Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Crazy Dream Chronicles - It's a TWOfer!

Now, I apologize that I don't remember ALL the details from my dreams. But, considering that I had TWO different dreams on the SAME night, ... well, maybe that'll be somewhat appeasing.

First dream -- I dreamt that I got back from volunteering. And there were Mom, Bruise and Bucket, like normal. Except that Mom and Bucket were sporting very DIFFERENT hairstyles. My mom was missing a chunk of hair in the front. About a palm-sized area was cut away. Bucket's hair (which is really about to her waist when wet (when it's dry, it springs back to about three inches shorter) was cut up to her shoulders ... except for one piece over her left shoulder, which was the same length as normal. It appeared, especially with Bruise's untouched haircut, that BRUISE somehow got hold of the clippers and went to town on his Mutti's hair and then sliced off most of his sister's hair with the scissors.
Good thing it was just a dream, right??

The SECOND dream -- Considerably more interesting. Especially since nothing at all horrendous happens to my family in it.
And I think that my Cynthia will very much approve of this dream.
It was like a mash-up of Castle and Supernatural, in that the police had conscripted the aid of Sam and Dean Winchester in solving some cases.
Now, the really depressing part of writing about this dream is that there were, like, THREE cases. And I don't remember the details! I remember, in the last one, those Winchester boys and the villianess (and her assistant) were in some industrial-type kitchen (like in a restaurant or a school or something) and they were trying to slice up Sam and Dean (who were trying to apprehend them and get the confession out of the one gal) and Sam, I think, turned the tables on her and asked how she'd like her uterus sliced out ... since, as I do recall, the main reason for her crime spree was that she was with one guy ... and I think she got pregnant by him. And she killed him and the unborn baby because she was holding out for her Mr. Darcy because what she wanted (more than a Mr. Darcy) more than ANYTHING, was to live at Pemberly. Yeah, she was a messed-up little chickadee, huh?

THIS is what happens after my rampant case of insomnia (Thank you, Mother Nature, you little whore. :P)

OTHER results of my insomnia and my raging hormones:
  • My kitchen is CLEAN - wiped down the cabinets, swept/scrubbed the floor, the counters are clean, the cupboards reorganized. I'm SICK in the head.
  • Cleaned the kids' bathroom. We're talking microfiber towels and anti-bacterial Windex. EVEN ON THE FLOOR. I soaked their toothbrushes in bleach water. ALONG WITH THE TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER.
  • The front parts of the house are cleaned and vacuumed.
  • I did that book review yesterday. I read that book ALL Monday night.
  • My desk is lots cleaner.
  • I have the YW calendars started through March.
  • I have almost all the laundry in the house washed and dried (but not folded or put away. *sigh*)
  • I'm freaking out about getting the laundry room organized. And cleaning our bedroom and bathroom. Since those are the last bastions of clutter and uncleanliness. God help me, it's going to be quite a chore.
  • I also am determined, amid all that cleaning, to read and review the last book that I have for Thomas Nelson. Then I'll be able to order away for some other free book.
  • I also am down to having only one unread book from either library. Yes. One library book between two libraries that I haven't read. I've actually gotten caught up on all the ones that I NEEDED to read (even though, before Christmas, I did turn in quite a few that I hadn't yet read. I was just feeling lots of pressure. After this weekend, though, I'll be checking out books. And, hopefully, getting through all of them. ^_^)
THIS is what Mother Nature (sometimes I really HATE her) does to me.

I don't totally mind the being-totally-productive part. It's nice when Michael comes home and tells me how awesome I am -- having the front part of the house, INCLUDING THE KITCHEN, clean and dinner made. Yup. Impressive. Doesn't always happen as often as I'd like it to. :( Especially, what with my two munchkins, it's totally a full-time, continuous, never-ending job. Lord love my little monsters.

Especially after my dear sweet cherub smeared one of her new liquid lipglosses ALL OVER THE COUCH CUSHIONS (which are now in the wash with a healthy dose of a laundry detergent/color-safe bleach/Oxi-Clean cocktail). Yes, she did that JUST NOW. *sigh* chants to self "I love my children. I love my children" amid deep, yogic breaths.

I'm not doing quite as great on my goals/resolutions for 2010. I'm going to be working on that.
Probably, I should print them all out onto a list and stick that up in the bathroom ... That would probably help, no?

Let me get on that. STAT!

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