Saturday, July 10, 2010

Independence and such ...

Our Independence Day was rather quiet. Just sparklers and some small fireworks outside our house (because doing them inside would be really, really stupid, right?). The kids got to stay up later than usual. Which they always enjoy. ^_^

Best quote of the night?
Bruise: (regarding the Black Snakes after they were done) "Dey wook wike dog POOP!"
Heh. He's too funny.

Monday was spent cleaning up the house.

Tuesday, we finished cleaning up the house and my Mom came up. We went to Costco and had a good time. Bruce is now OBSESSED with playing LEGO Batman on the Nintendo DS. It was only $15! (I really now need to get the LEGO Harry Potter. ^_^)

Wednesday, we went to storytime, McDonalds, and then, while I went to volunteer, Mom and the kids went to the park by our house. The power went out during SYTYCD. (BUMMER), so we went to bed early. At least we only missed the quickstep and the African Jazz numbers. But I found them online later. Phew.

Thursday, Mom went home and I took the kids to storytime. In the evening, I got to go to a girls' night out. And it was within walking distance, so I walked. And I had a great time, even though it meant that one of our friends was really, REALLY going to be moving away on Monday. :( But there was good food and great conversation. It's nice to get out with the girls. ^_^ I should do it more often. ^_^

Yesterday .... we mostly stuck around the house. Michael was supposed to help a gal get furniture from St. Vincent's to her house (since he's Elders' Quorum president in our ward/congregation) ... but there was a lot of ... well ... a LACK of communication between St. Vinnie's and the lady. Poor lady. Poor MICHAEL. He drove out there TWICE and neither time did he get anything accomplished. Through no fault of his own.

Today, Michael went to help a family move (and his back is feeling it now. NOTE TO .... EVERYONE: Don't be the only person picking up one side of a piano. Ever. Okay? Just remember that. You'll thank me.). While he was doing that, the kids had a Primary (church) activity. I got to drop them off at the church ... and then figure out what to do with myself for the next couple of hours.

I had some options. I didn't want to be in the house, since I'm at home so often, anyways. And, also, since I had washed the cat and sprinkled the carpet with flea-repellent stuff.

So, instead of going home and playing LEGO Batman on the DS, I went out.
I went to a used bookstore in town and picked up Danny, Champion of the World, Coleman (Monica Furlong), Summer Switch (the sequel to Freaky Friday), and C.S. Lewis' The Pilgrim's Regress.
Then I went to try to go to the OTHER used bookstore that I like in town. But since it's a special occasion for our downtown, there was NO WAY that I was getting through there.
So I went to St. Vincent's. And their children's/YA paperbacks are (for the most part) 50 cents. SCORE!
So I got The Phantom Tollbooth, A Royal Pain (Ellen Conford -- Blast from the past. I don't think I've read this since I was in middle school), Five Children and It (Nesbit), and Cold Comfort Farm.
Then I went to the library, since it's not too far from the church. And it's air-conditioned. And I wanted to return some books and pick up one hold (Leap Year, with Amy Adams, if you are really curious. Or even if you're not). And I checked out the parking lot sale. Bought a Cinderella dress-up dress for Bucket (since her Cinderella dress is starting to show its age) ... how could I NOT? It was $3!! And it's in good shape. And, if I bought one new at Target, it'd be around $25.
Then I went back inside the library and read until it was time to collect my munchkins.

They were pretty quiet/shy. They had fun. And (maybe more importantly) they listened well. ^_^

We met Michael back at the house. Then we went to get a gift for one of the munchkins' friends from church. His party is this coming week. Can't go to a party without a present!
Then we went to A&W, since they had a special on their slushies -- 99 cents for a small.
HOWEVER, they ran out of sugar and couldn't make them. So they gave us our money back.
And I made strawberry-lemonade slushies at home. And they were good. (Helps that I have homemade strawberry syrup. Yum. And a blender.)

Then we watched Monsters vs. Aliens with the kids. ... Until I started blogging, anyways. ^_^

And, yeah ... for the most part, that's been our week.

Any questions?

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Jennifer said...

LOL! Michael is EQ president now? Guess I was right about that one ;) kinda freaky how similar it was to us!

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