Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reunited! And it DOES feel so good!!

Do you KNOW who just called me??????

I bet you don't!

BUT, my freshman year of high school, I got to be friends with Stephanie. And I spent the night at her house, like, ALL the time! (When I wasn't over at Roxy's or Terra's or Meryl's or my own house, anyways.)

And, after about a year, she and her family moved away. And she'd give me a call every so often. Then life happened ... and I graduated and went to college and graduated college ... and I'd find myself thinking about her, wondering how she's doing and all ...


And she's on Facebook, so I have immediately added her! Squee!!!!

Okay, so my list of "people that I adore and have lost touch with" has gone down by one! YAY!
(Because, seriously, I HATE HATE HATE losing touch with my friends. It really peeves me off!!)

I'm so excited! Can you TELL??? (No. Of course not. I'm just THAT stoic. /sarcasm)

Okay, now to get back in touch with:
  1. Shaneeka from Thordyke Elementary.
  2. Katrina from Thorndyke Elementary.
  3. Emi, who attended my high school (South Umpqua) as a foreign exchange student.
  4. Amy from WOU's ed program.
Those four are my long-lost priorities. IF, for whatever reason, you're reading this and know who I am and have fallen out of touch with me ... well, get back in touch! (And my omission of you from this list is a near-unforgivable failing upon my part. And I'm VERY lucky that you are such a dear, kind, MERCIFUL soul and put up with me so much. *puppy dog eyes*)

But I'm SO glad that Stephanie went to my house and talked with my mom and that my mom had her call me!! Squee!!!

Addendum to yesterday's post: Hero (who I know from college ... and who is lucky enough [rightly so] and has the excellent taste to be married to Prissy) wrote a MOST EXCELLENT post regarding Michael Jackon's death: A Missing Piece of Culture.

Go! Enjoy it! I did!


Nay said...

I've been doing a little catch up myself...reading blogs that is :-) I hope you feel better soon! I'm really bad at keeping in touch with others, I have a really long list myself and with each move it get longer :-( So props to you for your reunion! Hopefully many more like it!!

Kari said...

Glad you enjoy Hero's blog. He cracks me up, as do you. :)

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