Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Goals -- Progress (and the lack thereof)

  1. I am doing a little better on reading my scriptures and praying. I have a testimony that it's important ... so I should better really make it a habit that I don't have to THINK about, huh?
  2. My computer is running. The monitor ... not so healthy. But, hey! I'm on the internet, I have most of the programs that I desperately want loaded on it. Now, to back-up EVERYTHING every month (or every couple of weeks. JUST so that I don't freak out when this ever happens again.) ... And to save up for a new computer. And a netbook. And an iTouch. Since I love me some technology.
  3. I still need to review all the YW manuals and guidelines. I'm going to get on that.
  4. I need to set up my VT appointments. But I've read the lesson. That's something, right?
  5. I have not worked out at ALL, really. Any exercise that I've gotten has been purely accidental. Like cleaning the house or walking around the zoo. I haven't turned on an exercise DVD or anything. :(
  6. My house IS loads cleaner. I do have a plan for the dinner calendar for last week and this week. I've been doing the FLYlady daily missions.
  7. I haven't done anything about Bruise or Bucket's baby books. Or Gingi's grave marker. I'm not doing the 365 photo project. I haven't given a thought to NaNoWriMo (well, one thought. A totally different plot point. Which will lead me to sobbing when I'm writing it. Because I'm a sentimental idiot. But I can handle that. It'll be cleansing and ... well, hopefully, it won't be complete drivel. We'll see.
  8. I've done one of the book reviews that I needed to do. One more. Then I can get a new book. The one downside of this book reviewing is that my choices are so limited. The options are often nothing that I've had on my TBR list. But that's not a bad thing, really.
  9. We still need to attend the temple this month.
Yeah, I know that we're only two weeks into (and not even quite THAT yet) 2010 and I'm worried about my progress in my goals. Yup, sick in the head.

Heck, it's NOON and I've still not showered or picked up the photos that I have waiting at the store (so I can give them to my Nana when she comes to visit tomorrow). *sigh* I had best get on all that.

*sigh* I can do it. ^_^

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