Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some resolution ... Phew.

The van is back. And the back bumper is gorgeous. (I think they may have washed the van, too. Yay!)

It was a little crazy. Went to story time, got home, got the call that the van's done (Seriously, it took a DAY to be all done!! That NEVER happens!), worked out with the shop to pick it up, worked with the rental agency (srsly, use Enterprise. They treated us SO well! Next time I need a car, I'm SO going to call them!) to return the van ... then noticed that the shop was charging us twice our deductible ... so I had to call our insurance and get that cleared up.
(Since so many people have a certain amount as their deductible, I guess people didn't notice that we have a small deductible. Yes, I KNOW that we pay more in premiums ... but when something happens, I don't want to have my head implode trying to figure how to pay the deductible. Okay? ^_^) ... and went and implemented EVERYTHING.

And the kids are down for a nap. Phew!

And I don't know if I've eaten anything today. I've had a Kirkland-brand shake and a couple cans of Coke (hey, they're left over from family visiting. And I like Coke fine. Vanilla Coke is even better. Or cherry Coke. Or Cherry Vanilla Coke. ... and the Cherry Dr. Pepper wasn't too bad, either.), which could explain why I was so nauseated thinking of paying twice our deductible.

BUT, things are MUCH BETTER now. They'd be totally awesome if SUDDENLY and MIRACULOUSLY we had a huge windfall of money fall in our laps. In a completely legal way, of course. And not involving anyone's death or misfortune. Then I could pay off this van and buy Michael a Corvette and a very nice truck and I could get a nicer car ... or at least get a button-box installed in my van. And a CD player. And power sliding doors. And replace the missing headrest. And have it painted something PRETTY-er.

Materialistic much? Me? Nah (YES.)

But it's very nice to have this whole thing behind us.
It'd be NICER if the insurance companies would both agree that it was NOT AT ALL my fault (which it really wasn't, since I was stopped when he backed into me) and Progressive will pay my insurance back for repairs and refund us our deductible.

I did a load of dishes yesterday. I totally am deserving of props for that, right?

Now I should go watch some videos due back at the library tomorrow. And read some books that will be due soon. And eat something nutrious. Then read to the kids when they get up from the nap that they should take.

OH! Last night, after we'd put the kids to nap, I heard what sounded like Bucket laugh. So I shouted (yes, I used the manual intercom) for them to go to sleep. Then there was screaming. Uh-oh. ... Turned out that Bruise had gotten his leg caught in the footboard of the bed next to his and was half-dangling out of bed.

He's fine. He was just mostly scared. And it did hurt. But he didn't even sprain anything. Phew!!
I think I got some grey hairs from that, though. Oy.

And a funny: As we were driving back home from the shop, Bucket was asking (and this is her new thing) if I loved her.
Me: Yes. You know that I love you. I love you very much.
Bucket: Even when you're mad at me??
Me: Yes, even when I'm mad. I still love you. I always love you.
Bucket: Bruise! Do you love me? Even when you're mad at me?
Bruise: No.
Bucket: *gasps* You don't LOVE me?????? *like, she's TOTALLY aghast about this.*

It made me laugh.
Hope it brightened your day, too.
(But seriously, Bucket asks just about EVERYONE if they love her. It's almost funny ... if it didn't seem like she's digging for compliments. Silly minx of a girl.)

And Bruise's big thing now is to zerbert my cheeks. Usually in the middle of story time.
He's getting really good at it.
Or he'll curl up in my lap, put his arms around my neck, and tell me, "Mommy, you a punk!"

Yup. That's my little Cassanova, there. *sigh* I've taught him well. :P

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