Friday, January 15, 2010

Nothing huge to report...

No real progress made in my goals. Meh.
Did a load of dishes. Need to fold laundry. Managed to refrain from going ABSOLUTELY FRAKKING POSTAL on my children.
(Note: Why are our children LYING to us? WHY???)

Getting further in my book-review book. Might have it up and posted by this weekend. Maybe.

Got caught up on the mental_floss blogs. Finally. Still kinda sad that I lost all the fifteen bazillion bookmarks that I had on my old hard drive. But, hey, that's life.

Besides, how many of those bookmarks was I really using? (Now, if I had about 2-3x our current income, I would be much more miffed at losing all the wildly fantastic bookmarks I had accumulated. Right now, I'm just sad for not having the cool website where you could read children's books -- like Lemony Snickett's "The Latke Who Wouldn't Stop Screaming," which is my absolutely favorite Hanukkah story of all time. OF ALL TIME!! ... Or a few games and videos ... *sigh*)

I think that I'm just going to have to give up on Bruise and Bucket taking naps. Which sucks for me. Especially since they ARE grumpy little snots at times. But I mostly love them. :P

One last chapter in "The Silver Chair." Then it'll be "The Last Battle." When Bucket asked what we'd read after that, Michael and I said that we'd discuss it. I offered Harry Potter as an option. Both kids opted for that. (After that, I might pull for Edward Eager's "Half Magic" and the accompanying books. Since I have all of those.
But, who knows? Maybe we should do Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain ... though that would mean that I'd really HAVE to learn to pronounce all of those Welsh names. And I'm really crap about Welsh pronunciation. It'd be nice to improve, though. Really nice.

Wow ... I'm really boring today. Like INSANELY boring. Ugh.

Complete and total non-sequitur: I really love Mo Willems' books. Especially the Pigeon series. And Piggy and Elephant. They just totally rock.

Michael's cold (which caused him to stay home from work on Wednesday) totally came back with a vengeance today. So it's been a mostly quiet day. He let me sleep in (which was really nice), then I let him get a nap. Quiet day.

Even though twice this week, I've had people accidentally call (in once case) and text me (in the second. And this was on purpose) early in the morning. Crazy, huh?
No wonder I slept in until, like, nine-ish. So nice.

... Ugh, If I hear much more whining, I think I will witness my head spontaneously explode. I just can't handle it so much right now. Especially after the lying and refusal to take a nap. And the tantrums.

If only straight jackets and duct tape were acceptable forms of discipline. If only ...

I sound like a Marsh-Wiggle. Full of cheer and cock-eyed optimism, that's me. /sarcasm.

Okay ... time to scrounge together some dinner. Ciao, my dears.

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