Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny conversations ...

One thing I love SO dearly is my collection of friends. They totally make me laugh. And they just GET me, you know?

I mentioned in my previous post that Roxy came to see me (YAY!) ...
Well, while we were chatting on the couch, Michael had left the TV on. I had put it on mute, since it was an episode of House that I'd already seen (the one with the dying dad played by the guy who was in The Ring and Bride and Prejudice? You know the one? ... And where Hugh Laurie's water pipe breaks? That episode.)
AS I WAS SAYING, Roxy and I werre chatting. ... and I started looking past her for a sec. Didn't mean to! Pinkie swears! She looks away from spoiling my cats, over her shoulder at the TV, and starts cracking up.
"Only you, Allanna, would be distracted by a half-naked Dr. House!"
"He's not half-naked!" I weakly protest. "They just aren't showing everything."

Yeah, yeah. The lady doth protest too much. Celeb-crush, much?
(That and earlier in the day, one of my friends tried to correct me on who was and wasn't in Sense and Sensibility - the one with Emma Thompson. I had mentioned that it had Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman ... she thought I was talking about them as the two male leads. And she'd be right, the two male leads are Hugh GRANT and Alan Rickman. BUT!! Hugh Laurie is in it!! He's the deliciously-accented and delightfully dry-humored Mr. Palmer. ... It's the sarcasm of Dr. House! But with the lusciously plummy accent!! Squee!!)

And there's the exchange between my mom and me the other morning:
Mom: How are you doing?
Me: *rasping* I'm still sick. I'm doing okay. But my voice is kinda gone.
Mom: Oh, I guess I could have just read your Facebook status, huh?

Hee hee. My mom's cute. I love having her on Facebook. It makes me happy.
Even if I have to type her first name, instead of just "Mom," to send her gifts/hugs/flowers. ^_^

My daughter is cute/funny/hilarious/morbid.
Here's the latest example.
"Mom! Mom! I am gonna tell you a story."
Me: Was it a dream?
Bucket: No, Mom. It's a story. ... Once upon a time, all of us -- me, you, Daddy, Mutti, Grandma, Grandpa, Poppi (my stepdad, in case you didn't know)...
Me: And [Bruise]?
Bucket: Yes. We went to a castle. A big castle. And there was a bad witch. A mean witch. And she kick us out of the castle.
Me: Did she throw us out?
Bucket: NO. She KICK us out.
Me: How did she do that? With her magic?
Bucket: No. With her FOOT.
Me: Oh. ... So she literally kicked us out. She must have a very large foot. Did it hurt?
Bucket: What?
Me: Where she kicked us. Did she kick your butt?
Bucket: Yes.
Me: Did it hurt? Did your butt hurt where she kicked you?
Bucket: No. So I took a sword and cut her into tiny pieces.
Me: Wasn't that a little drastic?
Bucket: No.
Me: I mean, couldn't you have ASKED her to be nice? Or gotten a lawyer to sue her so she'd let us in the castle? Or called the police since she was that mean?
Bucket: No. I cut her up. THE END!
Me: Oooooookay. .... Okay. Just don't cut up more people, okay? Can we manage that?

I also had emailed with my brother-in-law, J, about a video I had seen on youtube. He emailed me back and totally made me laugh.
I had suggested that HE play a certain song for someone's birthday. And if he didn't like the idea, forget that I ever mentioned it. Or, if he REALLY LIKES the idea, he could still forget that I mentioned it ... and take all the credit!
As he responded, he wrote "all the credit!! jk"

Seriously, I need to start a fan club for J. He cracks me up SO much! Unfortunately, when he gets married, I'll have to give up my position as president of the fan club. Oh, horrors!! :P

... Also, last night, I realized that in order to share all the hilariosity that is Michael and me watching SYTYCD, I'd have to tape-record us.
I just never remember everything that we (usually HE) say during the night.
I do remember him saying that Nigel and Mary Murphy and Cat seem to be trying to shut up Toni Basil. And him being pretty sure that she's done some drugs in the past.
I remember wondering aloud what Mary Murphy's drink was? Maybe a LONG ISLAND Iced Tea?? Toward the end of the night, she was pretty ... um ... happy. Yeah. Happy.

And, for some reason, I just really don't care for Phillip. Michael agrees that he's kinda goofy looking (I know, I know! I'm shallow! I'm fully aware of this!) ... and I know that he IS a very hard worker... I just don't like him much.
Michael tried to figure out why ... finally I just said, "I don't KNOW. I guess beacuse he's just not Hok." [I REALLY, REALLY liked Hok. I'm glad that Benji Schwimmer won. But I really adore Hok.]

But, really, if you listened to the two of us watch these shows, you'd really agree that we have a future as real-life Waldorf and Statler. Except that I'm a girl. But still.

Also, I'm still VERY, VERY BITTER that Fox is not every planning on releasing DVDs of the seasons ... or even just some of the best dances of the seasons.
They're all like, "Blah, blah, blah ... there's not enough of a market ... the music rights are too expensive ... blah, blah, blah."
Then WHY ON EARTH are there DVDs of some of American Idol??

I had griped a little to Michael as he was recalling a few dances from a couple of seasons ago (which means that they were a couple of YEARS ago) ... and I couldn't remember these dances well at all. And I grumped, "Well, if SYTYCD WANTS me to remember past performances, it'd be nice if they RELEASED them on DVD. *grumpy sigh*"
"Not that you're bitter or anything," Michael smugly observed.
"Me?? Nooooo!"

Yeah, this has been a rather long blog full of nothing in particular. Oh well. It's keeping my mind off the fact that my sinuses are still sore, I've got that wisdom tooth coming in (with a CANKER SORE on my cheek against it! Ai-yi-yi!!), and that I really have little-to-no-voice left. I can either croak or whisper. And, if I feel it's REALLY warrented, I can give a quick shout.
But I mostly don't want to talk at all.

Or look in the mirror. With my plague, I've not been sleeping so well, so I look ... TIRED. OLD. NOT GOING TO BE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. (Not that I've seen that show for about a year or so. Is it still on??)

Also, I'm still ticked off that Max was eliminated last week. I still think that Jason should have gone. We've got contemporary dancers up the wazoo (wahzoo? How does one spell that??) and Max was a Ballroom (Latin Ballroom, to be precise) dancer!! There's not tons on the show!
If HE had been in it, that Paso Doble wouldn't have been half as awful. (And seriously, I may just be being a little catty/bitter, but WHO chose those costumes?? EEK! They were vair, vair distracting. And I LIKE the Paso Doble, so this was a huge disappointment to me.)
(You want a GREAT Paso Doble?? Go watch John O'Hurley in Dancing with the Stars. He was AWESOME. LOVE him!! And he's not a PROFESSIONAL-type dancer!!!!)

Unfortunately I cannot find a video of him dancing the Paso Doble ... but if you ever get a chance, you should totally, TOTALLY watch it!!!!
He's a wonderfully hilarious man. I like him very much.
(Whenever I spend Tanksgiving with my Mom -- she, Julie and I watch the dog show. We always root against the poodles [They win WAY too often!] and I ADORE O'Hurley's commentary. It makes me happy. And I'm not even a dog person!!)

Okay, I'm shutting up now. Soon it'll be time to feed the kidlets and put them down for a nap. And follow suit myself. ^_^ Yay!


Anonymous said...

...or you could just go watch Strictly Ballroom...

Allanna said...

That is true.

But does HE, prior to going onto the dance floor, tell the camera "I am Fernando, the bull fighter! Even though I am a vegetarian!" ... Does he do that?

No. No, he does not. And THAT, me friend, is the difference.

Though Strictly Ballroom IS amazing. I need to watch it again. Pronto. Thanks be for my stepsister who sent me a gift certificate. Now I own it. (See?? ANOTHER reason you need to come back to Oregon. So you can watch it WITH me!! We can eve try to dress up like the cast!!)

xcedra said...

I am so out of the loop what in the world is SYTYCD???

Allanna said...

SYTYCD = So You Think You Can Dance ... it's a show on Fox. We get to see "America's Favorite Dancer."

Michael and I get addicted to it. We've watched every season. This year there'll ALSO be a Fall season of it! (Not just a summer season.)

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