Friday, June 26, 2009

Smooth Criminal

I think that these two links best honor Michael Jackson ... by remembering him as he was, full of promise and bursting with talent.

I very rarely think of MJ as "Wacko Jacko" or as his late, pale, altered face.
I almost always think of him as he was when I was growing up.

I am saddened that he's gone. He was such a huge impact on music, on dancing.
If you were cool, you could do the moonwalk. (I, sadly, have never managed to be cool.)

One of the records (YES, I listened to records. And cassettes!! Before CDs came out, when I was in Jr. High ... and I didn't really start listening to CDs, we only got a CD player when I was entering high school. Not exactly cutting edge, huh?) I remember listening to over and over and over was "Thriller."

How I loved that album (I even have it on cassette!!) ... the fact that Vincent Price does the epilogue to the title song is just gilding the lily.

I grooved to "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" ... I remember seeing Captain EO at Disneyland (I don't remember MUCH about it ... except that it was in 3-D. I watched "Moonwalker" when it was on Showtime ...

I have always been sad that he chose to get plastic surgery ... it totally changed him, I think. (Totally off-topic: And Rupert Everett?? What WERE you thinking?? Had SUCH a crush on that man ... then he had to get some work done ... He's not nearly as hot anymore. SO tragic!!)

He made some very unwise choices in his life -- the choices leading up to his trial were not good, at any rate. I also know that he didn't have the easiest childhood. Still, he could have made some better choices. And I'm sorry that he wasn't able to do that.
I'm sorry that he is gone.

Because I still picture him as he was when I was a young girl.
When he was the epitome of fame and talent and charisma.
When he was known as this innovator and genius of music.
When most girls had a bit of a crush on this soft-voiced, mild-mannered superstar.

Sometimes nostalgia is such a sharp knife in your heart. (To me, anyways.)
Sometimes life is just not very fair. (To him, anyways.)

I choose to still remember him as I best knew him. When he was shining with potential, on his rising star, fresh-faced, snazzily-dressed, innovating dance and music videos.

It still sucks. But that's the way it is.

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Fold My Laundry Please said...

I remember my family gathering around the tv to watch the "Bad" special when it first aired. In fact, I've been singing that song all day today.

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