Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things that make me go, "Awww" ... for "awesome"

I finally got around to watching the video of people dancing at Holocaust sites.
Here it is:

Now, until I actually watched it, I didn't realize that (1) there is a Holocaust Survivor in it and (2) this is a three-generation family project. That's right. The sweet old man is in there with his daughter and grandchildren.

And, if you look at the captions, you'll see all the places that they're dancing. One of them is the Maisel Synagogue in the Czech Republic. The next subtitle reads "(Hitler's Intended 'Museum of the Extinct Race')."

Speaking of him ... This article (from Neatorama) makes me love Groucho Marx even more: "Dancing on Hitler's Grave."

Two very different dances. Both just touch me.
And they make me remember last year when Alter Wiener came to town and spoke about his experiences. I still need to read his book. I listened to him for around an hour. I was able to shake his hand and give him a hug. I love this man. I really, really do.


Other things that are neat/cool/awesome:

via Neatorama - Maggie and Mildred - A film (short) made in cross-stitch. It's quite cute. And, oh, it would have taken me .... well, if it were up to ME, it'd never have gotten done. Because I don't have that patience.
Holly Klein, however DOES have it. And creativity and talent, to boot! She spent NINE MONTHS stitching ... after that, she did the filming. Total time? TWO YEARS.

There's a new fashion movement -- for modesty. And I'm thrilled about this.
(1) My religion encourages a modest appearance.
(2) Nobody (except my husband) really EVER needs to see all of my body. (Okay, maybe my doctor.) And, really, I can't think of anyone who'd really, really want me to be letting all of my ZAFTIG curves be all hanging out/squeezed into tight/short things.

So, there's a blog. For Tznius-istas. Tznius is the Hebrew word for "modest." It's not active YET. But I'm eager for it to be.
And, if you're interested in what it's about, go to the article about it over at Modestly Yours. (Hint: FASHION SHOW!! ... Which outfits did you like best? I especially like #2, #3, #7, #8, #11 and #12 -- if the first image is #1 ... since they aren't numbered). ... I thought it was great that they had modest outfits that I'd WANT to wear. ^_^


Lastly is "A Bovine Gift From the Heart" from the Mental_floss blog.
This brought tears to my eyes. Both when I read it to myself AND when I shared it with Michael.
Empathy and love FTW (for the win).
If only all the people in the world could show the kindness and caring that the Masai village of Enoosaen did for the United States, to help comfort us after the tragedy of 9/11 ... Bless their sweet, sweet, wonderful hearts.
They are a lovely people.

... Really, the more I learn about Africa and its people, the more I love them. I know that Alexander McCall-Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is a fictional work, but it is based on the people of Botswana. And, as in the book, not all of them are moral and upright citizens ... still, I really, really want to go to Botswana someday. I read those books and it feels ... like home. Even though it's wildly different from my home of temperate rainforests, with desert on one side and the coast on the other. (Oregon is a lovely place.)

But I am grateful that there are such good and wonderful things in the world. I'm grateful for survivors, for a return to modesty, for selfless and generous people in the world, for books and the internet (that tell me about such excellent things) ... Life is pretty good. And I'm glad for it.

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