Friday, June 12, 2009

"That was rubbin'"

Props to you if you know which movie the title alludes to.
Hint: It's from 1990. And I didn't watch it until I was around14. Which was about halfway into the decade. I'm nothing if NOT anything near cutting edge. I grew up under a rock in some respects.

SO, what's been keeping me busy (and away from you beautiful people)?
  • My mom came to visit. Which was superfun.
  • Except for the part where we were leaving storytime Wednesday and a guy backed into the van. While we were in it. *sigh* (That's what inspired the "rubbin'" quote. "No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin'.") (That was your last hint.)
  • My sister-in-law, T2, is gettin' MARRIED tomorrow. We have family up visiting and working on stuff for the reception. My main duty, besides a little hosting? T2's flowers. I need to take pictures of them for you all, don't I?
  • And filing a claim and setting up a rental for getting the van fixed. From what we can tell, the damage is mostly cosmetic -- about a three-inch crack on the rear bumber and a swath of paint damage. Whee. At least no one was hurt.
But, yeah. The most exciting thing for the kids is TALKING about the "crash" (Totally just a fender-bender) and how the car is HURT and there was a big bump.

It really wasn't my fault. At the point of impact, I had stopped and was honking my horn repeatedly to alert the other guy to STOP and NOT HIT US, you know? (I , after giving my testimony of the incident, asked my adjustor if there were anything that I could have done differently to avoid the accident. She told me that, no, I had done everything right. Which is a VERY validating thing to hear.)

Funny thing about it: He and I had gotten out of our cars to exchange info and assess damage. He was SO visibly upset that I asked him if he needed a hug. He did.

Send us prayers and god mojo that the insurance companies will agree that I wasn't at fault ... and Michael and I will get our deductible refunded. We could use those funds. ^_^

Well, family is back! Gotta go feed them!!
Ciao, y'all!


Nay said...

In the Frozen North we constantly slide and bumped into things. Travis hit an electric pole sideways in our old car. He backed into a truck (blame was placed on the ice driveway and a screaming baby, which we still have a not fixed!) and I couldn't stop one and slide into the back of a beater car (no damamge that wasn't already there), and have ended up in a ditch more than once. By the time we left ND I could probably roll the vehicle and not be phased. I'm glad everyone is okay and that its promptly getting fixed. Good luck with the fam!!


what was the movie or did I miss it? And did you really ask the man if he needed a hug? That is so you and way out of my comfort zone. Good for you!

Allanna said...

Nay, that does help me feel a little better ... not that I EVER hope to get to the point where I could be used to car accidents. ^_^

Dawn, yes, I did ask him. I remember how upset I was when another lady and I backed up into each other. I knew that I SURE needed a hug right then. I so totally called it.

Okay, one more hint for you, Dawn, since I didn't name the movie in there -- It's the movie where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fell in love during the filming (and he ended up leaving his at-the-time wife for her).

Nay said...

Totally saw a license plate that said "RUBBIN" on it and thought of your post! Ha Ha!

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