My old Biology I teacher. I knew that he had moved to this area about 15 years ago. He's still around. Which makes me happy. Especially for his current students. He's a really awesome teacher. ... As you can tell, since I still am very fond of him ... and it's been over a decade. ^_^


I helped the kids organize their boxes of toys. Again. After THEY had cleaned their room well. It does look much better in there. Phew.

I also got some songs back on my iPod. That'll make driving nice.


The kids have a birthday party tomorrow. We have a present for that. Thank goodness. ^_^ And we need to buy another present for their cousin's birthday this weekend.

Michael and I get to go to the temple. It's been a while. When it's been longer than a month, I really lose track of when I last went. ... One of the things I miss from the pre-kid days is going to the temple once a month. (Well, that and not having to vacuum under the dining room table. Or wonder WHO didn't flush the toilet. Or going out and buying books every payday. ... Oh well. They're worth it. Really.)


I think that is everything that really is pertinent.
It's nice sitting in a mostly-clean house.
It's nice that my kids love each other.
It's nice that Bruise did his cutting and pasting with a minimum of whining (this time) ... and that I was able to unload/reload the dishwasher as he did it.
It's nice that Bucket is not such a picky eater. She asked for a cracker/nut mix. Specifically, "the one with the little green balls in it."

Those "little green balls?"
That's my girl. ^_^

Now, if Michael's back heals up quickly ... and if we get more money ... life will be pretty darn perfect.
For the most part, anyways.

That and if I can stop kicking myself in the butt for things that aren't totally and completely my fault.
Even though I'm really, really good at it. :S

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