Monday, June 15, 2009

Google Verb Meme

Okay, so Bri CALLED ME (on the PHONE, people!!) to tag me.

Here's where it kinda started (if you know Hank and John Green, you might have seen this video before. I've been lax and lazy and so have gotten behind on following their vlog. I know, I know. I'm an epic fail.):

But, here I go. I'll let you know if I had to mispell my name (since I AM quite singular) to get the results.
(And also, I am refusing to steal any from my own blog. That feels all cheaty-mcCheatersons)

1. Allanna needs to turn 6 more or gain 150 more Vampire points to reach the next level: Vampire Jedi!
  • Wow! I never knew that (1) I was really a vampire or (2) that I was a Jedi!!

2. Allanna looks like a pilot.
  • Sweet!! Did I borrow my friend Sarah's aviator hat? If so, I'd better get a haircut. It looks WICKED CUTE with a little bob!

3. Allanna says Happy Birthday Mom
  • Aww, look! I'm a GOOD daughter! (I'm my mom's favorite only daughter.
    (And if you do this search, you actually get a few comments that I've done. Most of them are on breastfeeding blogs. So, yeah ... I'm nothing if not a wealth of lactating info. :P)
4. Allanna wants a gumball that costs 30 cents. Show one way she can pay for the gumball with exact change, using just nickels and dimes.
  • And I'm educational!!
5. Allanna does not have any Contacts at this time.
  • I have NEVER had any contacts, for the record. I've never had glasses, either.
    (And after this one, the next result IS referring to me. From
    Childplayx2's blog. Makes me feel all famous. :P ... Deanna was commenting that she also has to tell her children that SHE, not them, is the mommy. Good to know I'm not the only one.)
6. Alanna hates this art piece. And im pregnant and im drinking and taking valium. Have a great day.
  • Unless I wanted to use a book review of one of Tamora Pierce's books (not a bad thing at all, since I own copies of most of her novels!), this was the best one. There was one result that popped up with the correct spelling of my name ... but it doesn't belong on this blog. Too much profanity. And I don't think any of you are indiscriminate in your intimate partners, per se. And, even if I did think so, I'd say it in a much, MUCH kinder way that was used. I'm just sayin'.
7. Allanna asks bluntly.
  • They pegged me, huh? Although, I can try to beat around the bush, I am usually pretty candid and will cut to the chase. Unless I don't feel completely comfortable around you. (Not your fault! Just pet my hair and tell me that I'm charming. I'll spill my life story, then!)
8. Allanna likes to be Mummy, it kinda gives it that 'no parents, sleepover' type feeling for them all!
  • It's cool and all, being the mom, sure. But my kids are VERY aware that I'm the mom ... so I DO get to be bossy.
9. Alanna Eats Food.
  • Yes. Yes, I do. Not going to even try to deny this one. You got me there, you did!
10. Alanna wears a Vera Wang gown with Chantilly lace appliqu├ęs and an organza fan-tiered skirt
  • Well aren't I fashionable! And, obviously, in debt! Where did I get the idea that I could afford something like this? I had better have rented this! Or found it at Goodwill or something! (And be wearing a shrug or jacket, since there aren't many Vera Wang dresses that I've seen ---not that I've seen all that many, sadly -- with sleeves.)
11. Alannah ain't never been arrested for walking in her sleep.
  • Because, to my knowledge, I've never gone sleepwalking. Obviously my name-sharers and I are quite the law-abiding folk. *preens*
12. My Auntie Alanna Loves Me!
allanna loves granddaddy.
Allanna loves to eat <-- Obviously. Or I would be fitting in my high school clothes. I love you... but Allanna loves you more. :).
Allanna loves you very much.
Allanna Loves Sully <-- Dude, on Dr. Quinn? He was da bomb! Handsome, capable, tortured past, AND let his woman be a helpmeet? Pretty awesome guy, I'd say. ^_^
  • Seriously, I'm all about the love, aren't I? *double-preens*

Yup, that's the end of it.

SO, I'm s'possed to tag 5 people to take this on themselves.
And I really kinda hate tagging folk, since what if they DON'T WANT to/don't have TIME to?
But I'm going to do it anyways. Since my friends (that's YOU!) are fun.

So, consider yourselves tagged:
If you REALLY don't want to do it, I'm not going to judge you. But I kinda hope that you will, since you all will have fun answers. ^_^


Kate the Great said...

Since I don't tag people... (although I have no dislike of being tagged) I thought I'd just post these here for you all to read.

1. Katie needs: A shave.
(Why yes, I did actually buy myself a nice new Venus razor at the store today because of that very reason. Maybe they're watching me!)

2. Katie looks like: She's 6 months pregnant.
Okay, now this is just getting creepy... they're only a month off...Stop watching me!

3. Katie Says: Just shut up and Kiss me.

Only one person I'd say that to.

4. Katie wants: A fast one
My theme song in life... if you haven't listened to it, you should. Even if it is country music.

5. Katie does: Nanny Duty
Everyday of my life, folks!

6. Katie hates: her hair
Actually, most days, I am rather font of how well it turns out. A girl should never leave the house without her hair done.

7. Katie asks: Why "sexism" against me is abhorrant to Saudis.
I bet you never knew I thought such deep thoughts while taking a break from cleaning.

8. Katie likes: her binkie and to help in the kitchen
Okay, well at least one of those is true. I was actually a thumb sucker if you all really want to know. But the kitchen is one of my favourite places in a house.

9. Katie eats: a potato bug Actually, I have... I've eaten a lot of things for money, back in the day.

10. Katie wears: the trousers in our marriage here at the Insider.
Don't even know what to say about that one.

11. Katie was arrested for: assulting a police officer
All I can say is he didn't like my vanity license plates... ;)

and lastly,

12. Katie Loves: the kittens
Erm... sorry cat fans out there... NOPE!

Jennifer said...

Alright - I did it :) It's up on the blog

Anonymous said...

I love you...

Counting ...

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